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Imagine Bill letting it slip that you are dating during an interview.

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“So here we also have a photo of-” Jimmy paused, taking a look at the screen, just like Bill, and the entire audience that went crazy and started cheering and clapping the moment they saw you.

Bill himself chuckled as he took in the sight of you looking stunning as ever in your red dress, standing on your tiptoes even if you were wearing high heels to kiss his cheek; one hand on his chest and the other on your shoulder as he had an arm wrapped around your waist and the other cupping your cheek. 

He didn’t even know how they had managed to snap that photo because it wasn’t exactly in front of the cameras. You had mostly been standing on the side with his brothers, and great friends of yours, and he had rushed to you to get that good luck kiss. He didn’t expect there to be evidence of that so he was glad he’d kept himself from kissing you properly on the lips.

“(Y/n) and you.” he completed with a smile, glancing for a moment at the enthusiastic audience “You two-” he turned back to the actor “You two are great friends right? I’m- I’m just asking because that could, you know, be misinterpreted by some.” he motioned to the photo, giving a look at the audience and everybody laughed at that.

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Hamilton : Whole Sqaud AU

- Modern time au

-So Alex just got into college, and he’s officially adopted by the Washington and majoring in PoliSci

- Thomas and Lafayette are twins who were separated at 13 cuz their grandparents didn’t approve of their parents’ affair

- The twins were finally reunited at 18 and went into college together, roommies

- John Laurens with his pet turtle Philip just got into college too, and are rooming with Alex

- Alex was a bit shy to meet John but was really ecstatic when meeting Philip

- John was really chill and friendly that he helped Alex unpack then invited him for lunch

- They met the twins on the buffet area and they all sat together

- Thomas and Alex were already talking about politics when they got into a small friendly argument that Lafayette had to literally hold Thomas back

- John laughing as he held the back of Alex’s shirt to stop him from going all out

- Lafayette saying something to “Tommy” in french and Thomas rolling his eyes and said something back in french to “Marmar” ( From his name,Marie-Joseph)

- Alex asking them a question in french and Lafayette started talking to him in french really fast

- John was smiling at them amusingly and shared a confused look with Thomas

- Then they all heard a laughing somewhere behind them and saw Charles Lee laughing and mocking at them

- Lafayette tried really hard to stop the three of them from getting into a fight with Lee

- They all left the cafeteria and talked more at the garden

- They spent more time then later exchanged numbers to hang out more

- Then Alex and John went to buy books together and the twins decided to roam around campus

- Lafayette accidentally bumped into Hercules, who was on his way to practice with the football team

- Lafayette was entranced by him that he accidentally asked him for his number in french while Hercules apologized

- Thomas eyeing his brother’s flushed face suspiciously while Hercules chuckled and introduced himself

- Hercules has no idea whaf Laf said

- Lafayette apologized and introduced them and Thomas to Herc

- Herc was called by someone from the team and promised to talk to Laf again soon

- Thomas laughed at Laf as they continued to walk around and talking in French

- Meanwhile Alex and John met Aaron Burr at the bookstore, and he gave them some confusing advices while he bought his own books

- Alex wasn’t too sure what to think if him, and John shrugged at him

- They went back to their dorm together and decorated their room together

- And Alex was afraid if he liked John as crush already, and they just literally met

- And then the next day they met up with the twins for breakfast when Hercules spotted Lafayette and invited them to eat together with his cousin, James Madison

- Thomas was interested in James from the moment they saw each other and Lafayette snorted at him

- The six of them ate together and Alex, John, Herc and Laf seemed to be getting along really well that they started to get more loud

- James sighed at his cousin before listening to Thomas talk about politics

- Surprisingly, he actually conversed with him really well, unlike the other freshmen he met (he and herc are sophomores)

- Then suddenly the Schuyler sisters entered and Herc waved at them to their table

- The cousins and the sisters knew each other since high school

- Angelica’s a junior while Eliza was a sophomore and Peggy was a freshman

- Lafayette was a bit disappointed in Peggy’s fashion and accidentally said it out loud

- He and Peggy somehow became best friends then

- Peggy doesn’t care about fashion as long as it has flowers, she’s okay with it

- Eliza was texting to her friend and roommate Maria before introducing herself to them

- Somehow the majority of the group were majoring in PoliSci

- Then Lee and Seabury went in and almost all the group groaned

- With all of them hating the two, they exchanged phone numbers then Alex spotted Burr and invited him

- He was hesitant at first but he did anyway

- He was a bit annoyed at how loud they were, with Hercules literally shouting, and Thomas and Alex were almost arguing again with Angelica and James looking at them amusingly, and Lafayette subtly flirted with Herc and Peggy noticing, John laughing as he again held Alexander back, and Eliza smiling at the text Maria sent

- And he suspected that Thomas and Alex would join the debate team (which he, angelica, eliza, and james were in)

- But, in all honesty, he kinda liked these guys

This is just a small part if my Au, if you want to know more, just ask me! I’ll be working on a fanfic regarding this AU anyway, I’m so excited!!

Edit: I made a fanfic based on this!! You can read it here.
Suffocate in the Smoke of a Forest Fire

No one could ever be able to convince Alexander that there was anything that burned more brilliantly than a forest fire.

The trees bursting into red-hot flames as pine needles danced in embers and ash. Each kiss of the wind a silent promise of the charred final product, which would leave green hills a mess of browns and dead darkness. Smoke would cloud the lungs of anyone who dared travel through, and it would seem as though oxygen had been pulled away from the world in those few moments of suffocating bliss in between life and death.

Words would swirl through the clouded air and twirl down onto their desired destination, having departed from Alexander’s mind. Thoughts would form in swaths of heavy smoke, dark and daunting as they rose from scattered ashes of shattered pieces of his mind. Shards of glass would cut the insides of his eyes until tears spilled out instead of blood, far too often to be considered alright.

Each time he cried his smoky tears, eyes fogging up with thick darkness, Lafayette stood still, as if he didn’t notice. It took a long time for Alexander to realize that Lafayette truly hadn’t noticed it. Standing still, watching on passively, as Alexander allowed his own words to choke the life out of himself. When the forests allowed wind to blow through, carrying embers that would lead to demise, Alexander couldn’t bring himself to put out the flames.

Their love had grown up through the ground, roots set steady as their soft whispers and promises reached toward the sky above them. John would pull both of them close and press warm kisses to their faces as gently as possible. He would lay in between Lafayette and Alexander and make quiet jokes about the world around them, always trying to avoid the cutting, judgemental remarks of others.

It was never cold in their home. Not during long summer nights spent watching bad movies and trading kisses. Nor while the wind howled with icy power outside their apartment, blizzards twisting the world into a powdered sugar-covered mockery of the city that flowed with a million lights. None of those lights were stars, though.

Alexander would whisper some nights, of the constellations he’d seen back home on Nevis. Orion, Ursa Major, or whatever shapes he’d made up and given names to. Small fragments of stories would form in his mind and float out into their cloudy night sky that they shared, and would piece together into brightly lit clouds.

And when John had first began contributing to the stories, he’d thought nothing of it. After all, it had been two years since they’d gotten together, and it would only be natural for John to develop an interest in the stories that Alexander told them during sleepless nights. He’d found it charming, told himself to get over the slight pull of jealousy growing in his mind like ivy that twisted and contorted it’s vines until it stretched along the cobblestone walls of a castle. They had already set down roots together in the world that barely welcomed them, and it would be of no use to cultivate an altogether different kind when what they had already was perfectly fine.

Soon enough, it stopped being perfectly fine.

John found his way to the center of the bed each night, encased in Lafayette’s arms and seemingly unaffected by Alexander’s warm embrace. Lafayette would kiss Alexander on the cheek when he returned from a business trip, instead of the kiss to the lips that John always received. Days would pass between the times Lafayette held Alexander in his arms, soft and strong and oh so incredibly safe. Nights like would pass where the bedroom door was closed before Alexander could make it to bed with his lovers.

The sun would set, and the sun would rise, and no matter how gorgeously the colors of the sky were painted across the atmosphere, it was all simply shades of grey, to Alexander.

John had always been the fiery passion in their relationship, after all. Burning and reforming so quickly that one could never truly understand its form. Each shade of scarlet blended into orange and gold, scattering the sky with stars. Embers of the flame would flow upwards until each sparkle seemed to be a supernova, far off into the universe.

Lafayette, tall and strong, had branched off into any new thing he could find, twisting his lovers along with him. But Alexander had fallen from the skies in shades of crimson and burnt umber, trying and failing to hold on to the last glimmers of life that had been so abundant in the beginning.

When the flames had ended, the dust was settled, and the smoke was cleared, Alexander wished he was still able to cry. They had sat him down, spoken with calm, quiet words, ones they had obviously rehearsed many times before.

What did I do wrong? Alexander wanted to ask, the words easily forming on his lips but not finding their way into his voice.

What did you do wrong? Lafayette and John felt the need to inquire, yet did not have the nerve or will to ask.

Unspoken words hung heavy as the tension between them, so accustomed to being ignored that once it was confronted, none of them were sure how to handle it.

But Alexander figured that it only made sense, that Lafayette and John didn’t want him- didn’t need him.

They were a forest fire, burning bright and shining with untold brilliance. Flames licked at their heels as they tried to run from their problems, until they were encased in fire.

For a long time, Alexander had thought he was the smoke, choking out the bits of life that were still left in John’s sparks and Lafayette’s branched off thoughts.

But now?

Now he knew better.

Now, he knew that he wasn’t the smoke that clouded and suffocated everything that had tried to love. He was the oxygen, that was used up by the growing forest fire until he was stretched too thin, and he had nothing more for them to take.

