alexander garris

The origins of the feud between Jefferson and Hamilton:

Jefferson, a gentleman farmer, disliked the professional politician, the man without independent land to stand on, one who must live by serving a constituency… . It is said that Hamilton loved power, and he certainly admired efficiency–a spirit that was necessary to the Revolution, and one that always needs watching. Jefferson’s own dreams would have come to nought if Washington had been forced to depend on soldiering no more efficient than his fellow Virginian’s. Hamilton fought the revolution that Jefferson, as governor, could barely bring himself to attend. In the first administration, Hamilton’s kind of efficiency, expertly used by Washington, help stave off the chaos from which dictatorships are bred … Jefferson could not even run his own plantations profitably–which meant, among other things, that he could not free his slaves, nor escape the necessity of selling some of them at times, which broke up families. Washington could free his own slaves because he made Mount Vernon pay.

 Garry Wills. Inventing America