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Well I think you look really beautiful when you cry

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We’ll be Okay

Dating Bellamy Blake would include:


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Bad Day?



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Best Birthday Ever?


Teen Wolf:

Stiles Stilinski

  • Person: *Doesn't capitalize something that is supposed to be capitalized in a fanfic*
  • Me: Nope! That's it! I used to like you, but now you have TOTALLY lost my trust. I mean, your plot is great, everyone is in character, it is the correct point of view, you're a nice person, but you didn't capitalize a name. We. Are. Over.
  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • me: tendollarfoundingfatherwithoutafathergotalotfartherbyworkingalotharderbybeingalotsmarterbybeingaselfstarterbyforteentheyplacedhiminchargeofthechangingchartersandeverydaywhileslaveswerebeing-DUN DUN dUN ALEXANDER,IHAVETOLEAVE ALEXANDER HE WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED
  • psychic: what the fuck

My favorite things are the tags that only exist because people had conversations with themselves while tagging something

after the war i went back to new yor—AH AFTEr the war i weNT BACK TO NEW YORK—i finished up my studies & i practiced law-i prActiced lawburrworkednextdoor. even though we started at the vEry same tiMe alEXANDer hamilton beGan to CLIMB, how to account for his rise to the top? man, the man is NON STOP (doo doo do doo doo do doo doo do doo doo) gentleman of the jury, i'm curious, bear with me, are you aware that we're makin history? (doo doo do) tHIS is the FIRST murder trial of our brand new nationthelibertybehinddelibration i intend to prove beyond a shADow of a DOUBT with my assistant council :) -- CO council :(,hamilon SIT DOWN :( our client levi weeks is innocent cALL your first witness that's ALL YOU HAD TO SAY..okay,,ONE MORE THING!! whydoyouassumeyourethesmartestintheroomHEYwhydoyouassumeyourethesmartestintheroomHEYwhydoyouassumeyourethesmartestintheroomHEYsoonthatattitudmaybeyourdooOOHHHHwhy do you write like you're running out of time HEY why do you write like you're running out of time HEY why do you write like you're running out of time HEY keep on fighting in the meantime—NON STOP corruptionssuchanoldsongtomethatwecan singalonginharmonynowhereisstrongerthan inalbanythosebritishcoloniesidontknowwhtthefuckhessayinghereHESJUST NON STOP i practiced the law i practically perfected it ;) i've seen injustice in the world & i've corrected it ;) now for a strong cEntral deMocracy throwing verbal rocks in these mediocritiezzz HAMILTON AT THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION i was chosen for the constitutional convention :D thERE is a new york junior delegate, now wHat i'm gonna say MAY sound indelicate. goes and proposes his own form of governmentWHAThis own plan for a new form of governmentWHATtalks for six hours the convention is liStless!!! bright young man YO who? tf? is? this???? why do you always sAy WhAt YoU beLiEvE? why do you always SAY WHAT YOU BELIEVE? every proclamation guarantees free ammunition for your enemies ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ OHHH why do you write like it's going out of styleHEYwhy do you write like it's going out oF STYLE HEY write day & night like it's going oUT OF STYLE HEY every day you write like it's going out of style, do what you do doKNOCK KNOCK KNOCK alexander?–aaron burr, sir (doo dla doo dla doo)–well it's the middle of the fuckin night IM TIRED–,,can we confer, sir?–is the a legal matter??? hm??? is it???–yep!! & it's imPORTANT to me.–UGHH what do u need–burr, you're a better lawyer than me–ok...tru...–i know i talk too much, i'm abrasive, you're inCREDible in court. you're consist, persuasive, my client needs a sTrOnG dEfEnse you're the solution :D–ooo who's ya client???–,,haha the new us constitution–NO.–hEar me oUt–no WAY–a series of essays ANONYMOUSLY PUBLISHED defending the document to the public–no one will read it–hm :) i :) disagree :)–& if it fAils?–bURR THATS WHY WE NEED IT–the constitutions a mEss–soooo it needs amendments–it's full of contradictions!!!–so is independence, we HAVE to start somewhere–no. no way.–ur makin a mistake–goooodniiiightt–HEY. (bum ba bum) what are you waiting for? what do you stall for?–what–we won the war, what was it all for??? do u support this constitution?–of course.–tHeN dEfEnD iT!!!–& what if UR backing the wrong horse?–burr. we studied & we fought & we kiLLED for the NOTION OF A NATION we NOW GET TO BUILD!!! for ONCE in your life take a STAND WITH PRIDE. i don't understand how you stand to the siiiiILL KEEP ALL MY PLANS CLOSE TO MY CHEST (waitforitwaitforitwait) i'll wait here & see which way the wIND WILL BLOOOW IIIMMM taking my time watching the afterbirth of our nAtion watching the tensions groooow (DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN) (do do do do do do do do) iamsailingofftolondoni'maccompaniedbysomeonewhoaLwAysPAYSS i have found a wealthy husband who will keep me in comfort for aLL my daaays he :) is :) not :) a :) lot :) of :) fun :) BUT there's no one who can match you for turn of phrase. my alexaaander...angelicaaa...don't forget to wriiiiiLOOK AT WHERE YOU ARE look at WHERE YOU STARTED the fact that you're alive is a MIRACLE just stay alive that would BE ENOUGH...and if your WIIIIFE could share a FRACTION of your time..if i could grant you peace of mii-ii-ii-nd...would that be enough?,, alexander joins forces with james madison & john jay to write a series of essays defending the new united states constitution entitled the federalist papers (oooh cool) the plan was to write 25 essays, the work divided evenly among the 3 men even tho 25 isn't fuckin divisible by 3 hOW was that going to work?? in the end, they wrote 85 essays in the span of six months (oooh cool). john jay got sick after writing 5 (boo, you whore) james madison wrote 29...hAMilton wrOTE the OTHER FIFTY ONE!!!!! how do you write like you're running out of time? write day and night like you're running out of time? every day you write like you're running out of time are you running out of time are you RUNNING OUT OF TIME OOOHHHH hOW DO YOU WRITE LIKE TOMORROW WONT ARRIVE?? hOW Do you write like you NEED IT TO SURVIVE?? hOW do you write every sEcond you're alive every sEcond you're alive every sEcond you're alive (DUN DUN) they are asking me to lead[DUN DUN]i'm doing the best i can[DUN DUN]to get the people that i need, i'm asking u to be my right han—treasury or state?—i know it's a lot to—trEasury or State??—to leave behind the world you know...sIR. do you want me to run the treasury or state department?—treasury.—lets go :D !!DUN DUN DUN!! alexander. i have to leave!!!! aLeXaNdEr. look !! around !! look around at how LUCKY we are to be alive right no!¡¡¡!!HELPLESS!!¡¡!!! they are ASKING me to leadLOOK AROUND!! isn't THIS ENOUGH?? hewillneverbeSATISFIED-BE ENOUGH-he wiLL nEvEr bE sAtiSfiEd, SATisfiED, SATISFIII—HISTORY HAS ITS EYEESSS ON --LOOK AROUND--NON STOP--HE WILL NEVER wHy DO YOU write like you're RUNNING OUT of NON STOP HISTORY HAS ITS WHY DO YOU LOOK AROUJ SATISFEYPWMWBDQUCUENPMEJGDALXUENwhY DO YOU FIGHT LIKE HISTORY HAS ITS EYYEEES ONNNN YOUUU—i am NOT THROWING AWAY. MY. (just you wait)—i! am! not! throwing! away! MY! (jUST YOU WAIIIT) I AM ALEXANDER HAMILTON HAMILTON JUST YOU WAAIIIITTTTTTT I AM NOT THROWING AWAY. MY. SHOT. !!!DUN!!!