Yet (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

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Pairing: Alexander Hamilton X Reader

Requested?: By Anon

Prompt: “Best of wives and best of women.” “We’re not married.” “Yet.” “Are you proposing?”

Words: 1500+

Warnings: Smooth Hamilton Flirting and FLUFF



You have been dating Alexander Hamilton for about eleven months. To say it was a romance out of a movie wasn’t how’d you describe your relationship. This relationship wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows. You would bicker and fight sometimes but what couple doesn’t do that? Yes, you two have intimate relations but you were that one weird couple that planned out what days and at what times you’d have sex, only because you were a full-time nurse and he was a very busy law student in AP classes. You weren’t home at nights because you worked the night shift and when you were at home, you were sleeping because of how exhausted you were from your job. Alexander was not a happy camper about you working late at night and him not being able to see you all the time since you basically worked all week with not days off. But he understood how much you enjoyed your job so he tries to be supportive.

It amazed your friends and families how well your and Alexander’s relationship worked out, despite the age gap (you being about 23 and he being 35) and how polar opposite you and he was. Alexander was very outspoken and opinionated while you were calm and collective. Alexander was a coffee addict while you settled with tea or iced coffee. Alexander was an orphan while you came from a huge family, you being the eldest of eight siblings. Alexander knows how to handle handguns while you know a thing or two about hunting rifles. Alexander enjoyed talking about politics, him being a huge republican, while you did not have a specific political party and had to actually enforce the ‘no speaking of religion and politics at the dinner table’ rule. Alexander was a huge flirt while you were very socially awkward. Alexander knew how to waltz and mastered ballroom dancing at a young age while you mastered the art of singing, you mainly breaking out into Broadway show tunes when you think you are alone. The list could go on and on. 

But no matter what your differences were, you were very much in love with Alexander and he was in love with you. You two met at a house party hosted by your best friend Angelica Schuyler. At the time, Alexander was dating Angelica’s sister Eliza, but they broke up some time later. You two became fast friends and some time after that, Alexander asked you out. You were taken aback but you went out with him. That one date turned into a second. Then a third. Then a fourth. Then after the seventh date, he asked you to be his girlfriend, which you said ‘yes’ to immediately. Now here you were, eleven months later, happy and still in love. What else could you ask for?


It was late one night when he came in. You had just got on your break when you noticed a man being ushered through the front doors by a few nurses. You saw he was clasping his abdomen while his face was contorted in pain. That was when you realized it was Alexander, recognizing his messy hair and tired eyes. You felt your heart skip a beat as he was ushered into an examination room. There was a somewhat commotion but nothing out of the ordinary. You rushed over and made your way into the room. A few of the nurses left when they saw you enter, figuring out that this was the boyfriend you would go on about. You retrieved a blood pressure monitor and wrapped it around Alexander’s bicep. You kept your eyes on the gauge as you pumped air into the monitor. You were so focused on this that you didn’t hear Alexander saying your name.


You jumped slightly, dropping the pump and releasing the air from the monitor. You wrote down Alexander’s blood pressure on the report and released his arm from the monitor. You then slipped on your plastic gloves.

“Let me examine the wound, Alexander.” You stated, one of your hands clasped around the wrist of the hand that was attached to his abdomen. He began to sweat nervously.

“Heh,” He nervously chuckled as his eyes darted to the side. “Well, you see-”

“Alex, this isn’t a good time to be goofing off. Just let me look at your abdomen!” You used all your strength to pry his hands from his abdomen. You rolled up his shirt, expecting to see a cut or a bruise of some sort.

What you saw caused you to immediately start laughing hysterically. Printed into Alexander’s skin, just below his ribcage, was a black and gold tattoo of a quill pen from the colonial times, “Non-Stop” inked in cursive just below it. You knew he talked about getting a tattoo some time ago back in high school but you didn’t think he’d actually do it. Looks like you owe Aaron Burr twenty dollars.

“S-Stop laughing!” Alexander cried, his face red in embarrassment. “It was a good idea! I told you I would do it!”

You wiped a tear from your eye and your laughter turned into giggles. “S-Sorry, Alex. I didn’t actually think you’d get a tattoo! That’s permanently printed into your skin!”

“I know. I thought this would make me more interesting!”

“Alex, a tattoo isn’t really something that comes up in simple conversation. Maybe if you were drunk or something. How much did this cost you?”

“About a hundred?”

You sighed and facepalmed. “You’re going to be the death of me, Alexander Hamilton.” You murmured, rubbing your thumb over the red skin around the black and gold ink. “But, it does suit you. I like it.”

“Maybe you should get a matching one?” Alexander asked, a hopeful gleam in his eyes. You looked up at him and rolled your eyes, trying not to facepalm again.

“What will match with a quill with ‘non-stop’?” 

Alexander shrugged. “A modern ball-point pen?” 

You looked up from the report you were filling out and smiled at him. “I like that. But what would the caption be?”

Alexander held your chin with his thumb and index finger. He stared into your eyes with a soft smile, his eyes searching yours. You felt your heart start beating faster and your face turned red. He only looked at you this way when he was about to say something romantic and flirtatious, making you flustered and fall in love with him all over again. This was a normal occurrence if you were in a relationship with Alexander Hamilton, him holding your chin and staring into your eyes, making you squirm and melt under his gaze.

“How about,” Alexander pressed a kiss to your lips, catching you off guard. He pulled away before you could kiss him back. “’Best of Wives and Best of Women’?”

You blinked, furrowing your brows together in confusion. “We’re not married, Alexander.”

Alexander raised an eyebrow and a smirk formed on his face. “Not yet, (Y/N).” He whispered, his other hand digging into his pant’s pocket.

You took a step away from your boyfriend and covered your mouth with both hands. Your eyes widened, causing Alexander to chuckle as he hopped off the examination table, back on his feet. 

“Are you proposing?” You whispered, lowering your hands from your mouth. Alexander smirked at you before nodding slowly, making your eyes widen even more.

He reached out and took one of your hand, kneeling as he did so. You started shaking in anticipation. Alexander pulled out a velvet ring box and murmured a silent prayer before looking you in the eye, a serious and loving look in his eyes.

“(Y/N) (L/N), you are amazing. You are a beautiful woman and I’m madly in love with you. I love your voice, your smile, your laughter, your sarcasm, your short temper, your intelligence, even your bad habits. I love waking up next to you and falling asleep with you in my arms. I love knowing that you accept me for who I am and where I came from. I want to make you as happy as you have made me this past year. The only way I can is to spend the rest of my life with you.” He opened the ring box, revealing a silver ring with a huge pear-shaped diamond. “Will you, marry me and let me make you that happy?”

All you did after he stopped speaking was launch yourself at him, sending him flying into the ground and you peppering his face with kisses, murmuring a soft ‘yes’ with every kiss. Alexander laughed and hugged you back, sitting up with you still kissing his face. Cheers and applause came from outside the room, all of your colleagues and a few patience watching you and your new fiance. Alexander cupped your face and kissed you passionately, you kissing back with the same amount of passion. After you pulled away, Alexander slipped the ring on your finger, kissing your knuckle. 

“Hey,” He whispered, holding your waist and smiling blissfully. “Best of wives and best of women.”

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Everything You Ask For

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 2,177ish
T/W: Smut! 
A/N: For Anon’s request: “Philip x reader imagine where they go to a ball together and Philip becomes incredibly annoyed/jealous because a bunch of different guys come up to the reader and ask her for a dance, and while the reader thinks it’s adorable how jealous/protective Philip is of her, he can’t tolerate the looks and requests the guys are giving so he takes the reader back to his house and stuff happens (if ya know what I mean😉😉😂)” 
I gotchu ;) (Set in Hamiltime!) Philip biting you in public?

You were beyond excited that you were actually going to a ball! And best of all with your boyfriend Philip, who treated you just like a princess. About three weeks before the ball Philip’s “Uncle” Hercules made you a dress, and on the day of the ball it was perfect! You had picked out a gorgeous colour, the top rested just under your collarbones, revealing your shoulders. The bottom poofed out magnificently, but not obnoxiously. You really felt like an absolute princess!

“You ready, Philip?” you called from behind a closed door.

“Ready!” he responded from outside.

You stepped out of the room, attempting to hide a smile as Philip’s jaw dropped a little and he raised his eyebrows. Walking closer to you, he took your hands and gave you a twirl. Once you were facing him again, he brought you into his arms. 

“You look beautiful,” Philip whispered, leaning his forehead down against yours.

You giggled a little as Philip kissed your cheek. For a moment you almost forgot you were at the Hamilton’s house, until you heard someone clear their throat. Both you and Philip turned to face the direction of the sound, only to see Alexander, Philip’s father, standing there. You felt a blush rise to your cheeks as you stepped away from Philip, pushing your hair behind your ear nervously.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell Mom,” Alexander held his hand out to you, “she’d insist the two of you get married this very moment.” 

You took his hand and he, just like his son, gave you a twirl.

“You look wonderful, I see Herc didn’t fail you.” As you nodded in agreement he walked over to Philip, “Now, your mother and I are going to the Washington’s for the night, since it’s a fair distance, we’ll be staying with them. Overnight. Eliza wanted me to tell you that y/n is welcome to stay at our house tonight given the winter conditions outside. We’ll be leaving shortly after you.”

Philip respectfully nodded. 

“Alright, you’d better get going or you’ll be late.” Alexander said before bidding you a goodnight and heading back downstairs. 

