alexander fehre


Okay, so accounts of elvish skin coloring are ambiguous as best, and conflicting at worst, so I say imagine the elves however you’d like. Which brings us to my personal headcanon that the Noldor have a more Mediterranean/Middle Eastern look to them (whereas I picture the Vanyar as European/white, and the Teleri/Sindar as East Asian.) Anyway, just providing context for my fancast of selected Noldorin characters from the Silmarillion:

  • Feanor: Alexander Siddig
  • Finarfin: Oded Fehr
  • Fingolfin: Amr Waked
  • Maedhros: Sammy Sheik
  • Finrod: Rami Melek
  • Maglor: Luke Pasqualino
  • Fingon: Firass Dirani
  • Aredhel: Odeya Rush
  • Turgon: Mohammad Reza Golzar

I know that some of the hair colors don’t match. And I also know that I’ve done previous fancasts with Feanor and Aredhel as white actors, but whatever I like this better.