alexandra hulme

Dianna here. Just putting in a little intro to today’s piece by Miss Lexy Hulme. My friend Lexy is as creative as they come. Always one to accept a challenge. NEVER one to back down. When she sent me the link to this video, I was not surprised that she had AGAIN created a piece of magic, but was so very happy. It was the perfect email to wake up to.

I asked her if she would explain how this video came to be, and if she wouldn’t mind if we did a post about it for YM&C. She didn’t…..

Lexy: I REALLY love this video, and especially the story of how it came to be. My friendCelia Rowlson-Hall and I have started collaborating and making things together. The night before we shot this we planned out a little dance sequence:

BANG BANG DANCE SEQUENCE :: a chalky sketch from Like Like on Vimeo.

We met at 8 the next morning and went to an abandoned parking lot of a grocery store, that Celia had found. Next door was the 99 Cent Dreams Store. SO OF COURSE, our location changed!

Still thinking it was abandoned, we began shooting our video. The video we intended to make was going to have a lot of scenes and edits and all sorts of close, medium and wide shots.

AND THEN! At 10 AM all of these people started showing up. I guess the 99 cent dream store wasn’t abandoned? Or we were just really good performers?

Alas, the show must go on… so we just continued along with our shoot. After that one magical take when we bowed at the end of our dance and the Dream Store opened, we realized the video we intended to shoot was no longer the video we were meant to shoot! Covered in water from a muddy puddle at 10:30 am – we wrapped for the day with smiles on our faces and dreams come true in our hearts!!

Moments like those Di, you’ve gotta look up and thank the Creativity Gods and let them take their bow. What a fun day that was and a great lesson in letting everything unfold exactly as its meant to!

We’re now in the process of developing a feature film called “MARIAH’S LOLLIPOP” and our happy accident video gets to be the trailer!!

 To see more videos from Lexy & Celia visit: