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Virgin Mary {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan x Reader AU

Part IV of here

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes, Anonymously~”3-5-14-15-22 for Peter Pan pls?”

Warning: Swearing, OOC(out of character)

Summary: Peter, being part of the typical high school bad boy squad, has made it his dear desire to get to you, the good girl. The Virgin Mary his group called you. The only girl in school who was pure and innocent. But Peter, also known around as “Pan”, made it his own mission to change that.

{A/N}~ Sorry for the wait, my lovelies! I am in love on how this story is going so far!!

The agonizingly slow day had finally came to end, and you were quick to go to the girl’s bathroom to freshen up, before you go to meet Peter in the library. Of course, you weren’t doing it to impress him, that’s not it at all. You were just…making yourself look presentable. That’s all. 

Once you were finished, you made your way to the library. Heading in, you were a little confused…you didn’t see him in there. You groaned, of course he wouldn’t be on time, even after you did make a stop for the bathroom. 

Suddenly, you felt someone cover your eyes with their hands, as they stood behind you. “Guess who,” The figure whispered in your ear.

Mentally rolling your eyes, you removed Peter’s hands, turned and gave him an unimpressed look. “That trick is lame, even for you.”

Peter mockingly put a hand on his heart, faking a hurt expression. “Ouch. I think an apology is in order, love.”

“Yeah? Well, you’re not getting one.” You started heading for an empty table, Peter trailing behind you, with his signature smirk on his face. “Can we just get this over with?” 

Sitting across from each other, you pulled out your Criminal Justice book, getting ready to open it, but Peter was quick to yank it out of your hands.

“Oh, not so fast.”

“[Sigh] What now?”

“Earlier today, I said I wanted to get the chance to know you a little better. I don’t think that just knowing Henry, a freshmen, is the best choice.”

“Oh, and you think you’re an exception? A guy who treats women like garbage, or toys?” You crossed your arms, Peter not really having a response. He sighed heavily, seeing that your body language was closed off, a bored expression played on your face. It was clear that you weren’t interested…but that wasn’t going to stop him. He’ll just make you interested. 

Taking a look at your ring, a grin ghosted on his lips for a moment, then he directed his attention back to your eyes.

“So…a purity ring? What’s your story behind that, love?” He leaned forward in his chair. 

You were a little taken back by his question. No one had ever really asked why a high school girl, like yourself, would have the willpower to keep yourself pure for a special someone. With all the hormones around, everyone who pledged to keep themselves sacred had already cracked. Everyone was just waiting for you to do the same thing, you guessed.

“I-I…why do you care?”

Peter shrugged, “Like I said. I want to get to know you. So that way you can see that I’m not that bad of a guy, that I…care.” Peter cringed on the inside, not really familiar on the words he just used on himself. 

You scanned his face for anything false in his words. Sadly, you found none. Taking a deep breath, you twisted the ring around on your ring-finger, biting your lip. 

“Well…my mom had me when she was 17. She was in high school, but later had to dropout to take care of me, because my father…didn’t want to be around. My mom told me he was just like…you and your friends…someone who plays tricks for sex, then leaves when the plan backfires.” You slightly glare at your hands, now not having the courage to look him in the eyes anymore.

But, Peter had no problem with focusing his eyes on you. He studied you, watching how you move while you talk, learning new information, and predicting what ever he couldn’t figure out. He was listening no less. Hearing this story kinda…made Peter feel uncomfortable. 

“So, when I was old enough…and started my period…my mom told me not to be like her in high school.”

“Be like what?”

You paused, flicking your eyes from the table to Peter only for a second, then looking back at your hands. “Reckless. Naive. Stupid. She knew she wasn’t ready for a baby, and when she dropped out of high school, she could barely get me fed everyday…”

“What about her mom? Didn’t she care?”

This time, you looked at him, your eyes piercing his. Peter then got to see how innocent you really looked, how clean you were to him in his eyes. You looked like a delicate flower, that he just wanted to caress, and keep forever.

“Her mom did the same thing. Had my mom at 16, though. And my mom made a promise to her, but broke it. And then I was born. She cared, but was still pissed off at her…so as punishment, she cut her off, and made her fend for herself in the real world, and take care of me as well.” 

Peter’s eyes widen, as he cleared his throat. “Wow…that’s…that’s terrible. No wonder you hate me, it basically…runs in the family.” 

“I don’t hate you Peter. I just hate the path you chose for your life. People like you can ruin lives…I made a promise to my mom and myself to stay pure, because I want my life to be in my control, I want a good life. Don’t you?”

“Hey, I have a good life-Wait…you don’t hate me?”

“Ugh, that’s all you got from that? No, I don’t. Hate is a strong word, and I barely even know you. I have to know you in order to hate you. So…who is Peter Kay?” You raise an eyebrow, turning the tables on him.

Peter was surprised at how slowly your body language changed. Meaning that you were slowly staring to trust him. 

Clearing his throat once again, he adjusted the way he was sitting, folding his hands and resting them on the table.

“What, uh…what do you want to know, love?”

“Why do you like to hit on girls, and get in their pants?” You bluntly get to the point, really wanting to know his purpose.

Peter chuckles, shaking his head lightly. He knew that question was coming. That question always comes first. 

“Well…you could say because…I’m afraid of commitment. I like the chase, I don’t like being tied down, it just doesn’t set right with me. Being a bachelor is fun as hell, the best way for a man to live.”

“Don’t you want to find love, ever?”

He scoffed, “Peter Pan doesn’t love.”

“And why not? Why don’t you love?” 

His face changed from cocky to melancholy, real quick. He slumped in his chair slightly, looking down at the table. 

“Because…a girl I did love…broke my heart. Back in Sophomore year.” His eyebrows scrunched together, as a dreary look colored his face. You felt a little bad for some reason, as his eyes had this puppy-dog look to them, that could make any girl’s wall come down.

