alexander nikolayevich


Hello there! It’s super cool to play ocs with an ethnicity different than English/American. It really is. However, there are specs you need to know to be as realistic as possible. Plus, there’s also a chance you’ll run into a person familiar with said culture, and that can cause an awkward situation. I grew up in a post-Soviet country where nearly 50% of the population is Russian, and every adult I know is fluent in the language. Now, I’m not claiming I know everything, however, it irks me when I see common mishaps again and again in the rpc. (E.g. naming your character “Natasha” when it’s actually supposed to be the nickname for “Natalya”). So, here’s a list that includes tips on how to properly name your Russian oc, a list of popular Russian male and female names that include the most typical nickname if there is one, and a list of Russian last names that I have encountered in my life. I hope this helps! Likes and reblogs are appreciated! 

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