alexandra gallant

From the request “Monsters playing in the rain” - I’m definitely going to do more with these guys because as soon as I did the initial sketch, I already started picturing them going on all sorts of adventures and getting into mischief so it could be fun to illustrate a story around them.


Digital illustration of two of the seafaring monsters I drew in my sketchbook the other day.  Sketching out some ideas for stories to illustrate with these monsters - the second I was finished drawing them, I knew that I wanted to do more with them.  Creating a digital version of each of the monsters is my first step - makes it easier to play around, see what works & what doesn’t.  I ultimately want to create a story around the monsters and illustrate that, so once they’ve got a final look and feel, I can start exploring different story ideas and fleshing out the characters.

pflippflop09  asked:

Could you please draw an otter with a little red bird friend? It would absolutely make my day! :D

A little otter (who, based on how I’ve drawn him, may actually be a ferret in the witness protection agency masquerading as an otter, but close enough!) and a little red bird pal :) I hope you like it!

jagsofia  asked:

Hello, I know it is after midnight. But I would become the happiest girl in the world if you could make something with a frog and a turtle or with a fox or a bear. Or it works with a frog and a fox or so also if you want. It would mean so much to me. Thank you