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Shadowhunters 2B returns in...

12 weeks!

(It feels so wrong to me that there’s no new episode tonight.)

2B (hopefully)
  • Malec: adopt Madzie, move in together, buy a home, take up gardening and homecraft diys, live a peaceful life, have lots of sex, are left alone and are allowed to be happy together, have lots of wonderful healthy communicative moments
  • Simon: comes to his senses and begs his way back into the clans good graces, shamelessly pursues Raphael and embarasses him with declarations of love in front of the clan until Raphael says yes just to shut him up. is totally ok with Raph's asexuality. is free from CCs terrible fuckboi arc for him
  • Raphael: finally gets the goddamn selfrespecting dignified story arc he deserves, leads the clan to greatness and happiness, pretends to be grumpy about Simon wooing him but really loves it, gets to live his good Catholic life without people abusing and using him
  • Izzy: overcomes her addiction, becomes an advocate for other shadowhunters/downworlders/people who have gone through struggles like hers, has a heart to heart and apologizes to Raphael, goes back to her badass bitch roots, takes up cooking classes, tears it up at the gay clubs at night, revolutionizes shadowhunter fashion, babysits Madzie on the reg, is loved and adored as she deserves
  • Jace: gets a hug and a nice long nap, decides to go on vacation and comes back with a septum piercing and green hair, hits up the gay bars with Izzy and is everyones favorite token Straight™ friend
  • Clary: gets over herself

I thought along with a lot of other people that Alec was going to be violent with aldertree. Nope. Of course not. The person that actually deserves to get an ass beating isn’t. Poor Raphael, I understand why Alecs mad tho. Family means everything to him. But Raphael wanted nothing to do with this. I guess we know what drove Magnus and Alec apart. Next episode is going to be hell just warning you all now.


This is the first time we’ve seen someone use Alec or Magnus to intimidate the other, it’s an intimation tactic. By using a loved ones name to put you back in your place. In this case Meliorn had dirt on all of them, Luke with Jocelyn(rip) Raphael with Izzy and now Magnus. And in full honesty I don’t think Magnus is happy about being degraded by the use of Alec. It made me feel uneasy that other people have this sort of leverage on Magnus and Alec.
All in all Alec and Magnus are each other weakness and it’s a scary think to have someone you love be swung around like that as bait in a sense. I worded this a little odd, hope I got my point across.
Side note of me just realizing that Magnus hasn’t really had someone to lose for a very long time and now this mortal is the center of his world. Ugh my heart.

Theory for next week’s malec kiss: Alec is about to rush off to stop valentine and before he goes Magnus says something along the lines of “In case you fail, you should know that I love you” and instead of replying, Alec just grabs him and kisses him knowing that if he failed, Magnus would die. Then Alec says something like “you’ll see me again” and rushes off to save the day

+ bonus points if this scene is in front of everyone

Me to the Shadowhunter fandom right now...

If there is no season 3 because of this mess i…

that’s it.