You and Philip headed out to the ball, it was a chilly winter night, but not too terribly cold. Once the two of you arrived at the ball, Philip immediately held you close. You looked around the room and spotted George Eacker along with his group of friends, whom Philip hated. You simply avoided eye contact as you knew very well that George was always flirting with you and was sure to come over if he saw you. To your dismay he had already spotted you.

You turned to face Philip, “Don’t get upset, but-”

“Hello Miss Y/n,” George was suddenly at your side, “Ah, hello, Philip…”

You put a hand on Philip’s chest to stop him from stepping forward.

“George…” Philip said.

“Mind if I barrow her for a moment?” George pulled you from Philip’s side before you could respond, “Don’t get upset Hamilton, it’s just a dance.”

George linked his arm with yours as he lead you to the ballroom dance floor. A slow song started and you felt his hand tightly on your waist. He pulled you a little too close for comfort, but you went with it, reminding yourself that it was just one dance. Even though Philip and him never got along, you didn’t really know why, so whenever he came around you tried to be polite, but not too friendly.

“So, are you really being pleased by Philip?” George asked, attempting to sound charming.

“Philip is everything I could ever ask for,” you responded, swaying with him in rhythm.

“But does he give you everything you ask for?” George smirked.

You looked away from him, spotting Philip across the ballroom. He looked so jealous, it was actually kind of adorable. Even when other girls came up to him he politely declined and pointed to you, causing you to smile. Philip truly was everything you could ask for, he was loyal and sweet and passionate and completely in love with you.

“Yes,” you arched an eyebrow, looking back to George, “he does.”

The rest of the dance was quiet and when it was over you headed back towards Philip, but was stopped on your way over. One of George’s younger friends asked to dance with you. Since he was younger than you, you naturally thought nothing of it, maybe he was just being sweet. So you danced with him for a song. You let out a deep breath and made your way back across the floor. You were almost to Philip when a tall, strong, young man asked for a dance. You accepted once again, unfortunately this young man was quite bold. He held you close against him, a little too close for your liking. The breaking point for Philip was when he looked over to see some guy whispering in your ear and tightening his grip on your waist. 

“Mind if I cut in?” Philip asked, holding out his hand for yours.

The young man willingly handed you over to Philip, who made sure to hold you even tighter against him as you danced. It was just perfect, Philip watched your lips as you told him just how happy you were that he had come in. His eyes trailed down your neck and to your collarbones, his eyes continued a little farther, until your voice snapped him out of his daze and he looked back up to your lips. Your gaze was just over Philip’s shoulder as you watched other people dancing around you.

“I mean thank goodness!” you sighed finally happy in Philip’s arms. “I thought that would never en-”

About half way through your sentence you let out a quiet gasp, Philip’s mouth was suddenly on your neck. The action was sudden, but you couldn’t deny that if felt wonderful. You felt him gently suck at your sensitive skin. As he pressed a soft kiss over your now forming bruise, Philip stared down George letting him and his little gang know you were his and his alone. Brining his stare back up to meet you, your heart was racing. And he could tell from the way your chest was rising and falling against him, that you had enjoyed it.. Without saying a word, Philip took your hand and lead you out of the ballroom. 

“I cannot believe you did that!” you said once you were outside; your tone was excited yet shocked.


“You know exactly what Philip Hamilton!” you smiled, stopping your strides, forcing him to look back at you.

He grabbed you by the waist, your hands resting on his chest, “That was just the start.”

He smirked before placing a kiss on your lips. The two of you headed home as fast as you could. Stumbling through the front door, Philip couldn’t seem to keep himself off you. His lips were back on your neck and he was tugging at your dress. You slipped Philip’s coat off and started working the buttons of his vest, soon adding that to the floor. Both of you ditched your shoes about halfway across the room. He kissed from the base of your neck up to your jawline.

“Ph-Philip,” you gasped, “Shouldn’t we find a room?”

“You’re absolutely right,” 

With that Philip picked you up bridal style, carrying you up the stairs and to his room. Setting you back on the ground he began untying the back of your dress. Your breathing became heavier as you felt his lips against the top of your shoulder, before his hands slipped your dress off, following the curves of your body as he slid it down. Once the dress was on the floor, his hands reached around to your chest, gently massaging you. 

“Mmm, Philip,” you breathed out, closing your eyes and enjoying the bliss. 

“Yes?” he whispered between kisses.

Turning around you wrapped your arms around his neck and kept your lips just inches from his, “I want you.”

Lifting you up once again, you wrapped your legs around his waist as he locked lips with you. The sensation of his hands against your bare back sent little tingles through your body. Lying you down on the bed, he made quick work of his shirt and returned to you. Finally, you could feel his skin against yours. You held his face in your hands as he kissed you with a fierce passion. His hand traveled to your side until he reached the waistband of your undergarments. He broke the kiss to slid them off you, Running his hand along your thigh as he peppered kisses across your face, gaining a giggle from you.

“This doesn’t seem fair,” you boldly reached a hand down to palm him.

Philip just responded with a growl, standing up to undress himself before returning to you. 

“I want you, Philip,” you whined.

With your permission, he centered himself and pushed into you. You tightened your grip on Philip’s biceps, arching your back, and gasping at the feeling of him inside you. He gave you time to adjust as you moaned his name. He placed a kiss to your sternum and up to your neck. You nodded and closed your eyes. He began rocking his hips against yours, and it felt heavenly. 

You slid your hands to his back, feeling his muscles flex along with his motion. You rubbed his shoulder blades, grazing your fingernails down to his sides. His thrusts became harder and you let out another gasp of pleasure. Philip nipped at your neck. Pressing your chest against him, his name fell from your lips once again.

“I love you.” Philip said against your skin in a husky voice. 

“Ah- Philip!” you tossed your head back, bringing your hands back to his biceps, squeezing tightly.

You felt a tightening rise in your core. You tried to ignore the feeling, but with the way Philip was slamming into you it was hard to ignore. Everything he did made you feel like pure bliss. You enjoying every moment of this sweet heated passion. Philip worshiped your body and you absolutely adored his. Feeling his hand travel down your side sending a surge of chills through your body. 

“Ph- Philip,” you rested your forehead against his shoulder as you squeezed your knees on either side of him. 

Brining your arms around his neck you held on tightly, dipping his hips down a little he hit your g-spot. Your mouth fell open and you closed your eyes. Soon a wave of bliss came over your entire body. With Philip continuing his motion, it only intensified your sensation. You nearly yelled his name when your orgasm hit its peak. As you calmed down from your high you wanted to give Philip the same feeling. You began to kiss and suck at his neck, tangling a hand in his curls, while the other rested on his chest. You whispered sweet nothing’s to him in between whimpers of his name.

“Fuck,” Philip dropped his forehead to the crook of your neck.

You felt him twitch inside you, you rocked your hips up against his to further pleasure him. His hand gripped onto your hip. A few curses along with your name fell from his lips as he came undone. You stroked his hair as his muscles tensed. After a few moments, he kissed along your jawline, across your cheek and gave you a deep kiss to your lips. He lied beside you, catching his breath, after too long you two were under the covers and he held you in his arms.

“That was wonderful, Philip,” you whispered, rubbing up and down his forearm, which was crossed in front of your chest, holding you.

You are wonderful,” Philip kissed your shoulder.

The quiet, dark room was peaceful as you drifted off to sleep in the arms of someone who loved you more than anything in this life. After tonight, you knew what was to come next and you absolutely loved the idea of spending the rest of your life with Philip.


“I’m glad we made it home before the storm hit, even though George insisted we stay…I’m glad we’re home” Alexander lead Eliza through the front door, “Light a candle would you, darling?”

Eliza was quick to light a candle and return to Alex’s side.

“Oh,” Eliza held out the light to reveal different articles of clothing scattered on the ground.

“Let us see where this leads?” Alexander linked an arm with Eliza as they followed the miniature trail of clothes you and Philip had left.

Quietly walking up the stairs, Eliza pointed to Philip’s vest draped over the stair railing. They both raised their eyebrows with a smile and continued. They reached Philip’s door and Alexander slowly opened it. Even though the light was dim they could still see Philip with his arms around you, perfectly covering your chest. You fingers were intertwined with his. Both of you looked so happy and so peaceful. Eliza let out a quiet aww.

“Well, it’s about time he fuc-” Eliza glared at Alexander, “I mean, right..about time he found a girl.”

“Oh…he’s just like you.” Eliza leaned her head against Alex’s shoulder, holding his hand as he quietly closed the door and they headed down the hall.

“Yeah, except I didn’t take that long to fuck you.” 

Eliza nudged her husband as she blew out the candle.  

Shadowhunters fanfic: PDA

“Of course, I wouldn’t, I’m just saying that if he wandered into the city of bones by ACCIDENT, say if he was blind folded, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing." 

Izzy scoffed at Jace, rolling her eyes, as Alec ignored them, tapping at the holo-screen in front on him. 

"Simons not so bad, you just don’t like that he’s with Clary." 

Jace’s response died in his throat as Magnus walked into the room and slid his hands around Alec’s waist and pressed a kiss to his boyfriend’s cheek. 

"Hello Alexander." 

Alec smiled and held Magnus’ hands where they lay on his stomach, turning his head to kiss Magnus back. 

"Hey hon." 

When Alec turned back to the holo-screen he found Izzy and Jace’s smiling faces staring at him, their chins propped up on their hands as their elbows leant on the table. He made a face at them and went back to tapping the screen. 

"What are you two idiots staring at?" 

Izzy sighed happily. "You two are so cute." 

Jace was looking at Alec curiously, as if suspicious. "I’ve never heard you call anyone hon before.”

