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Hamilton characters as things I’ve said that my sister wrote in a notebook

Hamilton: My band is called Dancing With Death, so if I wrote a book it would be called Foxtrot with Life

Burr: when you die, your soul will slouch in hell!

Laurens: we’re not allowed to touch ourselves? oops

Lafayette: you’re drunk, I”m European

Mulligan: I have no intention of fucking a llama

Angelica: you’re like a never-ending basin of hair

Eliza: I don’t like being called Faith, it makes me feel like Jesus

Peggy: they both came at the same time. That scared me

King George III: children… as a sacrifice

Washington: physical contact is frowned upon. Try again

Jefferson: you’re breathin’ on my knee and I don’t like it

Madison: you elbowed my sternum!

Maria Reynolds: look how busty I am

James Reynolds: I’m like a reusable toilet

George Eacker: I didn’t not kicking your head

Philip Hamilton: I love guitars. Look, I can even play it with my butt

According to press, Sergio Ramos and Luka Modric are spending holiday together with their families on yacht in Montenegro.

Sergio Ramos was seen today morning at the airport in Montenegro with his son Sergio Junior.

Press says that both Sergio and Luka arrived today morning to Montenegro with their families in private planes and they were immediately sent from the airport to the marina Porto Montenegro, where they boarded the luxurious 33-meter mega-yacht “Alexander VI”, which belongs to serbian businessman Miodrag Kostic-Kole.