alexander mcqueen armadillo heels

Minor headcanon: Holly has a NO RUNNING rule on the Zoo station not only because it’s rowdy and undignified and disorderly and leads to accidents at blind corners, but because she herself absolutely hates to run.  Holly trying to run is the jiggliest goddamn thing you ever saw.  Everything shakes.  It is exhausting just to look at.  Even with a Jasper-strength sports bra, she feels ridiculous.

On the other hand she has no difficulty running in heels; Holly can do absolutely anything in heels, it’s uncanny.

Under The Sea

I’ve always had a fascination with the ocean, The mysteries it hides under the bright blue waves and the creatures that coexist with us. My favorite cartoon movie as a child was The Little Mermaid and I never knew why until I got older and started loving fashion, It was a beautiful movie that introduced me to mermaids (which do exist by the way… I’m a firm believer of their existence) and ever since then I’ve had an infatuation with mermaids. Their grace and movement and the fish scales that glimmer in the sunlight, What’s not to love about them? 

As well as mermaids I do love specific type of fish but there’s too many to name as well as the shapes that waves create as they crash into the shore, And a highlight of fashion that merged the ocean with clothing is the Alexander McQueen collection “Platos Atlantis”, The infamous Armadillo heels and the prints and embellishments are quite impeccable! My mind was blown as the worlds of Fashion, Aquarium, and Art collided, So here I present a collage of beautiful images I found all over the internet of Sea-spiration in fashion. We’re all mermaids at heart!