Izzy looked at Jace with furrowed brows, laughing at his happy expression. 

“I thought you hated mushy couple stuff.”

Jace scrunched his nose up in disgust.

“No, I just hate it when Simon and Clary do it because they’re disgusting. Magnus and Alec are cute. I’ve never heard you use any pet names before, I didn’t even know if you knew what they were.”

Alec frowned at what he deemed to be a stupid comment, although his eyes betrayed his humor. “You’ve never seen the birthmark on my ass either, doesn’t mean it’s not there." 

Magnus smirked. "It’s true, he has one; I’ve seen it." 

Alec turned to his boyfriend with wide eyes. "Magnus!" 

Jace made a face and dropped his hands as he stood and shook his head. "I think I have seen that. I thought it was just a nightmare." 

Magnus laughed at Alec’s indignant expression. "What? It’s not like they don’t know I’ve seen you naked." 

Alec blushed and eased the warlocks hands off him, straightening his shirt and trying to look more put together than his flustered self actually felt. 

"Yeah but they don’t need to hear it. We are supposed to be professional today; we have the meeting with the downworlders so we are just Head of the New York Institute and the High Warlock of Brooklyn today." 

Izzy raised her eyebrows approvingly. "Talk about a power couple." 

Magnus sighed and offered a hand to Alec. 

"Of course, love. It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr Lightwood. And might I say you’re looking especially handsome today. Your girlfriend is a lucky woman." 

Alec laughed and gave in to the flirting, leaning seductively against the table and smiling as he shook Magnus’ offered hand.

"Actually, I don’t have a girlfriend." 

Magnus raised an eyebrow and slid closer to the Nephilim. 

"Oh really?" 

Alec hummed in agreement and hooked a hand behind Magnus’ back and pulled him close, so that the tips of their noses were almost touching. 

"Yeah, but my boyfriend is really hot." 

Magnus laughed, the happy noise turning into a happy hum instead as Alec kissed him. 

"Awww, cute couple alert." 

Jace groaned as Simon and Clary walked in, holding hands, and pointed to them in contempt. 

"Do you have to hold hands ALL THE TIME." 

Clary made a face as she rolled her eyes, Simon giving a bigger reaction as he waved his hands around. 

"They’re allowed to make out and it’s fine but we can hold hands!" 

"No! Alec being happy makes me happy because of the Parabatai bond, you two just make me nauseous. Plus, they’re in love, they’re allowed to mushy.”

Simon tilted his head and furrowed his brows, as if thinking deeply about something. 

“Does that mean you’re in love with Magnus too? At least a little bit? Because of the bond?”

Jace shrugged, becoming a little more civil. “It’s Magnus, I’m pretty sure it’s impossible not to fall in love with him a little bit." 

Simon sighed longingly. "Yeah, like Raphael." 

"What? No." 

Everyone paused to look at the vampire. Isabelle smiled at him. 

"Simon, do you have a crush on Raphael?" 

The boy in question scoffed, looking embarrassed.

"Pfft no, of course not. I have a crush on my girlfriend.” He quickly pressed a kiss to Clary’s cheek as she laughed. 


Jace groaned again. "Yeah, whatever Sheldon." 

"You know my names Simon." 

"Really? I didn’t know that; probably because I don’t care.”

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{ five’s company // ch. 13 }

a/n: continue yelling at me

t/w: none. just a lot of yelling tbh

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As you got into your car, the rain started to fall. It was heavy on your windshield, was relentless as you drove. You wanted to enjoy it, but it made you sad. 

You drove a little slower, always afraid that your wheels would be too wet from the rain and cause you to spin out. You robotically turned your signal on, looked through your mirrors, and turned down your street. Ignored the voice that wished you’d get into a car accident.

You hoped the boys weren’t home. You quietly prayed to God above that for once they’d be out of the house and away from you. Lately, you’d just felt so ashamed when you were around them. If they knew what you had done, you feared they’d never want you–or at least not like they wanted you before. 

You knew their love for you was based on more than just your physical features, but knowing that you were tainted almost made you sick. Having a daily conversation with the boys suddenly became a chore. There were times when you couldn’t sleep, afraid something or someone would come and hurt you. 

You just wanted to take another long shower, crawl under the covers, and hope for a better day tomorrow. 

You unlocked the door with a heavy sigh once you made it home. You pushed it open. Peeked through.

You felt everything crash down on you at once. 

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Asexual/Modern John Laurens headcanons!!

-when he first met Alexander he was scared to tell him that he was asexual.
-once he told Alex, Alex gave him tONS of hugs and cuddles and kisses and told him that he still loved him.
-Slowly John started coming out to his friends and they all loved and supported him,
-Laf bought him a shirt with the ace flag on it.
-On Alexander and Johns one year anniversary Alexander took John to the aquarium to see all the turtles and fish because John is infatuated by them.
-Johns favorite animal is anything that swims.
-Alexander bought John a promise ring on their one year.
-One night John was scared Alexander was going to leave him because it happened in a dream and John woke up crying and Alexander held him and whispered cute little things in his ear and John fell right asleep.
-John is super proud of himself for telling all his friends hes ace
-Be proud of John my small son.
-Alexander and Johns date nights consist of Pizza and movies and cuddles.

With You, It's Different (John Laurens x Reader)

Words: 1417
Warnings: a lot of cursing, offensive language
Request?: No
Time Period: Modern AU
A/N: Sorry for the ask formatting again, wrote this on my tablet and didn’t feel like converting to the laptop!


There was nothing John Laurens hated more than annoying, loud, obnoxious, neighbors. And here he was. He just finished his shift at the hospital, and he was stuck listening to deafening music. He worked odd hours, so he could understand if someone had a party.

He looked at his clock.

It was six in the fucking morning. There are no parties that are still going on. At. Six. In. The. Fucking. Morning. Okay, maybe he was being slightly unreasonable. I mean, he was living in an apartment in the city. And his friend’s constantly teased him about being an old man after getting this job. But he was exhausted.

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Jefferson/Reader - Part 3

It’s finally ready. I’m so sorry for the long wait. Like I said I had a really hard time with this one for some reason. Thanks so much for your patience. 

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Part One Part Two

Word Count: 6121

When your alarm went off the next morning you felt like you hadn’t slept at all. Your talk with Lafayette had done nothing except make you more frustrated. You had tossed and turned and didn’t quite remember falling asleep in the first place. A yawn and a good stretch later you wandered your way into the kitchen to rummage for a spoon and bowl. It seemed like a fruit loops kind of morning and as you ate you once again started thinking about what you had heard Laf say before you walked out the door.

Ils sont tous deux si obstinés qu'ils ne verront jamais qu'ils sont vraiment pareils.

As you drain the last of the milk from the bowl and put it in the sink you scoff at the thought. It was already creeping close to your first class of the day and you were still in your pajamas.

“Where does he get off saying that? I mean yes I’m stubborn, but Jefferson and I being alike? Please that’s total bullshit,” you say to your own reflection in your bathroom mirror as you brush your teeth.

You dressed quickly and as you shut the door your only thought was that you were going to prove Lafayette was wrong.

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Seeing You On The Other Side (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Originally posted by thetheatrekiddestination

Summary: As an old women, you feel yourself slipping away from life on Earth. As you cross over, you reflect on everything wonderful in your life, before making your way to the Afterlife.

Warnings: Mention of character death, but not graphic or terrible. Mentions of the Afterlife? (Not sure if this will offend some people.)

Time Period: Hamiltime, all though not super specific.  

Word: 1340

A/N: I know it is semi-based off Eliza’s part in “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story,” but that was my intetntion. And I am sorry if you are offended by the talk of the Afterlife. I know not everyone belives in it, but I tried to keep any religious mentions out of it. Without further ado, enjoy!

You laid in your bed, trying to rest but finding it near impossible. As you tossed and turned more, a large cough escaped your throat. This alerted the other members of the house, and slowly your bedroom door creaked open.

“Mother, are you alright?” your daughter Eliza, who was named after your best friend, asked as she softly stepped into the room.

Instead of answering, you gave her a small nod and smiled. She started towards your bed and sat on the edge. Smiling sadly down at you, she grabbed your hand and held it tightly.  

You squeezed back and rested your free hand on her check, trying to console her.

“Please don’t worry about me, it’s all going to alright.” You reassured your daughter.

“But I’m scared.” she confessed. “I don’t want to lose you.” Tears now started to slide down her face.

About a week ago, you had contracted pneumonia, and each day you felt worse than the day before. You knew your time was coming soon, and you had confided your suspicion with your daughter.

“Do not be scared, you are such a beautiful and strong woman, exactly like who you were named after. I promise, you will be completely fine when I am gone.” you promised her, wiping away her tears just like you did when she was younger.

“Don’t talk like that, mom.” she whispered.

“Shhh it’s alright, I will be alright. For now, I’m going to try and get some more sleep darling, I’ll see you soon.” you told her, squeezing her hand before she stood up. Your daughter learned down, kissed your forehead, and walked out of the room, leaving the door slightly ajar.

Letting out another cough, you could feel your eyes growing weak, and you knew that you would not be waking up to see your daughter once they closed. It turned out that whenever people said that your life flashes before your eyes right before you die was true. Once you closed your eyes, you saw all the wonderful achievements you had throughout your lifetime.

You saw the first time you had met Alexander Hamilton. It was while you were taking a stroll through town, you stumbled across a debate between Alexander and a Mr. Samuel Seabury. After the debate, you had approached Alexander and told him how much you agreed. “Why should a tiny island across the sea regulate the price of tea?” Luckily, he wasn’t like most closed-minded men. He accepted opinions. After flirting with you quite a bit, he asked if he could write you, and the rest was history.

