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Thank you to everyone in front and behind the camera for making Carmilla!

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Outfit of the Day // Instagram

Oh hay guys, I’ve started doing some outfit of the day shots on my Instagram when I work weekends at the studio. You can check them out on my Instagram page here. Below is a description of the brands I’m wearing with links to items that are still buyable!

Look 1 - Alexander McQueen jacket, Acne shirt, Acne jeans and AMI double monk-straps.

Look 2 - William Lockie jumper, Nudie jeans, Acne sneakers. 

Look 3 - Oliver Spender jacket, A.P.C. jumper, Acne jeans, Barker monk-straps

Look 4 - A.P.C. jumper, Maison Kitsuné shirt, Acne suit trousers, Acne sneakers



You walked alongside Spencer out of the theatre, giddy with excitement, “Wasn’t that awesome, Spence?” you laughed, delight in your eyes.

Spencer smiled, “It was pretty good. I didn’t think it would be quite my taste but it was very enjoyable.”
“High praise from the super genius,” you observed, bumping your shoulder against his. “Do you have a favourite song?”
Spencer pressed his lips together, considering the question, “I’m not sure. The reprise of Stay Alive was very creative for building emotion in the audience but The World Was Wide Enough had an intriguing dynamic between the two characters.”

“I didn’t think you’d be such a sucker for the sad songs.” you chuckled, hooking your arm through his.

“Well, when you think about it, Aaron Burr spent his entire life waiting for things and biding his time, while Alexander Hamilton was always charging ahead at every chance. And then Burr decides for the first time to do something reckless while Hamilton decides to think his decision through, and it ends horribly for both of them.”

“That’s what makes it so heartbreaking.”

*not my gifs


Elza Luijendijk by Ben Toms for Dazed & Confused June 2012.

Fashion editor: Robbie Spencer
Hair stylist: Syd Hayes
Makeup artist: Peter Philips
Manicurist: Mike Pocock
Set designer: Emma Roach
Retoucher: Jean Michel
Casting directors: Angus Munro and Noah Shelley


This was a request for some simple yet classy back to school looks! The stripped t-shirt and black jeans are super simple but still classy the with pop of color with the shoes and red bow! The jeans and grey sweater is another laid back look and the converse and glasses give it a nice touch! The stripped top and skirt is a nicer outfit choice! This can be worn when you feel like dressing up little for school! The dress and green cardigan is another dressy look and the hat and shoes pull the outfit together quite nicely! 

Check here for outfit details 

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