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Three players were badly injured in today’s match between Turbine Potsdam and 1. FFC Frankfurt. 

Stefanie Mirlach suffered a grave concussion and a big cut, her team-mate Alexandra Singer suffered a mild traumatic brain injury in a collision. Singer lost conscientiousness on the pitch and is still hospitalised. 

Fatmire Bajramaj is believed to have suffered a torn ACL after a nasty foul by Tabea Kemme.

Get well soon girls!!!!! 

Multi-Chapter Clexa Fic Recommendation Master Post (For Now)

Just in case anyone was looking for clexa fic recs, I’ve made a list here of some of my personal favorites!

In no particular order.


“(!)” - I super much like this one. Like. Wow.

*” - Smut (Or the tags say there will be future smut… Or it’s just rated M or E)

Authors that have more than one rec in this post:  Tanagariel   aos_skimmons   Danistalley12



i just want you to do me no good (and you look like you could) by theprettiestbroom * 32,471 words

Modern Neighbor AU, Clarke and Lexa meet on an elevator with a surprising twist later on.

Do The Stars Gaze Back by cassini_regio (emclainable) (!) 26,349 words

Stardust AU, Lexa ventures out to find a fallen star in order to win the heart of her true love and is wholly unprepared when the star turns out to be a beautiful girl named Clarke. I had never even heard of whatever this “Stardust” verse is before starting to read this but I absolutely love it.

this heart, fossilized and silent (once was tender and once was violent) by Chrmdpoet (!For the love of all that is good in this world, read this!) * 129,803 words

Post Season 2 Finale, Unbelievably well written and executed. If you don’t read any of the other stories I recommend on this list please read this one.

break your plans by pizzaoctavia * 12,593 words

Modern college AU, Clarke gets tired of Octavia constantly having Lincoln over, so Lincoln offers his apartment for Clarke to study in. He doesn’t let her know that he has a roommate named Lexa. A very adorable fic thus far.

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