alexander mcqueen skull clutch

Getting ready for the Ministry Party
  • Dominique: *putting, casually, a knife in her Alexander McQueen skull clutch*
  • James: Why do you need a knife?
  • Dominique: You never know when you need to kill someone.
  • Molly: You have magic.
  • Dominique: Yeah, but the easiest way to kill someone with magic is Avada Kedavra and the killing curse is punished by law.
  • Molly: It makes sense.
  • Dominique: Let's go guys or we will be late.
  • *Dominique and Molly exiting the room*
  • Peter: *exiting the room backwards* She doesn't mean it that way. It's for the cake, she will not kill anyone...I hope.
  • *James and Fred look at the camera like they are in The Office*

Say hi to: do we die for nothing?

Alexander McQueen was a stellar designer, a genius of fashion. A closer look at the symbolism in his work shows incessantly recurring elements: skulls and butterflies were favorites.

Most of the time, people relate skulls to rock&roll or some naughty vibe. I do too. But how could you see something else than a representation of death in this Alexander McQueen signature skull clutch?