“What do you mean?” You uncrossed your arms, leaning forward a little in your chair. “What did she do?”

Peter looked at you, his eyes seemed to look a little teary. “She uhm…she was my very first…but after I gave it to her she…she…” His voice cracked, and you were quick to cut him off.

“Hey, hey…it’s okay…I-I didn’t know that happened to you, I’m sorry. What was her name?”

“Alexandra Russo. I will never forget that name. Ever.” Peter wiped his eyes with the back of his hand, sniffling. You reached from the table next to you for the box of tissues, and handed it to him.

With a soft chuckle, he waved you off. “No need for those, I’m fine, really.”

“I’m sorry…”

“For what, might I ask?” 

“For being so quick to misjudge you. It must have been hard to go through with that. That girl really messed you up bad. She took the most sacred thing us human beings could give the person we love. And I am sorry.” 

Peter smiled softly at you, making you blush slightly. He had a nice smile, if he used it more often than that smirk, he would appear more…charming. 

“Hey, forget this study date. How about a real date? Not at the library in this hell,” He looked around, a look of disgust on his face. Something in your gut was screaming at you that he was still trouble, but you ignored it. You already misjudged him once, why do it again?

“S-sure. When would you like to do it?” 

“How about I take you to this party a friend of mine is throwing on Friday. It’ll be real fun. What do say…I pick you up at seven?”

“I guess that sounds okay, I do like parties…but NO funny business, got it?”

“Y/n, you still don’t trust me?” Peter playfully pouted, but you just rolled your eyes, a light smirk tugged at your lips. Grabbing your stuff, not giving him an answer, as you reached for your book on the table. But only to be met with his hand as well.

You two stared at your hands for a moment, as your hand started to tingle again. Pulling away, you held your hand with your other one, blushing at the contact. Peter stared down at his, confusion written upon his face. Why was his hand tingling? 

“Uh…you can just bring my book to me t-tomorrow in first period. Bye!” You quickly slung on your backpack, hightailing it out of the library.

As you were at least down the hallway by now, Peter felt a smack on his back, scaring him shitless. Jumping slightly, he turned, and sighed in relief. It was just Newt.

“Well, well, well. Catching feelings, Pan? Hands Tingling?” He smirked.

“Oh, fuck off. And no, t-they’re not.”

“You used the ‘Alexandra’ story again? Works like a charm, doesn’t it? You even got in a few tears I’m impressed in you, mate.”

Pan felt a little unsure about the lie he told you, as something sat down in his stomach that made him feel sick. Guilt. 

“Y-Yeah…works every time,” Shaking off the feeling, he kept telling himself that you were just another girl, going to help him reach his way to the top, and your doe eyes were not going to throw him off track. He wouldn’t let his pride down because of you. “Anyway, I think I’ve got her right where I want her.”

“I see you’re bringing her to the party. Is that when you’re gonna pounce?”

“Maybe. I have to play it safe. One wrong move, and the whole plan is destroyed. But do not worry. I swear to you I will bring you, Thomas, and Felix this girl’s panties AND her purity ring, no trouble at all.”

“You better. I wouldn’t want to have to find a new best friend to fill in your place,” Newt patted his shoulder. “Later, Pan.” He stalked off for the exit, leaving Pan to himself.

With that said, Peter knew he had no choice, no matter how bad he felt in the pit of his stomach, he needed to get in bed with you. His reputation depended on it. 

And he was not about to let some girl ruin all of what he worked so hard to build over the past couple of years. 

Especially, not some virgin.  

Let Time Stop

A visit to the bedroom/studio of knitwear designer Paolina Alexandra Russo.

“When you have a room that really just feels like you, it somehow gives everything you do so much more clarity. Things stop racing around your head, and all your ideas and processes and inspirations are laid out in front of you. Your whole head suddenly becomes accessible and tangible and easier, I guess.” —Paolina Alexandra Russo

Colonel Alexandra Kudasheva was a Russian soldier and sportswoman who lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She was famed for her endurance horse riding skills and for commanding one of the first mixed-sex military units.

Born around 1875, Kudasheva is believed to be the daughter of a soldier in the Orenburg Cossacks, and although details of her childhood are uncorroborated it seems she was raised among Cossack soldiers. She married a cavalry officer in the 6th Ural Cossack Regiment, and according to some sources fought alongside him in the Russo-Japanese War. However her husband died, leaving her to raise their children alone.

In 1910, once her children had left home, Kudasheva decided to ride solo across Eurasia from Harbin, China to St Petersburg in order to demonstrate the physical prowess of a female Cossack. She set out on the 8000 mile journey in May 1910, equipped with only her traditional Cossack uniform and weapons, and what she could carry in her saddlebags. She was honoured by a number of Cossack regiments along her way and had become a celebrity in the media by the time she reached St Petersburg in August 1911. In 1913-4 she undertook a second cross-continental ride from Vladivostok to St Petersburg, for which she rode the Tsar’s personal horse. She published a diary about her experiences as well as writing poetry.

With the outbreak of World War I in 1914, Kudasheva enlisted in her husband’s old regiment as a volunteer and fought alongside them in East Prussia. Her bravery earned her a promotion to lieutenant and the Order of St George medal, the highest military decoration. By 1915, she had risen to command the 600-strong light cavalry regiment, which was notable for containing women troopers and officers among its ranks. By 1917 women formed approximately half the regiment, including the notable woman soldier Olga Kokovtseva.

In 1917 Kudasheva was travelling incognito through Central Asia, possibly on an espionage mission, after which records of her cease. It is possible that she was the woman named Alexandra Kudachev who is recorded as being executed in Kazakhstan in 1921, however her fate is not definitively known.