alexander moissi


1906 original berlin cast of frank wedekind’s “spring awakening”
(left to right: Bernhard von Jacobi as Melchior Gabor, Camilla Eibenschütz as Wendla Bergmann, Alexander Moissi as Moritz Stiefel)


Now that I have more photos and can put them in a photoset, let’s talk about Alexander Moissi again!

He was born in Albania in 1879, and eventually became involved with the Deutsches Theater in Berlin, where, relevant to my blog, he played Moritz Stiefel in the original production of Frühlings Erwachen (Spring Awakening) which was staged there. The last picture in the photoset is of him in that role.

He was a popular theater actor and also went on to do film later in his career (his IMDB page). He has a school named after him now.

So basically, a pretty interesting and certainly very accomplished guy who got to originate many roles that we still talk about today.