I got to check out the studio of Alexander Rokoff today. His ideas for his work comes to him while sitting in the bath tub or from his pet rabbit/studio mascot… only when he feels like sharing his ideas of course. The figure above is hanging in the Portland mayor’s office right now. It is the lead singer of Modest Mouse. Awesome.I know.

I love seeing artist’s caves where they not only live but create magical things. A place where their imagination explodes and they are completely free to be themselves. On Rokoff’s studio walls hung many tribal masks, and self portraits of himself as Jesus (definitely not narcissistic though). He explained how he loves to create art that doesn’t take place in a specific time period. Yes, he is dressed like Jesus or is on a mountain top with goats dressed as a Norwegian, but that could have been yesterday. 

I really suggest you take a look at his work. He is extremely talented and has quite the personality to go along with it.