Next, you saw Alexander on one knee, the day he proposed. Right after that, you had a flash of yours and Alexander’s wedding day, when you had become husband and wife. It was magical. Although the Revolution was still going on, you managed to scrape together one night of romance to celebrate your union.

After that, you saw the day you had told Alexander you were pregnant with your first child, Philip, and the day he was born right after that. You saw all of your children before your eyes, growing up all over again. You remembered the tears shed by both you and Alexander as you took turns holding the bundles of joys that were the best parts of you and the best parts of Alexander. 

Unfortunately, you then saw your first born dying in your arms. The time that followed the event had put a strain on your marriage with Alexander, but after moving Uptown you worked through it and fell in love again. But then he went and published that damn pamphlet, and you had to work so hard to build your marriage again.

Then, one of the most horrifying sights flashed before your eyes. You saw Alexander dying as you held him in your arms, and he told you to take your time joining him. That was when your heart a shattered into a million, tiny pieces, and it had never been the same again.

After Alexander had died, you started to work your butt off so people would tell his story once you were gone, trying to secure the legacy he always worked so hard for. You interviewed each and every soldier that your husband fought with, and tried to translate all of his thousands of pages of writings, proving to everyone of the good your husband did.

Then for a while, you helped out your best friend (more like a sister), Eliza Schuyler, to start the first private orphanage in New York City. She got to raise hundreds of children, although she never had any of her own. And you got to experience joy as well. Although, each child’s sparkling eyes reminded you of what you saw in Alexander’s

Once you had helped her to achieve her dream, you continued on with your own dream. You went around and spoke out for those who did not have the equal rights as white males in America.

You started out by speaking against slavery, trying to convince everyone that you cannot enslave another human being. Next, you focused on helping women get their own rights. You even attended the first conference dealing with women’s rights in Seneca Falls, New York.

Every time you finished speaking, you could feel a pain in your chest. Alexander could have done so much better if only he had the time. Each time you thought you weren’t going to live to see another day, the Lord granted you more time. Each time you were extremely grateful, but some days you wanted to lie down and wake up with Alexander.

Finally, you saw all of your family that was still alive. You saw your beautiful daughters, dashing sons, and extraordinary grandchildren and great-grandchildren. You had such a blessed life, and you got to share so many moments surrounded by the people you loved.

Your only thought was had you done enough? Would others continue to tell the story of Alexander Hamilton and his wife, (y/n) Hamilton?

You could feel your soul slipping away from your body, yet you did not try to protest. After years of having faith, you knew that you were heading somewhere beyond life on Earth; the Afterlife. So, you let go of everything and let the unknown consume you.

When you opened your eyes again, you had to blink a couple of times to let your eyes adjust to the bright light. You stood up and looked down at the wrinkles in your dress. As you tried to brush them out, you noticed something that made you gasp.

Once you brought your hand up to eyelevel, you saw that there were no wrinkles. It looked like it had long ago when you were young. One could only assume that the rest of you looked younger as well.

Although you were still marveling, you heard a cough that brought you make to your senses. Looking up before you, you saw a sight that made you want to cry. In front of you, stood every person you had loved in your lifetime, but had passed away before you.

First, you saw your mother and father, who ran to embrace their daughter. Pulling away, you felt like you wanted to cry but couldn’t, for there were no tears in the Afterlife.

Glancing around you saw the all of Alexander’s friends (that became your friends) who had died in the war, or shortly after. Lafayette, Hercules, and John all smiled at you and nodded their heads in thanks for making sure the world knew of their stories.

The people who stood directly behind them made you want to jump for joy. “Angelica, Eliza.” you breathed out, not believing your best friends, who were more like sisters, were standing before your eyes again.

“And Peggy.” the youngest sister, stated as she also embraced you in a hug, and you couldn’t help but laugh. After a few moments, you pulled away.

Finally, you saw two figures standing behind everyone, and your heart soared. There in front of your very eyes stood your first born child, Philip, and your soulmate, Alexander.

You pulled Philp into a bone-crushing hug as any mother would if she had outlived her son by more than 50 years. You checked over his appearance and saw that he looked absolutely perfect. “I love you, mom.” he told you.

Pulling away from your son, you walked slowly towards your husband. Once you got close enough, you broke into a run, and threw yourself into his arms; taking notice of his younger appearance.

Looking into the eyes you had fallen in love with, you brought you lips near his and crashed them together. You had been waiting 50 years to do that.

“Alexander, I’ve missed you so much. I love you.” you sighed in content.

“I know, (y/n), my love. But I’m glad you’ve taken your time in coming to see me again. I just want you to know how proud I am over you, of all of your accomplishments. You did so much more than I ever could.” Alexander complimented, peppering your face in kisses.

You giggled and melted into the hold Alexander still had on you. Now, you never had to worry about having enough time. You were going to spend eternity with those that you loved most.


Brawl in the Streets

Prompt: how did the reader meet their S/O’s?

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad X Reader, also with Aaron Burr X Jefferson X Madison (nice)

TW: spicy language, fist fighting, self depreciating thoughts, violence, fear, mention of depression, slurs, VIOLENCE

A/N: Hey! Thank you for stopping by to read! I hope you enjoy this! I’m sorry for the typos! It’s fairly unedited but it’s here! I wanted to let you know that I do not condone the use of the derogatory language used in this piece, but it was written from some personal experience, and I wanted it to be authentic. If you have anything you need me to tag, let me know. I want you to feel safe when reading my work!

