“Can I kiss you?”
“Why don’t you move your hips for me?”


A small ‘uff’ leaves your mouth as Bjorn pulls you on his hips, a playfully smirk spreads on his face.
“Can I kiss you?”
Instead of waiting for an answer he presses lips on your open mouth, his tongue sliding in your mouth as he kisses you deeply. You moan quietly and stroke over the shaved sides of his head as you feel his growing erection on your middle.
“Why don’t you move your hips for me?” He growls, grabbing them before you even have the chance and rubs your crotch over his pants covered cock.
Shudder after shudder runs down your spine as he slides over your clit and you gasp at the pleasure he gives you. Faster and faster you move your hips against each other, the chair nearly breaks under your weight.
“Bjorn.” You cry out into his neck as you orgasm, the wetness dripping down your inner thighs now.
He follows you a few moments later, biting down your neck with a growl..


“What are you doing?” You giggle as Bjorn wraps his arms around your waist and throws you over the shoulder.
“I’m carrying you home, woman.” Bjorn responds loud and in a rough voice, making you more laugh.
He’s definitely drunk.
It took him ten minutes longer to bring you to your home, because he lost the orientation in between.
Finally at home Bjorn lies you carefully on the bed, his eyes darkened as you pull your dress over the head. Suddenly he comes above you, kissing you tenderly while he presses your body in the sheets. His hands explore your body, the curves of your breasts before one hand slips into your panties. Your back arches and you move your hips against his finger which rubs your clit in fast movements.
“You’re so beautiful.” Bjorn groans in your ear, feeling how he’s growing hard on your thigh.
With one hand you open his pants, reaching out for his cock to pump him. Suddenly Bjorn straightens up and undresses himself with quick hands. A protesting whimper leaves your mouth at the loss of his hand.
“I’m not done with you yet.” Bjorn murmurs as he pulls down your panties and opens your legs wide open for him.
Usual Bjorn is a soft lover, worshipping your body for a long time, but not tonight.
He enters you with one thrust and your eyes roll back at the feeling how he fills you out. You lock your legs around his hips, encouraging him to move while he watches you out of his blue eyes. With each thrust he’s getting faster, his cock sliding over your g-spot with precision and you dig your nails in the skin of his back. You circle your hips as you’re nearing your end, your eyes closes automatically.
“Bjorn.” You moan out as the pleasure rushes through your body.
Your body which you’ve pressed on his falls back as you enjoy the after waves of the orgasm, barely noticing how Bjorn spilling himself in you.

“Did I hurt you?” Bjorn as slightly worried and you shake your head.
“No, I like it when you show me your rough side.” You smile, tickling over the skin of his bare chest. “I love you.”
Your mouth fall shut after you let out the three words. Even when you’re in relationship for a while, no one of ever said it before.
“Look at me, (Y/N).” Bjorn mumbles and shy you look up. “I love you, too.”
You crawl a little bit higher and kiss him softly.