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Fins and Needles: Alexander Hamilton X John Laurens

Word Count: 5394

Summary: Alexander Hamilton, starring as the Little Mermaid. 

Warnings: Mentions of blood


The Little Mermaid: Alexander Hamilton

The Prince: John Laurens

The Sea-King: George Washington

The Mermaid Sisters: Marquis de Lafayette ; Hercules Mulligan ; Angelica Schuyler ; Eliza Schuyler

The Sea-Witch: Peggy Schuyler

Once upon a time, the waters of all the oceans glimmered as blue as the sky, and these waters were so deep that no man nor creature could swim to the bottom; and the pillars of all the buildings in the world, all upright and joined together at each end, would only graze the surface of what dwelled in the deepest parts of the ocean. Beyond these steeples would dwell the giant whales and fish bigger than any mortal has caught; deeper still one would find the sea-monsters of your deepest nightmares, the ones in the stories told by nannies to keep children away from the water; and in the deepest part of the ocean, where the water ends and the sand begins, dwelled the kingdom of the Sea-King.

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