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The Legend of Tarzan REVIEW

-1880 setting, which is nice to know when Tarzan was actually taking place. The clothes from the Disney movie clues us in and how they talked.
-Tarzan now known as John Clayton III, the fifth Earl of Greystoke, has been living for eight years in London, along with his Wife Jane Clayton.
-Alexander Skarsgård is jaw dropping amazing when acting and I melt everytime he talks. I’m a puddle of goo.
- The flashbacks are more realistic to a kid growing up in the jungle. He wore no clothes until Jane and her tribe that she grew up in found him, after Tarzan saved her from being beat to unconsciousness from the leader gorilla
-Lion cuddles!
-“Tarzan you look funny”
-The chemistry between Alexander Skarsgård and Margot Robbie was beautiful. I could watch them all day. I totally am on ship with them being together.
- Jane actually has a backbone and isn’t scared about being around the jungle unlike the Disney movie
- The Piggyback ride of Samuel L. Jackson character and Alexander Skarsgård was hysterically funny.
- Jane’s orgin story I like very much especially when meeting Tarzan.
- “Should I lick his balls?”
-Apparently ants tastes like bacon, according to Tarzan
- Gorillas to the rescue!
-Chief Mbongas son kills Tarzans surrogate gorilla mother and I will not lie I cried, I was deeply moved by the entire dynamics of their mother and son relationship.
-George Washington Williams: “You look like you’re about to give me a hug.”
John Clayton: “I wasn’t.”
-“What was that?” “Mating call”
-The story concludes when Jane has a child, John is now living in Africa again as Tarzan, and they live in Janes fathers old house.

Overall, I really don’t agree with Rotten Tomato’s rating of thirty-five percent of a rating, it deserves a solid ninety percent. I adore this film, it’s beautiful, raw and powerful. You see the gorilla family group dynamics, the past of Tarzan and how he grew up, a more realistic life of growing up in the jungle. Janes life before Tarzan and the present life of being with him, what I loved more than anything was their relationship she excepted him full heartily she didn’t try to change him unlike the Disney version Jane Porter, she grew up in Africa with her father, even if she was from England,

Other things to conclude this review; The soundtrack was stunning, I’m actually listening to it, and I never really like listening to music without some type of lyrics in it. CGI was done perfectly, I couldn’t tell if the animals were real or not, which was nice unlike the tiger in Life as Pi. The movie wasn’t all that serious all the time, there was some action, it wasn’t violent but it did mention some topics such as slavery, loss of a child, and it did show them killing the gorillas. There are some sexual parts, but it’s not explicit. As far as I’m concerned this could be a movie for older kids to teens if a parent were to judge if they could or not but that’s just my opinion. The romance isn’t off the top but it was a romance movie none the less, I enjoyed this immensely, like I said before this movie is on the list of my favorite movies of twenty-sixteen.

Rating: Solid 4.5 Stars