4/21/15: bb!NHL players show off their figure skating chops at the NHLPA Rookie Showcase 2014 [X]


The most awkward acting ever!

In case you didn't see, the "official NHL" GIF tumblr is not official or affiliated with the NHL, so we will not be reblogging it here anymore.

Own up to your amateur status and earn followers the good old-fashioned way. We also do not condone the illegal use of the NHL brand name as official in an unofficial way, nor do we support the idea that one person thinks they are the face of a large, diverse community of hockey fans on tumblr. There is no singular face, but there sure as giant egos. It should also be noted that the tumblr user in question has committed fraud against the NHL.

Here’s a GIF made by us, just mere unaffiliated amateurs, of Khokhlachev’s AHL Bruins goal today.