• Y’all know they go on dates to Navy Pier. @captainelaurens you know. Eliza likes to stop by the garden upstairs by the Children’s Museum because gosh the view is breathtaking. Alexander won’t stop buying something from every one of the little vendors inside because wow look at that a sparkly iphone case he’s never seen one of those before. They ride the ferris wheel together and Alexander tells Eliza stories about all the buildings they can see from up there. Their personal favorite is that building that was built in illegal territory but since they build it on stilts it’s technically not on that ground so the city had to allow it. Edit: Navy Pier isn’t entirely terrible if you TRY to enjoy yourself.


  • John and Alexander love going on a waverunner and just sitting in the middle of the lake. The great thing is, since they don’t want to get into the water, they have to keep holding each other. John will like. Rest his head on Alex’s shoulder and they’ll watch the kids play on the beach. Of course they can’t stay serious for 3 seconds so they’ll end up pushing each other into the water but you know. It’s chill.


  • Oh man. Oh man it’s my boys oh man. My Detroit boys. They’ll spend weekends going around to different theaters. Not even going in to all of them, just talking to the group of people that’s inevitably going to hang around outside. Laf teaches the older kids how to skateboard and Hercules just watches him like yep. That’s mah boy. Oh man. They deserve their own post man oh man.


  • Listen!! Jefferson went to Michigan. Madison went to OSU. It’s complicated but they make it work and you can bet (BET) you will not find them after a game between the two teams they’re probably in a closet somewhere finding a creative way to work through their problems.


  • Is this a thing?? Don’t care it’s a thing now they’re in a smaller town in Iowa and they keep talking about how they’re going to get out of corn hell. They talk about it and talk about it all through their free days. They talk about it while they’re walking down a street, smiling and waving to everyone in the store fronts because hey, they know everyone. They talk about it while they’re walking through an empty field because there’s no one else to listen. They’re talking about it in between bursts of laughter at the ridiculous conservatives who try to talk to them about supporting Trump. They stop talking about it when they get home because they’re just breathless. With excitement, with love, with joy. When they fall asleep on the porch watching the sunset… I don’t think they want to talk about going anywhere else anymore.
a story

so i went to my tiny local organic market before my run today and guess who suddenly turned an aisle and graced me, a mere mortal, with her radiant presence?


i nearly dropped my bananas when i saw her face

like literal next-level human beauty and grace in regular gym clothes as if she was a normal person??????

it’s a tiny little place, this market, and the two of us were being helped by the same shop man. so at one point we were pretty much side by side. and i knew i wouldn’t forgive myself if i didn’t at least say hi so i introduced myself and told her i was a HUGE fan. 

so she thanks me and then she apologizes??? she was like “sorry, i’m trying to be healthy” while holding up all her purchases for me to see and i was like “same!” while pointing to my running outfit and bananas and THEN she proceeds to tell me very intimate details about her body and i’m like 

please jaimie alexander. are you seriously just dumping all of this information about your bowels to a random stranger in the checkout line???

and then she asks me “are you a comic con person” and i’m like “sure!” and then she talked about how she has to fly over to san diego and be there tomorrow and i said i only go to the new york one so we talk about new york comic con in october and her new show that’s shooting in the city etc etc etc and i’m like

please jaimie alexander. continue talking to me about your personal schedule while i stare at your gorgeous face you’re so pretty oh god

and then at the end of our conversation she asks me what my name was again and i tell her and she goes “you’re very cute”