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Love Endless, The Sequel

Love Endless Series

Book One: (The Road To Recollection) [171k]

Book Two: (Path To Permanence) [WIP]

Book Three & Four: TBA

Author: wubwubnparmaham

Rating: M

Warning: Graphic Depictions of Violence

Pairing(s): Harry Styles / Louis Tomlinson – Zayn Malik / Niall Horan


It was amazing that not much had been able to shock Louis this far into his wild ride of a life. What he’d just heard had obliterated that barrier, but let him remind you of the past events that had paved the way to his present time.

He’d stumbled across a presumably haunted mansion after getting chased through the woods by his high school’s hate-fueled football team, and took brave shelter inside. The interior had fascinated and enamoured him, and the estate itself had served as the perfect and most interesting escape from the rain, but it hadn’t been haunted—merely occupied.


Through a brilliant string of planning, Louis had succeeded in outing Harry before he did it himself, and the secret was out—Harry was an ancient Roman vampire. This revelation might have surprised him if he hadn’t already snooped the mansion’s halls, but as it were, he’d caught on pretty quickly, and Harry’s validation was just that—a confirmation of what Louis had already suspected.

It hadn’t taken long at all after that event for the two creatures to fall into romantic step together, confessing their quickly-bloomed love for each other and becoming the world’s oddest couple. Strange happenings had transpired over the course of their new relationship: visions, personality shifts, telling dreams of ancient history, hallucinations, and inexplicable hunches; all centering around Harry’s past love, Alexander, and his apparent connection to Louis’ consciousness.

Neither had cracked the full code on the oddities quite yet, but give them some time, it’s only been two and a half weeks since his initial break-in. That’s one of the parts that Louis can’t wrap his mind around. All of these life changes had taken place over the course of a bundle of days, but to Louis, it had felt like a lifetime. Which is silly coming from him, when Harry’s been around since 76 a.d..

This all leads up to where he was now, on the first of May, in the year 1973, straddling his vampire’s hips at the kitchen table as he was given a chilling piece of news that would stain their future for an indefinite period of time. The return of Harry’s evil twin, essentially, Auron Aelius. A look-alike sibling of nefarious intentions who had repeatedly lashed out at Harry for assuming the throne of the Roman Empire when he was the eldest of the two. After his rule had been stolen, he had murdered many of Harry’s lovers, including Alexander, and Louis didn’t know exactly what they were all in for…but he was one of those lovers now…so it’s not looking too good.


Special thanks to Kris (@hazstylestrash) for Louis’ multicoloured eye edit and Harlock’s eyepatch!! (And of course le preexisting long haired Liam piece) <3 Could not have done that without that incredible person. 


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Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I still prefer the first movie but this one is not as bad as some people have been saying. It has it’s nice moments.

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I’m not particularly fond of Tilde and the oversexualized jokes are a bit too much on this. And oh boy… if you got offended by the “joke” at the end of the first movie, prepare for a mention, a somewhat of a repeat and something even worse.

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I don’t love Poppy but Julianne Moore being her helps. The other new addictions are OK and the Statesman are not as silly as the trailers make it seems. I liked the Elton John scenes.

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Now that we are at the bottom of the post I can talk about more spolery thinks: 1) I understand that we needed the Skyfall-esque destruction of the organization, but did we need to kill JB AND Roxy at the beginning and then Merlin before the finale? (PS: Still have hope that he survived that explosion somehow). 2) I’m almost buying the Kingsman x Adidas sneaker 3) I think someone has said something similar before, but now that Eggsy has married into the royal family, we need to meet the Swedish version of the Kingsman, played by every Skarsgård in existence + Alicia Vikander and/or Noomi Rapace, in the 3rd movie.

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I know I have this madness. These fucking demons in here… but I am fighting them. I’m fighting them.
—  Big Little Lies
CuriosityComplex | FanFiction
CuriosityComplex is a fanfiction author that has written 9 stories for Rizzoli & Isles.


Hey all,

I’ve started being a beta reader, so feel free to hit me up.

The link is my work in case you want to get a sense of my style. Having said that, when it comes to being a beta, it’s not about my style, it’s about yours! 

I am happy to either just edit your work and fix the grammar and spelling or give feedback and input, as well. It’s completely up to you.

You can also find some other works on AO3 here.

The fandoms I’m comfortable with are as follows:

- Rizzoli & Isles
- Motive
- Bones
- Castle
- Law & Order: SVU
- The Mentalist
- House
- Banshee
- Shameless (US)
- Lucifer
- Nurse Jackie
- CSI: Miami
- Person Of Interest
- Shut Eye
- Scrubs

I am also crazy bored, so even if you just want to chat or recommend a story to read, I’d love to hear from you.

Hope you’re happy and well.