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Haylie, Paul, Mason, Ally, Xander and Kelsey

Haylie: You’re a crack whore who needs help. Although I do have respect for your whit and no fucks given attitude.

Paul: You’re thirsty and need to lay off the Gomez. Ally is taken and the Mason and Haylie ship is getting ready to set sail. Go hit on Miley. She looks desperate enough.

Mason: I can’t decide if you’re gay or if you’re just so in love with Haylie that boys flirting with you doesn’t freak you out.

Ally: You’re my favorite in the house. The only bitch who has her head screwed on right. Never change, kid.

Xander: Stop being a little bitch and man the fuck up. How are you going to let Haylie shit all over you like that. 

Kelsey: You’re boring and need to spice up your love life. Sorry, not sorry.