alexandra feodrovna

The basement of the house in the Ural Mountains where Communists executed the Czar and his family - July 16, 1918 .

The gunshot-and-bayonet murders took place in July 1918 in a cellar in the city of Ekaterinburg, central Russia.

“ I ordered them to stand along the wall. Obviously, at that moment they did not imagine what awaited them. Alexandra Feodrovna said “There are not even chairs here.” Nicholas was carrying Alexei. He stood in the room with him in his arms. Then I ordered a couple of chairs. On one of them, to the right of the entrance, almost in the corner, Alexandra Feodrovna sat down. The daughters and Demidova stood next to her, to the left of the entrance. Beside them Alexei was seated in the armchair. Behind him Dr. Botkin, the cook and the others stood. Nicholas stood opposite Alexei. At the same time I ordered the men to go down and to be ready in their places when the command was given. Nicholas had put Alexei on the chair and stood in such a way, that he shielded him. Alexei sat in the left corner from the entrance, and so far as I can remember, I said to Nicholas approximately this: His royal and close relatives inside the country and abroad were trying to save him, but the Soviet of Workers’ Deputies resolved to shoot them. He asked “What?” and turned toward Alexei. At that moment I shot him and killed him outright. He did not get time to face us to get an answer. At that moment disorganized, not orderly firing began. The room was small, but everybody could come in and carry out the shooting according to the set order. But many shot through the doorway. Bullets began to ricochet because the wall was brick. Moreover, the firing intensified when the victims shouts arose. I managed to stop the firing but with great difficulty.A bullet, fired by somebody in the back, hummed near my head and grazed either the palm or finger (I do not remember) of somebody. When the firing stopped, it turned out that the daughters, Alexandra Feodrovna and, it seems, Demidova and Alexei too, were alive. I think they had fallen from fear or maybe intentionally, and so they were alive. Then we proceeded to finish the shooting. (Previously I had suggested shooting at the heart to avoid a lot of blood). Alexei remained sitting petrified. I killed him. 

They shot the daughters but did not kill them. Then Yermakov resorted to a bayonet, but that did not work either. Finally they killed them by shooting them in the head. Only in the forest did I finally discover the reason why it had been so hard to kill the daughters and Alexandra Feodrovna.

YUROVSKY’S (one of the guards) account of the execution of the last Tsar and his family.

The princesses had jewels sewn into their bodices and skirts, which had initially deflected the bullets.

The Wedding of Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodrovna, Laurits Regner Tuxen, 1895

Nicholas and Alix first met in 1884 and by the time Alix returned to Russia in 1889 the tsarevich was in love. However, Alexander III and his wife Maria Feodorovna were both vigorously anti-German, and had no intention of permitting a match between Alix and the tsarevich. His mother advocated for a betrothal to Princess Hélène, the daughter of Philippe, comte de Paris, but Nicholas resisted. In 1892 Nicholas made an entry in his diary expressing his feelings on the matter, “My dream is some day to marry Alix H. I have loved her a long while and still deeper and stronger since 1889 when she spent six weeks in St. Petersburg. For a long time, I resisted my feeling that my dearest dream will come true.”