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Hamliza in the afterlife

(Hamilza 50) “I found you–in the afterlife”

“Mom…” A voice whispered in a soft tone, a small whimper broke as the touch of a hand no longer felt warm. It felt…like nothing.


Not…”Mm” Eliza rolled around in her bed, she never felt so good. Nothing ached, nothing was sore and for once she slept through the night like she was a child again. She rolled her shoulders and felt a hand gently stroke the space between her shoulder blades. “Mm-hmm-hehe” She giggled that was a spot that had plagued her with aches for years but decades before it use to be the spot that filled her with joy and giggles. However, few knew of her secret ticklish spot. Only one had really taken advantage of it whenever he was feeling playful.

“Still as beautiful as the day I met you, Betsy” His voice smooth and cocky.

Eliza’s eyes fluttered open, she twisted her body back and tears filled the widening corners of her blinking irises. “Alex?” Her eyes scanned his face over and over again, he looked so young still. Like the first day they had met. Hair still glossy and brown, not a trace of gray, eyes filled with fire and ambition. And that smirk that was perfectly framed by lovely fuzz. “Alexander!” She threw her arms around him and pinned him back against the bed. The tears didn’t stop falling, she clutched on to him, breathing him in, gripping like her life depended on it.

Like her life…”Oh.” Eliza pulled away from Alexander for a second. Was this real? Was it a cruel dream?

“I waited so long to find you again, in the afterlife.” He ran his hand down the length of her high cheekbone, following down the side of her face. He touched her like he was blind trying to read Braille. He re-memorized the face of his now-youthful wife. A glossy moisture came over his eyes as he did, he slowly shaped his hand around her chin and pulled her into a kiss.

All the decades that passed never stole the sweetness from Alexander’s lips. All the years of being without those eyes did not steal the skill he had in making her poor heart pitter-patter like the first night they met. She never out grew being helpless for him. “So…this…I’m…” she looked over her hands and noticed they were delicate and rosy again. “I’m not sure what I expected…”

“Your paradise…our paradise.” He chuckled. “That’s all this is…think of all the happiest thoughts you ever had and its here.” Hamilton blushed a little, he was part of those thoughts. Years of waiting for her on the other side he had wondered if he was part of her paradise. Would she want to see him again…would he spend an eternity waiting for her? After all he had done to her, Eliza still tethered her happiness to him. “Would you like the grand tour, Mrs. Hamilton?”

“Mm what a gentleman.” She giggled standing up from the bed. Alexander took her arm and led her out of their home, instead of being in the heart of the city, their home was transplanted to a rural field, a place in her fondest memories. The land she had been raised on, the park she used to walk with her family was only just over a hill. And the lake she knew from her fading childhood.

“Betsy! You’re here!” Eliza’s eyes honed in on a young voice, coming bounding towards her in a yellow dress.

“Peggy!” Eliza released her hand and went running towards her youngest sister. She threw herself on to Peggy, sobbing through laughter. “Oh Peggy…Peggy!”

“Jesus Elizabeth, how long were you planning to outlive us for! Alexander was driving us insane with all his talks how you’d live forever.” Peggy pulled away, her own tears flowing freely from her eyes.

“Is that so?”

Alexander rejoined Eliza and gently placed a hand on her shoulder, “…what can I say, I missed you…dearly.” He spoke in a soft voice, full of emotions he couldn’t fathom, all of them were happy. “I do believe there are more people we have left to see”

“My parents…Angelica…P..” Eliza paused and looked at Alexander with strained eyes, “is he…?”

“Let’s find out, shall we?” Alexander teased, taking her arm again. Eliza had half the mind to slap her husband if she wasn’t so happy to see him again. She clung to his arm as they walked the winding country road down towards the park. She remembered this path, she remembered the carriages her father would take them down to the lakeside… “I’m so sorry I never…took that time to visit this place with you.”


“I’m sorry, I…left you with so much. Eliza…I left you with so much and you did so did more for me that I” He began to ramble, his grip on her arm fading. Fear went through Eliza, his loosening grip triggered the fear of losing him all over again. She quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him back to her. “How could you still love me after all this time, Elizabeth?”

“…because when it was all said and done. I knew who I married, I knew that behind it all, you are the same man I chose and continue to choose.” She held on to him with her chin a little higher. “Because you are, my, husband.”

They walked a little slower, arms swinging like a young couple. They eyed the trees and birds, taking in the beautiful sighs around them. They retold their favorite stories, and to much of Eliza’s content Alexander had always been there with her. Watching her and their children, soon they came close to the park and music played. Eliza’s steps got anxious; she started to sprint, tugging Alexander along with her.

There at the end of the path was a piano with two figures sitting side by side. “Keep it up, she’s going to love it.”

“I guess I really did forget what she taught me” He chuckled, nudging his aunt a bit. Angelica giggled, her head turning feeling the presence of someone behind them. Her eyes widened a bit as she slowly rose to her feet from the piano bench.

“Eliza…” She whispered soft first, then sang out with her arms opened wide, “Eliza!”

“Angelica!” Eliza abandoned Alexander’s arm and barely made it to Angelica’s embrace. She pulled away and looked her over, “its really you…isn’t?” The last time she saw Angelica she was…well it wasn’t anything like this. Her eyes slid from Angelica’s to the back of someone else. Slowly Angelica’s arms released Eliza.

She swallowed hard and slowly made her way to the piano bench; the figure there stiffened hiding behind his fluff of hair. “May I?” she whispered slowly sitting down beside him. She noticed his hand was frozen over a few keys, his fingers trembling too hard to play. Very gently she placed her hands on his, sliding her fingers between the gaps of his. “Philip…” her voice broke as her son slowly turned his head. His eyes filled to the brim with tears.

“Hi ma.” The nineteen year old boy immediately leaned into his young mother’s shoulder and silently allowed himself soft sobs.

Alexander placed his hand over Philip’s head, unable to contain his tears either. He placed a kiss on the top of Eliza’s head and whispered. “Welcome home, my dear Eliza.”