alexander mcqueen sweater


FLASH FORWARD - model: Imaan Hammam, Fernanda Ly, Lineisy Montero, Frederikke Sofie, Taylor Hill, Grace Hartzel - photographer: Patrick Demarchelier - fashion editor: Camilla Nickerson - hair: James Pecis - make-up: Aaron de Mey -Vogue US December 2015

  • Lineisy Montero: Chanel embellished organza top - Bulgari diamond strand earrings - Tiffany & Co. aquamarine earrings.
  • Tayolor Hill: Erdem dress - Harry Winston watch - DeBeers bracelets.
  • Imaan Hamman: Alexander McQueen sweater - Chopard diamond hoops - Chanel Fine Jewelry earrings.
  • Frederikke Sofie: Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci cardigan & lace dress - Harry Winston necklace.
  • Fernanda Ly: Louis Vuitton cuffs, rings, jacket & pants - Cartier bracelets & watch - Piaget rings.
“Time After Time” - Kurt/Blaine

An AU where Kurt, a senior, never made any friends or joined Glee club and is still being bullied.  Blaine takes over the club as a favor to Sam.  

For those of you who are overdosed on baby and daddy fic and want a nice slab of smut-with-feels-and-a-cheesy-ending.

Warnings for: age difference, teacher/student relationship.

The first time that Blaine sees Kurt, he’s covered in cafeteria spaghetti and making a beeline for an exit while also carefully avoiding eye contact with anyone and everyone.  Blaine’s first thought is oh, god, is that sweater Alexander McQueen?  Travesty!  This is, of course, before he can remind himself that he’s on lunch duty, even though he technically isn’t a teacher and is just doing Sam a favor taking over the Glee club while Sam takes care of his mom.

It had been one of the most upsetting conversations that they’ve ever had, Sam calling Blaine up and asking him if he’d decided what he was going to do with his performing hiatus, and then confessing that his mom’s cancer prognosis hadn’t been good, and he knows that it’s a huge inconvenience, but was there any way that Blaine could come home to Ohio and supervise his kids until graduation?  They hadn’t made it through the last competition round, so all Blaine would have to do is run the meetings and rehearsals and guide them through a few simple performances, some on and some off campus.

Saying yes had been a given—Sam is his best friend—but Blaine also has to admit that the idea of recharging his teaching batteries during downtime sounded appealing.  He hadn’t realized, though, that the new principal would expect him to fill all of Sam’s shoes—down to and including covering detention, event chaperoning, and watching the cafeteria at lunchtime.

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So, I stopped by Goodwill this afternoon, as I do occasionally, to see if there was anything ‘new’ in. I found an Alexander McQueen sweater from a few seasons ago for $5. This is possibly the greatest thing to have happened to me so far in 2016!