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Look, look, ice skating really IS a Twinkie thing!

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I have, uh, embarrassingly strong feelings about Twinkie and ice-skating. Which this comic book cover is reinforcing in full.

p.s. I pretty much feel like the TMP story “Breaking the Ice,” written by I don’t know, some guy, Whatshisface, is a perfect depiction of how Twinkie ice-skating should go.

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Scootaloo, I seem to recall you once releasing a certain Spirit of Chaos that was able to change reality with a snap of his fingers. Are you certain that you've exhausted all your avenues, Scoot? I'm certain he'd be grateful to not be a statue anymore...

Doctor Stable: The discorded version of AS is TDS, or terminal deteriorating suspension.

Basically, the more you fly, the lower your flight time becomes until you are grounded permanently. At the same time, you die.

So calling Discord is a really bad idea. Besides, he’s been relocated to a secret remote location in the Northern Province.

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When you said "cross-shaped red lightsabre," I was expecting a beam crossing the main beam in clear defiance of even Star Wars physics. Seeing the actual trailer downgraded it for me from "this is the worst thing ever" to "I still think that would cause more issues than it would solve."

yeah like they did it in a way that at least makes mechanical sense based on the established star wars rules and people have said it looks like a broadsword’s hilt which is true but like. it’s so silly looking, you’d cut your fingers. idk maybe they’re going for something like

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I hear that you aren’t feeling well, and I figured this might cheer you up. There’s three new music videos that went up today, but I think you’ll appreciate this one the most for reasons that will become apparent, oh, about fifteen seconds in.

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Actual transcript of Donny watching the first fifteen seconds of the video:

Okay, let’s see what—oh. Oh. My. God.
She’s actually—LOOK AT THAT.

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Distinctly different characters as alt costumes have been in Smash a long time. It's just that in the last two, it was limited to one character, Peach, and her Daisy costume.

Peach in her Daisy costume isn’t Daisy, though, it doesn’t change her name or her voice or her hairstyle or facial features

the farthest it ever went was changing her earrings

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…Sunset Shimmer IS canon. Why do people still have this idea that Equestria Girls isn’t canon? You would think Flash Sentry showing up in the show would have dispelled the misconception.

But Flash didn’t really show up in the show as Flash. He was just an unnamed stallion who looked like Flash and wasn’t remarked upon. So I’m not sure how much he “counts” as proof of canonness.

Mind you, I don’t really know or have a strong opinion on how canon, or not, Equestria Girls is to FIM. I just know Equestria Girls stuff hasn’t directly, explicitly shown up in the show and that seems likely to continue being the case.

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I sort of think Wolf and Lucas are out just because Nintendo doesn't want to be seen as opportunist in their DLC. Releasing characters that (a) are clones and (b) were included in the last game would make equate Nintendo's DLC to horse armour, and Nintendo doesn't want that.

they’re not horse armor, though, because they do something

selling alt costumes would be a much better horse armor comparison, but I have no issue with that either if the price is reasonable

(also Wolf and Lucas aren’t clones)

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On one hand, Rayman being the Ubisoft rep for Smash makes sense, but on the other hand, all the stuff about needing references to make the trophy makes very little sense if Rayman is actually a character in the game. Like, wouldn't Nintendo have their own model then?

that part does confuse me but like i dunno. the trophies might not always use the same models as the playable characters? sakurai thinks he can reveal a trophy as just a trophy and then later reveal it as playable again like he did with palutena?? this is very confusing but the only explanation i can think of that makes any sense is rayman being playable

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Wait, at first I thought it was Madoka but then it was suddenly it was Sailor Moon so is Pinkie obsessed with multiple shows or wait maybe in the EqG universe they’re the same show sorta like Sailor Moon’s creator wanted and oh gods LUNABEY

It was going to be a direct reference to Madoka originally, but then I realized that I have never seen Madoka, so I changed it. Imagine that in the EqG universe there is a show that is some horrible, brilliant hybrid of Madoka and Sailor Moon, and that Pinkie Pie ships the main cast like WHOA. That’s pretty much all you need to know. :)
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Pinkie wants a smile on the face of every person. Even the fictional ones.

Especially the fictional ones! donnys-boy replied to your post:donnys-boy replied to your post:An excerpt from…

The language DID seem awfully familiar, but I didn’t wanna be egotistical or anything. :)

It just fit the whole scene to have Pinkie act like that. It probably didn’t help that I’d been trawling your blog for art recently. (Cause you post good art.)

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I second the Angel being the best! Though yeah, he really comes into his own in his show. On Buffy he’s pretty meh.

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Oh, yeah, if all you have of Angel is what you saw on Buffy, he is most definitely going to register as “bleh.” Angel the Series really lets you see a lot more sides to him.