alexandra baggs

Before choosing the picture for the reality diagram I briefly considered using this photo instead (also by Alexandra Baggs), but felt it was too obviously Alexandra’s identity. Originally I didn’t include images in my design because I didn’t want people to feel alienated by an image they couldn’t relate to. An advantage of using such a stylized graphic identity is that it is incredibly versatile, though it lacks a human element. 

I decided to use the other picture of Alexandra because its focus is more on the general idea of a person than it is a specific identity.

Inspiration struck and I managed to solve 2 problems with one solution! 

I’d been meaning to include more images in my project so the picture of my dad wasn’t the only instance of real people in the book, and realized my approach to solving the timeline problem would also add the desired dimensionality to my diagram about filters and reality

The photo is by the lovely Alexandra Baggs and is used with permission