Word Count: 3276

You met your boys one dry, summer night. You had gone to your favorite coffee shoppe downtown to treat yourself after a long week. You had just gotten off work, and the sun had set. The streets were full of protestors, screaming about God’s hate and condemning everyone to hell. There were also several homeless people sitting on the sidewalks. The coffee shoppe was moderately busy, but not crowded, when you got there. There were a few couples scattered at the tables, along with some individuals typing on laptops or reading. In the back was a group of guys shouting and playing Jenga. They caught your eye because right as you came in, you heard, “Suck my ass, motherfu-”
“Alexander! I did that already!”
You had to stifle your laughter as they carried on. There were four of them, huddled around the stack of blocks. The smol one that yelled, Alexander, held a block up in victory. His hair was slicked back in a ponytail, a few stray pieces hung in his face. He was the shortest out of the group, and it made him absolutely adorable. He placed the block on top of the tower, when the tall, thin one behind him sharply prodded him in the back. He let out a shriek and toppled the tower, causing the group to laugh loudly. Shorty was yelling at Bean Pole, occasionally throwing in profanities, while the other two laughed themselves to death.
“Uh, ma'am?” You turned away from the scene playing out and saw the cashier waiting for you to order.
“S-sorry, right,” you mumbled as you glanced over at the group. Bean Pole had pinned Shorty to the ground. You couldn’t believe you missed it! “I’ll have the… uh…” you completely lost your train of thought when you saw Bean Pole kiss Shorty. You bit your lip to keep from squealing. That was just so damn cute. “Uhh… Mudpuddle?”
You glanced back at the cashier who had a bored expression on his face. “You must be new here.”
You frowned, your eyebrows coming together. “I’ve been here before… Just not recently, been busy, why?”
The cashier sighed and nodded in the direction of the rowdy group. “They’re here, every Friday night. They play Jenga, they shout, they make out… I leave with a headache…” he leaned on the counter, watching them, and you followed suit. The two on the floor were now sitting on the couch, the tall one was pressing kisses into, what was his name? Alexander’s neck. The other two were casually chatting and sipping their drinks.
“They’re cute. They don’t seem too rambunctious-” you began to defend these small muffins you already had a growing affection for. They were just so adorable.
“Just you wait… wait for it, I promise, it gets worse,” the cashier cried out as he dropped his head in his hands. “Anyways,” he glanced back up at you, “Mudpuddle, got it. What’s your name for that?”
“Y/N,” you answered as you glanced at his name tag. Aaron. You smiled to yourself; that was a nice name. “Right, that’ll be-”
You handed your card to him, and he swiped it without even bothering to read the total. He handed it back to you.
“That’ll be done in like, five minutes. Just like my shift!” Aaron seemed to perk up at the last thought he mentioned to you, and you grinned.
“Wow, that bad?” You teased as you shoved your wallet back in your purse.
“Only on Friday nights,” he smirked at you, and you laughed politely back.
“Have a nice night,” you told him as you left the line so that the next customer could order.
“Once I’m off, I will!”
You stood by the other counter, casually watching the four. They had put the Jenga away, which you figured made Aaron a bit happier. Instead, they had started chatting.
“-and thEN JEFFERSON HAD THE AUDACITY-” The smol bean, Alexander, once again was shouting, and this time, the biggest guy, the one on the other couch, stood up and took the bean’s hand.
“Hey, ch ch ch, we’re still in public,” his voice was gentle, a contrast to his physical form. He was broad and thick. His muscles were massive. Damn son.
“Yeah, save the shouting for the bedroom, Alex,” the other one, who was slightly taller than this Alex, purred, and you snorted loudly, unable to hide your laughter. That was so smooth; unlike what you just did. Your snort was so loud, the group, who you dubbed The Gentlemen’s Club, turned and looked at you. You flushed bright red and looked away, nervously tugging on your sleeves. You were mortified. You were also confused. What was the dynamic of their relationship? You couldn’t tell. They all seemed together, but the Bean Pole and Alex made out on the floor… Why did you care? It wasn’t your relationship.
A worker slid you your drink, and you took it. You took a sip, trying to calm yourself down. You were still reeling about how much you had embarrassed yourself.
You sat down at a small, corner table by yourself, and peeked up at the group again. When you made eye contact with the biggest one, you immediately looked down and considered crawling under the table. Oh no. What if they thought you were judging them? You weren’t laughing at them! You were laughing with them! What did you do?
You looked up again, and to your utter horror, you saw that the biggest one was heading towards you. He was probably going to ask you what your problem was. You didn’t want any confrontation. You stood abruptly and bolted.
“Hey!” He called out, footsteps behind you. You ran for your dear life. It was judgmental of you, sure, but he was so much bigger than you, and you had always been afraid of men-especially big men you didn’t know.
You had made it outside the shop, and straight into a throng of protestors.
“You can’t run from your sins! God sees all!!!” A big, old, white man hollered at you. You didn’t care. You just wanted out.
“GO TO HELL, FAGS!!!” Someone screamed, and the protestors turned and flocked towards someone. You turned to see the group from the coffee shoppe down the sidewalk, the biggest one holding your forgotten wallet, and the tall one had your drink. They were trying to help you, and now they were being harassed by protesters. They kept chanting “GO TO HELL” and similar things, and you became enraged. How dare they.
Before you could stop yourself, you were bent over in the alley, scooping up rocks. “Hey!” You shouted, but no one heard you. They had cornered The Gentlemen’s Club. It was now or never. “HEY!” You chucked a rock and hit one of them in the leg. Several turned to face you. “LET YE WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE… OR WHATEVER!!!” You began throwing more rocks at them, and the entire mob had turned on you. You’d made a big mistake. You knew this when you ran out of rocks and took a sign to the face. People were shouting, but you couldn’t understand what they were saying. Fists were flying. Signs were swinging. One hit you in the face, and it flipped your switch. You saw red. You began to shout incoherently, fists flying. You landed some solid hits, but it was a group against one. That’s when you saw the group from the coffee shoppe, fighting protesters with you. It was a full on brawl in the street.
Suddenly, there was the chirp of a police siren, and lights were coming your way. “SCATTER!!!” You managed to holler. You took off, elbowing and shoving through the group, hopelessly making no progress. Then, a large, warm hand caught yours and began to drag you along. The guy in front of you had to have been a linebacker judging from the way he threw people out of his way. You made it out of the group, still holding hands with the guy, when you saw the small bean and the Bean Pole dragging another guy off of some other guy with a broken nose. Funny. You’d have thought that it would be the other way around considering the yelling Alexander had done earlier over Jenga.
They approached you, and the big man quickly picked up his pace, pulling you guys back to the cafe and ushering you inside.
“Y/N! What in the hell was that?” You turned to see Aaron approaching you, flanked by another tall man with a voluminous head of hair. His hair was better than yours.
“I… uh… I’ve got a lot of unresolved anger… and uh… I…” you had no way to explain yourself. You weren’t usually one to fight. You considered yourself to be pretty chill. However, hurling rocks at protesters would say otherwise.
“Look, I…” you turned to the group of men that had gotten sucked into the fight with you and cringed apologetically. “I thought they were going to hurt you. They had you cornered, and I panicked. You guys were just trying to return my wallet because I ran off. And I just want you guys to know that I was laughing earlier because I thought that what Rocky over here said was funny, not because I’m a jerk or anything, so I took off when you noticed me because I was afraid that you’d be mad at me-” you could not shut up. In your defense though, it was the shock. You were running at a hundred miles per hour.
“Hey, Y/N,” Aaron intervened, “Breathe.”
You nodded and sucked in air, then the biggest guy laughed. He laughed and laughed, and soon, the others joined in.
“What’s so funny?” You demanded, your temper quick to spark again. Maybe you needed some anger management classes.
“Nothing, nothing…” the biggest man said, wiping a few tears from his eyes before chuckling again.
“It’s just that you’re so cute!” You looked over at the tallest man, who had spoken with a French accent.
“I was coming over to invite you to join us in Jenga! We noticed you watching and thought you might want to join!” The biggest man explained, laughing again. Your cheeks flushed again. That’s embarrassing. Your paranoia and tendencies to overthink everything completely screwed things up again.
“I’m sorry, this is all my fault, isn’t it?” You sat down in a chair at the table, only to hiss in pain and stiffen up. You were already super sore.
“No, no, mon ami, don’t worry about it. Those protestors ‘ave been after us for weeks! Ce n'est pas ton problème!” The French man patted your shoulder gently, but you still winced.
“Move, Lafayette, lemme have a look,” the new gentleman, who was friends with Aaron, finally spoke up. The French man moved aside and stood beside Alex, gently taking his hand. “I’m a doctor. Don’t worry, sweetheart, you’re in good hands.”
“'I’m a doctor… you’re in good hands,’” you heard a small, high pitched, bitter, mocking voice mutter from beside you, and you glanced over to see Alex glaring up at the ceiling and Lafayette patting his arm.
The man’s voice was pure, and damn if he wasn’t hot as hell. “This is my boyfriend, Jefferson,” Aaron explained, and you smiled broadly.
Jefferson gently ran his hands over you, examining for injuries and making you blush really hard. You couldn’t make eye contact the entire time. Aaron had gotten bags of ice from the back, and Jefferson had placed several on your face. Aaron’s phone went off, and he cursed as Jefferson worked.
“What?” The doctor’s hands paused on your face, where you were sure you were bruised and bloodied.
“James is calling. We’re an hour late!” Aaron turned and walked off answering the call. Jefferson began muttering in French.
“If you guys need to go, we can take it from ‘ere,” Lafayette offered, and Jefferson sighed.
“I’m sorry. Could you? Aaron’s had a long day, and I’m sure James is worried sick,” he sighed deeply, and Lafayette nodded. Now that they stood side by side, you could identify several similarities such as skin color, height, hair… extreme hotness.
“Oui, we’ve got this, mon ami. Get back to ton amour, d'accord?” You could loosely understand the French, even though you completed three years of it in high school.
Somehow, you’d managed to take the brunt of the beating out of the group. The rest had maybe a bloody nose, black eye, or split lip, while you sported all three and more. You were just that good. Jefferson nodded in thanks before he turned back to you.
“Thank you for throwing those rocks at those assholes; they deserved it. They’ve been known to start stuff… Make sure you keep ice on your face, your back, maybe just take an ice bath? Uh, have someone check on you every hour for the next twenty four hours to make sure you don’t have a concussion. They got you good with those signs. Next time, maybe don’t take on an entire mob?” He laughed softly at the last bit before he ruffled your hair. You gave him a smile and muttered your thanks before he straightened his purple hoodie and went off to find his boyfriend.
“I’m sorry,” Alexander began to speak, “What did you say your name was?”
“Y/N,” You replied, then you bit your lip. You still were kind of unsure with these guys.
“Cool. I’m Alex,” he pointed to himself with a cocky smile before he pointed to the one next to him, “My favorite fighting French man, Lafayette,” the Frenchman blew you a kiss, and you giggled, “The Iron Fist himself, uh, Rocky, you called him? Yeah, his name’s John,” John punched Alex in the arm, and they began to play fight, trading soft punches and wrestling each other into headlocks. Alex began to grumble profanities at John, and Lafayette stepped in to split them up.
“And I’m Hercules. I’m sorry about those two. They can be quite the handful. I love them both anyways though,” he chuckled at them, then glanced at you. “We didn’t think you were a jerk,” he added softly, and you smiled meekly.
“I’m sorry for everything. I’m just paranoid, I guess. I shouldn’t have bolted. And uh, thanks for bringing me my wallet and for fist fighting in the brawl I started…” you fiddled nervously with the strap of the wallet in front of you, and Hercules chuckled.
“It wouldn’t be a Friday night without some sort of brawl,” he joked, and you switched hands to hold the ice pack to your face.
“I’ve never even been in a fight before,” you whined pathetically as your face throbbed. Lafayette had managed to get John and Alex to split it up, but there was still the occasional swat.
“I want to go home,” you whimpered as you felt tears prick your eyes. Everything hurt. Even your pride.
“Do you ‘ave someone to check you for concussions?” Lafayette asked, and you huffed.
“You can crash at our place tonight; we won’t mind,” Hercules offered, and the others muttered in agreement. You bit your lip, unsure and scared. You didn’t know these people. But then again, they did back you in a fight. And they tried to return the wallet you left. Did you want to chance it with some strangers or risk dying in your bed due to a concussion?
“We have a guest room that locks from the inside,” Lafayette spoke up again before smacking Alex aside the head when he caught him taking a swipe at John.
“I guess… Are you sure you don’t mind?” You didn’t want to intrude.
John cracked a smile at you, “Of course not!”
Alex contributed, “It’s the least we can do since you defended our honor!”
You found yourself laughing, then wincing, more than you’d done in a long time. “Okay.”
They helped you up and helped you hobble out the door. They helped you into the massive SUV they had parked, explaining they’d bring you back for your car when you felt better. John was even kind enough to move it so that it wouldn’t get towed. Hercules drove the car, Lafayette had shotgun beside him. You were sandwiched between John and Alex, who were being oddly affectionate and attentive towards you instead of trying to fight across you. You had leaned your head on John’s shoulder, since he was taller, while Alex gently stroked your hair. Each one of them gingerly held your bruised and bloodied hands, tracing circles over it. You felt your eyes flutter shut, and you wanted nothing more than to sleep.
“Y/N,” John whispered, and you hummed in response. “You can’t fall asleep yet. You might have a concussion.”
You groaned and nuzzled into his shirt, shivering from the shock wearing off. John put his arm around you and pulled you closer, then Alex followed and pressed closer to you, forming a huddle. You heard Lafayette coo about how cute you guys were from the front seat.
You stayed huddled together, sharing warmth, for a good chunk of time, before Hercules finally shut off the engin, and the car lights came on. Alex pulled off of you and got out, then he helped you with your seatbelt. You clutched to John, already strongly attached to him for some reason. He ran another circle over your thumb, then shifted you into his lap. You felt self conscious about your weight, and moved to get off, but locked up when it sent sharp pains through you.
“Ahh, don’t move, darlin’,” For some reason, John had a prominent drawl you hadn’t noticed before. You leaned into his shirt as he shifted, and two large hands gently grasped you as you were taken from the car. You were passed to the guy with the big hands and barrel chest, which you figured must be Hercules, and he carried you inside. You heard doors opening and closing, footsteps, and quiet chatter, before you were sat on the edge of a bed.
“Y/N,” Hercules whispered, and you turned your head in his direction, barely opening your eyes. “Alex put out some clothes for you so you can change out of those. They’ve got homophobic blood on them.”
You nodded in understanding, and went to lie down, but his voice interrupted again.
“Lafayette also put out some Aspirin and water. If you need anything, let us know. We’re just two doors down. One of us will be checking in on you every hour or so to make sure you’re still kicking, okay?”
You hummed tiredly, and yawned. Hercules smiled at you and bid you goodnight before he left. Groggily, you opened your eyes, and slowly shuffled your way to the clothes. It took you a solid ten minutes to change, each movement causing an ache deep within your bones. You threw back the pills also before turning off the lights and climbing under the silk sheets. You sighed contently.
You knew that these boys had already taken better care of you than you would’ve, and it was your fault you were all in this mess. You pondered this for a bit, beginning to drift off, when you heard the door creak. You stayed still, breathing steadily, as light footsteps approached you. You felt two fingers on the side of your neck, checking for a pulse. Then, you felt a pair of lips press to your forehead, the last thing you felt before you drifted off.
“Thank you, again, mon ange.”

