alexander plantation

Don’t. Defend. Slave. Owners. Ever.

no ‘if’s ‘and’s or ‘but’s.

Don’t defend slave owners. No they weren’t “unusually kind” to their slaves. No it doesn’t make up for it if they freed them later in life. No John Jay was not fucking kind for buying slaves and having them work for him until they had “payed their debt”. No Washington is not excused because he freed his slaves after he died. They were all still slavers and benefited of slavery.


And because I wouldn’t have to say this if it wasn’t for some people in the Hamilton fandom, here is a list of all the people in Hamilton who owned slaves:

  • George Washington (plantation owner)
  • Thomas Jefferson (plantation owner)
  • James Madison (plantation owner)
  • Aaron Burr (several personal slaves)
  • Peggy Schuyler (wife of plantation owner)
  • Angelica Schuyler (several personal slaves)
  • King George (don’t think I have to explain this one)
  • Hercules Mulligan (one slave - Cato)
  • Charles Lee (plantation owner)
  • Samuel Seabury (several personal slaves)
  • James Reynolds (several personal slaves)
  • Phillip Schuyler (plantation owner)

Alexander and Eliza never owned slaves themselfs but they bought slaves on the behalf of Philip Schuyler and John Church and Angelica on some occasions and would have acces to house slaves through Elizas father that they would use. So they’re not innocent either just because they never technically owned slaves.

DO NOT DEFEND THEIR SLAVERY!!! (also correct me if I forgot someone or have wrong information)