alexander nurulaeff


Today we present a especial shoe care company.
The Dandy Shoe Care.
Dandy Shoe Care service is located in small town Parma, Italy where he restores handcrafted shoes in a small laboratory. Alexander Nurulaeff is the shoe doctor. Alexander has perfected his formula — using proper solutions to address dryness, roughness or cracked leather surfaces in addition to meticulous cleaning and polishing of shoes, bags and other small leather accessories.

Hoy os presentamos una compañía de cuidado de calzado muy especial. The Dandy Shoe Care
Dandy Shoe Care está situado en la pequeña ciudad de Parma en Italia, donde se dedican a restaurar los zapatos hechos a mano en un pequeño laboratorio. Alexander Nurulaeff es el artista detras de esta empresa, por algo le llaman el Doctor de los zapatos. Alexander ha perfeccionado su fórmula - el uso de soluciones adecuadas para hacer frente a la sequedad, rugosidad o las superficies agrietadas , además de la limpieza y pulido de zapatos, bolsos y otros accesorios de cuero - siendo un virtuoso y meticuloso en cada uno de sus trabajos.

We have customers for years now use our Luxury Shoes Care Service. The great advantage of this is that after a long time Dandy Shoe Care know very well the tastes and needs of the customer. This help to achieve a color that characterizes the personality of the client.

Like this Patina “Roberto”. A color created by Alexander Nurulaeff especially for our historical client and friend of mine: Mr.R.V.


Before and after by Dandy Shoe Care.

The shoes can be different: ruined,sad, soulless, mundane…
But thanks to Luxury Treatments by Dandy Shoe Care may also become more beautiful, perfectly groomed, full of life and personality.
If you want your shoes to be truly unique please contact us:

“Custom Navy Blue”

A new Patina by Dandy Shoe Care for one Italian gentleman : Mr. R.G.

If you are no longer happy with the clear color of your shoes Dandy Shoe Care will help you to transform your shoes into something nicer and easier to match.

For any questions:

Years 1920-30; my favorite ever, for all the excellences of style and design. The fabulous cars, the home furnishings an ample variety of men accessories and of course unforgettable clothes and shoes. Everything was created to be beautiful, practical and everlasting.
I dedicate this Patina to the true values, to all the excellences created by true craftsmen for true gentlemen.
This pair of Butterfly Loafers is completely hand painted by Alexander Nurulaeff. A pair of shoes that tells you the long and interesting story of the many travels and adventures of their owner.