Great Britain: You really think you stand a chance? Just bow your head, boy. Defying me is too dangerous. 

America: Alexander Hamilton told me that a nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one. 

America: And I will not deserve a master.     

One Love (Alexander X Reader)

My longest story yet: 2051 words

Major Angst, tissues are recommended

Thanks to @gratitudejoyandsorrow and @hamilficsfordays for being your awesome selves and believing in me.

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You feel world weary and bone tired. The thought of your bed is comforting. You smile as you see your husband waiting on you to join him. You quickly get in and curl up next to him. He is cold to the touch, but it doesn’t bother you. You suddenly remember something that needed to be done and jump up to do it fast so you can get back to Alexander. “Just come back to bed.” He murmurs. His voice sounds a little off but it pulls you back to his side.

You lay in bed shrouded in darkness. You can see Alexander’s silhouette on the other side of the bed. Everything feels right in the world. The sun starts to rise and Alexander begins to fade away. You stretch your fingers out to touch his face but just as the sun reaches its zenith, he whispers that he loves you just before he disappears.

“Nooooo!” You scream, sitting bolt upright in your bed. You reach out to grab the hand that you know should be there but all you find is empty sheets. It all starts coming back to you. The duel with Aaron Burr. He shot and killed your Alexander. It had been three months ago. You bolt for the bathroom to deposit whatever was left in your stomach into the toilet. Even being sick reminds you of your beloved Alexander. The way he held your hair out of the way so you wouldn’t get anything in it. The slow, soothing circles he would rub on your back. You succumb to sobs after you can’t throw up any more.

Once you cry all you have left in you, you slowly make your way downstairs. All the children are gone already, off to school or play dates. Thanks to your sister, Angelica, your children have been taken care of while you were still mourning the loss of the love of your life. She had left you a small plate for your breakfast but knew you probably wouldn’t eat it, although she would beg you to. You decided to appease your sister by eating some of the food she had prepared for you. You knew you needed to move on, get on with your life. It was what you thought Alexander would want you to do.

After eating everything that you could manage to stomach, you made your way to Alexander’s study. You stand before the door. Taking a deep breath to steel your resolve, you open the door for the first time in months and you are almost bowled over with memories. The most prominent one, the last one is thrust to the front of your mind.

You open the door to Alexander’s study to find him writing, as usual. You slowly walk over to stand behind him in his desk chair. You place your hands on his shoulders to rub them. “Alexander, come back to sleep.”

He sets his pen down to caress your hand. “I have an early meeting out of town.”

You place your chin on his shoulder. “It’s still dark outside.”

He places his hand on your cheek, causing your heads to touch. “I know. I just need to write something down.”

You shake your head at his words. It was always his response when he was in his study. “Why do you write like you’re running out of time?” You move to wrap your arms around his neck from behind him, placing your head on top of his.

He tries to shush you but you continue. “Come back to bed. That would be enough.” A small smile spreads across his face as he tries to appease you.

“I’ll be back before you know I’m gone.”

“Come back to sleep” You whisper in his ear.

“This meeting’s at dawn.”

You sigh, finally feeling resigned that he is not going to join you. “Well, I’m going back to sleep.” You place a kiss to the top of his head and begin to leave.

He grabs your hand before you are out of reach and pulls you to look at him. “Hey, best of wives and best of women.” He places a chaste kiss on the top of your hand, just like he did on the day you met.

You collapse to your knees as the memory wrenches your heart. If you had only known what that meeting was, you would have tried harder to get him to stay. You sat inside the doorway of his study, sobbing into your hands. Once you felt like you had no more tears to cry again, you dried your face with your handkerchief. Well, it wasn’t yours, it was Alexander’s but you held onto it, a physical piece of him you could still hold. Bringing yourself up off the floor, you walk over to his desk, Alexander was still the last person to touch it. You expressly forbade anyone touching this room, so you would always have this room that was just Alexander’s. It was still a mess, like always. Your eyes caught a piece that didn’t have Alexander’s scribblings all over it. It only had your name in the most elegant script you had ever seen in the center with the Hamilton family seal in bright red wax just underneath, holding it closed. It was from your husband, you just knew it. As you carefully reached your hand towards the letter, you blinked and it almost looked as if it had faded from view, just like Alexander had done in your dreams over the past few weeks. But, your tired eyes were playing tricks on you, the letter coming back into focus. Grabbing it quickly before you thought it would disappear again, you held it close to your heart. After taking a moment, with shaky hands, you break the three month old piece of wax. You gently open the last piece of correspondence that your beloved husband had written you.

My dearest Y/N,

You are just leaving the room heading back to bed after trying to get me to join you. I can not tell you hard it was to deny you of your request, especially if I am not able to return to you, my darling.

If I don’t, please don’t waste your precious time mourning my passing. Even though I am gone, I will always be with you. When darkness comes and tries swallow your sweet, bright light, I will light the night with stars, hear me whisper to you in the dark to bring you back to the light where you belong. Please know that I am never far away, I am always in your heart to guide you. I know that the path after this, if I don’t make it, will feel lonely and ragged. But along with our children and our dearest sister, Angelica, my love with surround you like a crimson robe, filling you with warmth, giving you comfort and make you look like the queen you are. You are the queen of my heart. Even though, I had made mistakes and forsake you, my love for you will
always be an all-consuming fire. Yes, my love, I will always burn for you. I implore you one last time, my one and only true love, please, do not cry for me. It will cause my soul grief to have to watch.

Loving you for forever,

Yours and only yours,


You read the letter over and over again, crying, even though, beyond the grave, your one love begs you not to. As his words flow over you, your resolve begins to harden. He didn’t want this for you. He didn’t want you to be remembered as his weeping widow. Legacy. The one thing, besides you, that he had always wanted was to leave a legacy that would be remembered. You decide, here and now, that you would pick up your husband’s mantle. You would do everything in your power to protect his legacy, to tell his story. You gently fold the precious letter and place it in the locket that Alexander had given you.

“I saw it in the shop and I just had to get it for my darling Y/N.” He whispered in your ear as he clasped the locket around your neck. You turn round in in embrace so he can see it. The smile on his face grew wider. He lifts his hand to your face to caress your cheek, “It suits you.”

Another memory, this time a happy one, comes to mind. You find yourself smiling, really smiling, for the first time in months. You finally begin to feel alive again.

Hours later, you hear Angelica and the children start to come home for the day. You race downstairs to greet them. They all stop in shock when you come barreling towards them with a pep in your step and a smile on your face. You wrap your arms around your sister first. “Y/N, are you alright?” she asks, gently wrapping her arms around you like you were a porcelain doll, ready to crack at any moment. You pull back, smiling, then turn and start loving on each of your children. You look at each of them and you see the bits of Alexander in each of them. Alexander Junior had his eyes, John had his nose, James had his dimples, William had his chin, Little Angie had his mischievous grin, and Baby Philip, oh, he was spitting image of him.

After sending them to play, you are left alone with your sister. “Y/N, what happened? Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy that you aren’t mourning anymore. But, what changed?” She held both of your hands in hers. You gently pulled them away. “I finally realized that how I have been behaving is not what Alexander would have wanted for me. He would want to me to live my life, not waste my time on tears. I am ready to pick up where he left off.”

And you did. You spend hours going through all of his writing. You interview anyone who had been at his side, from soldiers that fought with him in the Revolutionary War to the other politicians who had been with him or against him. You rally and stand against slavery and support all of Alexander’s causes. Knowing that Alexander, not only wanted his story told but those he surrounded himself with, you petition for funds for a monument to be raised in George Washington’s honor. You spend the rest of your time on this earth trying to make sure that the name Alexander Hamilton and all he did for the great country he helped create would not be forgotten. You always felt like there was something more you could do but you always felt that if Alexander had survived, he would have done a much better job than you did.

