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An Interview with Aesop Rock - Better Bring Your Nikes

originally published 4.24.07

You may be seeing some in-shape backpackers in the near future. That means more breathe control, smaller hoodies, and a better chance with the ladies. You can start thanking Aesop Rock now. The man most famously responsible for heartfelt lyrics, and ‘I don’t give a f**k’ approach to the music industry, recently teamed up with Nike to produce a sound scape for designed for runners. It was a venture into new territory for Aesop both in terms of corporate partnerships, as well as production duties. See how the project came about, Aesop’s thoughts on the music industry and more. Check it out. 

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An Interview with Yelawolf - Work Pays

originally published 11.18.11

“It feels a lot better doing it to a sold out show of Yelawolf fans than it does to a crowd full of haters,” Yelawolf says about performing his song “I Wish”, a declarative and powerful statement on his place in Hip Hop and his legitimacy.  While at one point he may have had detractors, there’s no arguing with the song’s chorus these days in which Yelawolf states, “I wish a motherfucker would, tell me I ain’t Hip Hop… Bitch, you ain’t Hip Hop.” With acceptance and admiration across the board, a deal with Eminem’s Shady Records, and debut album hitting stores next week, Yelawolf definitely is Hip Hop and in a group of artists that are shaping its path for years to come.

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Interview with araabMUZiK - More of Everything

originally published 7.23.12

Thanks to the rise of deadmau5, David Guetta, Skrillex, and the EDM scene, the term “button-pusher” is a hot topic right now. Many in the music world are a little confused when it comes to what to do with the DJ/producer live sets that at times come pre-recorded and set off by cue points rather than live mixing.  Well, I’ll let others debate the validity of these DJs for now and whether or not their button-pushing is worth their outrageous live fees.  I do know that when araabMUZIK pushes buttons, it’s something incredible watch.  The Rhode Island born and bred producer is like a ninja, chopping and stabbing his MPC to create a rapid mix of sounds. So while some “button-pushers” are enjoying a drink as they watch the pyro-technics and special effects, araabMUZIK is driving fans into a frenzy, and turning his hands into blurs and flashes.

araabMUZIK most recently sent it up last weekend at Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Fest, where he performed at dusk on the festival’s closing day.  He turned in one of the weekend’s best performances, then turned it up another notch by bringing out Chief Keef and GBE for a festival debut of “I Don’t Like”.  The fact that araab can perform an hour’s worth of dubstep, house, and electronic music then flip the script and end with some of the gulliest Hip Hop Chicago has to offer speaks to his unique place in music and the culture.  In the past, Hip Hop producers had to choose one or the other, keep it grimey, or just go all the way pop with it.  araabMUZIK’s career is one where he can go wherever he wants. He can rock a major festival full of hipsters and hippies, then come right back with some face-scrunching Hip Hop.  And be one of the illest at both.

Following his set at Pitchfork, I talked to araabMUZIK about his performance, bringing out Chief Keef, and his versatility.  Check it out.

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