alexandra froggett

SO this was my hair a year ago.

I stopped colouring it at as December and it has grown out past my ears (no root line) and the rest has faded to a light strawberry blonde but still has this faded out look. I adore it. BUT usually this time of year I go very pale blond, I am at a loss and I don’t know what to do anymore :(

[edit] I just remembered I left that sweater on a rock by the lake a few months ago, I am so angry right now.[/edit]

[please excuse how strange I look in the above photo haha]

So some of you guys have been asking about my trip to LA for the VMAs so I shall take some time to quickly go over it for you.

I found out Monday that Virgin Mobile Canada and MTVCanada were sending me Wednesday - at which point I panicked because I worked mon/tues 2-11pm - which meant I had legit no time to pack at all. After basically throwing anything remotely clean into my luggage with no regard I was off to LA with only 3-4 hours of sleep under my belt. Due to lack of sleep I fell asleep on the plane and awoke to the dutch guy next to me humming into my ear, it was lovely. When he got up to go to the bathroom the old lady on the other side of me said he had been doing so for about an hour (not creepy at all right?). We then got settled, went out for dinner and packed it in for an early night. 

The next few days involved a lot of filming around town and having a preview of the VMA stage and the whole environment right down to the dressing rooms. A young gentleman named Zack was also kind enough to take me all around LA and show me what the city has to offer. My highlight was definitely driving the full length of Mulholland Drive and taking in the amazing views followed by lunch at In and Out Burger. I am a very simple girl haha. We also went to some really cool bars and hit up some great restaurants - I even tried some food items that were way outside of my food comfort zone (which is very small and pathetic). 

The day of the VMAs was very exciting. I woke up at 7am and went for a run and had lunch with some friends. I was a little late heading back to get ready for the night so when I ran into the hotel I still had my sunglasses on and didn’t even notice the large amount of teenaged girls screaming around me. I then went charging into the elevator area and right into 2 large bodyguards blocking the way, I literally bounced right off of one of them at which point I noticed Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber heading up in the elevator before me. And it remained that way all afternoon - running into celebrities right left and centre, it is a very strange thing indeed. We then hung around in a lounge type area outside of the Nokia Theatre and ate appetizers, drank champagne and mingled.  

If you did not get a chance to see the VMAs I encourage you to head over to or and watch them online. It really was an amazing show. Gaga transforming herself into Joe Calderone, Chris Brown taking the show to new heights, JayZ and Kanye going nuts, Adele bringing me to tears, Beyonce showing off her baby bump(and JayZ giving an adorable reaction), Britney being adorable as always, and the Amy Winehouse tribute bringing me to tears yet again. I would also like to throw out there that as amazing as Jessie J sounded on the show let me assure you she sounded 10x better live. It was truly amazing to experience it all first hand and to see what it takes to put on such a grand production. 

I would like to thank Virgin Mobile Canada for sending me on such an amazing trip and giving me such an amazing experience and Liz Trinnear for having me as her plus 1 and Mark and Chloe for being so sweet and fun and Zack for being so awesome and bringing me around everywhere all week and showing me such a great time. When I am very excited I tend to take in the moment and become very quiet so I hope you all know how much I really loved the experience and appreciated everything.

Oh and for those of you who have been asking what I wore to the VMAs; My dress was gifted from Donna Karen, I wore shoes from Nine West, a vintage clutch and jewellery from Aldo.

On a side note, as soon as I get around to uploading photos I will throw them up on here for you guys! Thank you for being patient with me and my lack of updating over the past week, I have been just so drained of energy and the idea of doing anything other than laying in my bed and listening to Adele has not been very appealing.