alexander mcqueen armadillo shoes

Jil Sander Autumn/Winter 2011. You can actually buy these shoes. You’re probably thinking right now, “No shit, Sherlock”. But, I was trying to source some Alexander McQueen armadillo shoes if in case I was ever a few thousand pounds richer, a bit steadier on my feet and wanted to purchase some. But, unless you’re royalty or Gaga (Mama Monster) then you’re not going to have the pleasure of breaking both you’re ankles in them. There’s only 21 in existence worth about $10,000. Now, I really know the meaning of exclusivity. I got excited when I thought I had sourced some, but it turned out they were miniature remakes of 4 inches. 

I actually find them very easy to walk in so my falling over is very much acting because they’re very easy to walk in. And I don’t know. I think it is interesting because nothing is so black and white and I think that his criticisms for being masochistic and all these things because he was veiling women’s faces or binding them with leather and things like that I find that those images and those clothes, they’re quite powerful and makes women look quite strong. I find the adverse but I’ve always been much more inclined to the dark side of things.
—  Dianna Agron on wearing Alexander McQueen’s famous armadillo shoes in McQueen (CCTV)