50 years after Alexander’s death….

You are lying in bed, surrounded by your remaining children, Alexander Junior, James, John, Eliza, and Little Philip. You tell them that you loved them all dearly and to never forget you or their father and to always tell his story. “It’s almost finished, Mom. I promise to tell his story.” John told you, holding your hand. You smile, and as you look up from his eyes, off in the distance, you see an ethereal figure walking toward you. As it gets closer, you slowly begin to start noticing things. Dark, flowing hair, warm brown eyes, and the gentle smile of your beloved husband. “My Alexander.”

“Yes, Mom?” Alexander Junior asks but you don’t respond to him. Your eyes fixated just beyond the foot of your bed, past your children. Alexander stretched out his hand for you to come with him. You smile, sigh and close your eyes.

You open them and take his hand. As you look at your hand in his, yours is no longer the withered, fragile hand of an 97 year old woman. It looks like it did way back in 1804, the year Alexander passed. He looks exactly as he did that morning of the duel. “My one love, you told my story.” He grinned his small, shy smile that only you got to see. “No, I told our story.”

Interruptions (A.Ham x Reader)

a/n: this one was hella fun to write i hope u guys enjoy!

request: alex x reader where one of hamil!squad says “Oh my God will you guys just kiss already!” to them 

word count: 1,752 words

“You know, if we were anywhere else I would smack you right now.”

“If I were anywhere else besides next to you I would be the happiest man alive.”

You scowled at Alexander as he laughed to himself.

“Alex, mon ami, will you please shut up?” Lafayette pleaded and you couldn’t help but agree.

“I don’t know, man,” Hercules laughed. “It’s fun to watch.”

“Alex, I know you love teasing my sister, but for tonight can you maybe tone it down a bit?” Your brother, John Laurens, asked.

You rolled your eyes and grumbled, “You’re the one that got us into this mess so you’re just going to have to deal with it.”

What happened was that Washington had invited everyone to a ball, including your brother and his friends. However, Washington insisted that everyone needed a date and that’s where you fell in. Alexander was the only one out of the entire revolutionary squad to not have a date, so being a good friend, your brother told him he knew someone who was unable to say no to him.

That was you.

You thought it was quite odd for your brother to ask, no, beg you to be Alexander’s date for the night, considering he knows how much the two of you argue about almost everything. You think it’s because he just wants to have a good laugh.

You wouldn’t have said yes if you knew you were going with Alexander, but you had already agreed so now you were looking beautiful and quite elegant in your new pastel purple dress Hercules made for you while feeling downright furious as you held onto Alexander’s hand.

“If Washington comes up to us we need to ac-” Alexander started

“We need to act professional. I know, I know. I don’t like you, but I’m not going to damage your career for that.” You mumbled to him.

He looked down at you surprised at your answer and squeezed your hand. You blushed but kept walking toward the open doors, determined to not show how flustered you were at that single act.

For the past hour, you and Alex debated the entire time instead of dancing or meeting new people. You were in the middle of another argument when Mr. Washington decided to make an appearance.

“Alexander, I’m glad you could make it tonight. Nice to see you’re finally taking a night off.”

Alexander jumped when he heard his commanding officer’s voice behind him.

“S-sir!” Alex stammered as he stood straighter. “I must admit, Sir, it is nice to take a break.”

General Washington gave him a small smile before looking at you, “And who is this young lady? Your date I presume.”

You smiled at him and curtsied, “(Y/N) Laurens, Your Excellency. It’s an honor to meet you.”

“Likewise, Miss Laurens. Is your brother here, too?”

You nodded and pointed to your brother’s position in the ballroom, “I believe he’s trying to unsuccessfully ask those women to dance with him.” You said with a giggle and he chuckled with you.

“Speaking of dancing, I should find my wife. Good to see you Alexander and lovely meeting you Miss Laurens.” Washington said before he disappeared into the crowd.

Alexander visibly slouched and took a deep breath to calm himself down.

“Are you alright?” You asked with a laugh.

He just shook his head before turning his head to watch all the couples sway lively to the music.

It was silent between the two of you for a long time until he surprised you with a question.

“Care to dance, (Y/N)?” Alexander asked as he held out his hand.

You stared at his hand before looking up into his eyes, searching to see if he was trying to play a trick on you, but you saw none.

He wasn’t a bad dancer, you said to yourself as he spun you once again around the room. He is much lighter on his feet than I thought.

Throughout the first two dances, no words were exchanged before you finally couldn’t take it.

“I want to say I’m sorry for saying I wanted to slap you earlier,” You told him sheepishly. “I also want to apologize for all the times I’ve argued with you.”

Alexander shook his head and smiled, “No, I should be the one apologizing. I’m the one who can’t keep my mouth shut and starts the arguments.”

His grin grew as you giggled and he pulled you tighter.

“Y'know,” He whispered and you suddenly you felt like it was only the two of you dancing the night away in the ballroom. “The real reason I like arguing is because I li-”

“Yo Alex! Can I talk to you real quick?” Hercules asked, not knowing he interrupted Alex from saying something important.

Alexander looked at you desperately, “Please don’t leave. I’ll be back before you know I’m gone.”

You sighed as Alexander got whisked away. You walked slowly to the edge of the ballroom and leaned against the wall while watching the flurry of couples dance around in circles. Many songs had passed on and you were about to leave when you felt someone tap your shoulder. You turned around to see a soldier smiling confidently at you.

“Excuse me, Miss. But I couldn’t help but notice your beauty from across the room and I just had to introduce myself. I’m General Charles Lee.” He said as he grabbed your elbow.

You didn’t like how cockily he said “general” and you certainly didn’t like how he grabbed your arm. You could tell this man was not a gentleman and your mind was racing for ideas of how to escape his grasp without angering him.

“I’m (Y/N) Laurens, Sir. And it truly was a pleasure to meet you and I thank you for your compliments, but I was just leaving.” You gave him a small smile as you tried to pull yourself out of his grasp.

His smile soon fell into a frown, “Why are you leaving so soon?” Then his eyes lit up sinisterly as he leaned down to whisper in your ear, “If you want to leave we could just head back to my house and have a little fun.”

You gasped and pulled away from him to smack him right across the face. His cocky demeanor soon changed into a more terrifying one.

He quickly grabbed you by the waist and you used his other hand to put it over your mouth as you tried to thrash and scream to get somebody’s attention.

“Now you listen to me, you little whore. You aren’t suppose to run away when someone compliments you, especially a man of my position,” He growled. “You’re coming home with me whether you like it or not.”

You kept thrashing in his arms before you finally bit his hand and stomped hard on his foot with your sharp heels. He howled and you swiftly ran across the room away from him. You looked around and spotted Alexander looking hopelessly around the dancefloor and you sprinted towards him.

“Woah! (Y/N), what’s wrong?” He asked as you practically jumped into his arms.

You started stammering, “Th-there was th-this m-m-man. A-and he tried to-”

“Ah Miss Laurens! I see that I’ve found you!” You jumped and hid behind Alexander as you heard that voice again.

“Mr. Lee, I didn’t know you were acquainted with my date.” Alexander said cooly as he reached to grab your hand to comfort you. You quickly squeezed his hand like he did to you earlier.

“That’s General Lee to you Hamilton,” Lee snarled. “And this little slut ran away when I was nothing but a gentleman to her!”

You gasped and stepped out of your hiding spot, “Gentleman? You forcibly grabbed me before proceeding to tell me how you were going to kidnap me!” You spat into his face.

Lee’s face turned red with anger before he snatched your wrist and raised his to hit you, but before he had the chance to Alex caught Lee’s hand.

“Don’t you ever raise your hand to her again you fucking coward,” Alexander growled. “And how dare you call this woman a slut? How dare you? She’s a god damn angel from heaven who nobody deserves and you think you have the right to grope her and call her a slut? Leave now, Lee, before I force you out.”

Lee stormed away with a bright red face that was now flushed from being embarrassed in front of his fellow soldiers.

Alexander quickly turned around to you and pulled your face close to inspect if any damage has been done to you.

“Did he hurt you? Let me see your wrists,” Alexander desperately grabbed your wrists while you were still in shock from what had happened. “I knew it, the bastard bruised you. I swear (Y/N) the next time I see him I won’t just use my words to kick his-”

“Alexander, I’m fine,” You said as finally came back into reality. “I was just frightened that’s all.”

He took one of his hands out of yours to cup your cheek. Your were afraid he could feel about hot your face was as he gazed down into your eyes.

“Thank you,” You spoke softly. “Not for just saving me but for all those kind words you said.”

He smiled lovingly at you, “All of it was true, my dear.”

You both grinned brightly at each other before Alexander looked down in embarrassment, “Listen, (Y/N), what I was about to tell you on the dance floor earlier was that I argue with you because I li-”

“Oh my god will you guys just kiss already!”

Both of you snapped your heads up to see Hercules, Lafayette and John drunkily giggling while leaning against each other. You have no idea who yelled the statement, buy you were about to yell a retort back before Alexander grabbed your face to turn in towards his to kiss you.

You made a noise of surprise before closing your eyes and wrapping your arms around him to deepen the kiss. The two of you stayed embraced in each other’s arms, ignoring the hooting and howling for your friends.

When you finally pulled apart, you looked into each other’s eyes as if someone set the stars in there.

Alex broke the moment with a grin, “I argue with you because I like you.”

You rolled your eyes, “I figured that much out.” And you pulled him in for another a kiss.