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Used To This

                Walking into Alex’s apartment was still strange.

                “Hey.” He comes around the corner while I try to jump behind a couch. He smiled as I quietly tiptoed in. “Trying not to wake anyone?”

                “Crap.” I smile, pulling out a flower. “I was trying to surprise you!”

                “Ah, aren’t you the best?” I smiles and takes it, brushing his lips with mine. He looks into my eyes and half laughs. “You got this from the man downstairs selling flowers I’m assuming?”

                “Excuse me!” I laugh. “A little faith!”

                He raises an eyebrow. “Okay, yes. You get good suprises after I see you in this movie.”

                “Oh?” you smile, walking towards me, placing your hands on my hips.

                “Mhm.” I smile, biting my lip.

                “If you didn’t look so perfect now I’d have to take you right here.”

                I smile. “Thank you. You look very handsome. Except for your tie. Can I fix it?”

                “Yeah, actually, I hate this one. Can you go into the closet and pick out a new one? You know I suck at stuff like that.”

                I sigh. “Useless boys.”

                You smile placing a hand on the small of my back, “just go! Please!”

                I walk into his (huge) closet. He honestly has more clothes than me. “Why is half of this empty?” I ask. Like I said, its usually full. Like there’s barely room to walk in here.

                I turn around and Alex is right behind me. “Because I figured it would be easier to move my girlfriend’s stuff in that way.” You grin, holding a key attached to a black satin ribbon.

                I smile. And smile. And smile. “Girlfriend? I better get out of here before she comes to pick you up.”

                “Yeah, I wouldn’t want to lose her.” You smile. “Please?” you whisper.

                I look around your apartment. “I can’t afford half this rent, Alex.”

                “You don’t have to!”

                “And, I mean what am I going to tell my parents?”

                “That we’re in love!”

                “I mean this would really increase my commute time.”

                “So take a cab!”

                “Cabs are expensive!”

                “You took one tonight!” he laughed. “I’ll pay for one! I’ll make sure you get up twenty minutes earlier! You can bore me with politics all day!”

                I laugh too. “Stop trying to make this a joke.”  

                “See how well that’s woking out?” you smile. “Come on, meg.”

                I still get that feeling every time I look at you. “Okay.” I smile. “Are you sure?”

                You move in and kiss me. “Yes.” You smile. “I can’t think of a better night in my entire life.”

                I smile too. “I’m happy, too.”

                “I love you, you know.”

                “Yeah.” I smile. “I’m pretty lucky, huh?”

                You smile. “Are you going to help me with this tie, now?”

                “Yes!” I sigh, selecting a less offensive one.

                “I could get used to this,” you smile as I finish the knot.


Only Just Beginning

** A story of how a coffee shop owner met a stranger unexpectedly. I wanted to try writing something different and I hope that you’ll enjoy it :)



After running his family’s handed down independent small coffee shop for almost a year, Alexander admittedly realized that he wasn’t very good at memorizing customers’ faces or their names.

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What I do best

** Married to Xander

I quickly tiptoed into the bedroom, my feet barely skimming the cold, freezing wooden floor and jumped onto the warm bed. I tucked my body neatly under the cover and buried my face in the pillow. I smiled to myself and let out a contented sigh. There was nothing better after a long tiring day like the feeling of the warm, cozy bed.

Well, nothing except a man who had just slammed the bathroom door shut and wrapped in nothing but a big, white fluffy towel that hung dangerously low on his hips.

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Forever and Always

Everything moved too fast.

One minute I was slowly making my way downstairs and walking into the kitchen to make breakfast for Xander. Next, I saw nothing except familiar tiny little black dots strung together in my line of vision.

I slid down and curled into a protective ball on the kitchen floor. My stomach rumbled loudly. That was the only thing it seemed to be doing these days.

I should do something.

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