alexander megas

Hamilton characters as things I’ve said that my sister wrote in a notebook

Hamilton: My band is called Dancing With Death, so if I wrote a book it would be called Foxtrot with Life

Burr: when you die, your soul will slouch in hell!

Laurens: we’re not allowed to touch ourselves? oops

Lafayette: you’re drunk, I”m European

Mulligan: I have no intention of fucking a llama

Angelica: you’re like a never-ending basin of hair

Eliza: I don’t like being called Faith, it makes me feel like Jesus

Peggy: they both came at the same time. That scared me

King George III: children… as a sacrifice

Washington: physical contact is frowned upon. Try again

Jefferson: you’re breathin’ on my knee and I don’t like it

Madison: you elbowed my sternum!

Maria Reynolds: look how busty I am

James Reynolds: I’m like a reusable toilet

George Eacker: I didn’t not kicking your head

Philip Hamilton: I love guitars. Look, I can even play it with my butt