alexander dayspring

- Lost in the moment -

I sit at the counter
you pour my coffee
I look in your eyes
something familiar
Have we met?
You shake your head no
Something about you
I can’t put my finger on it
I know you
I ignore it and continue with my coffee
Lost in the thoughts
I stare into my half empty coffee cup
I look up and you motion me to follow
You attack me as we enter the storage room
Like crazed animals we feast on each other
Our bodies ignited in passion that burns white hot
Seconds seem like minutes
Minutes seems like hours
And explosion of lust and ecstasy as we become one
A blur of light and then a screeching halt
Excuse me Sir, more coffee?
No thank you, have we met before?

Alexander Dayspring

How long long are you going to fight this? You know you can’t fight it much longer. I occupy every aspect of your day and you can’t fight it. You ache so bad you can feel me when I am not there. 
You hear my whispers in your dreams, a waking voice from your daytime fantasy’s. Take my hand, I’ll take you to places you never could imagine; showing you what your body was made for and I will set your spirit on fire setting you free. All you have to do is let go. 

Alexander Dayspring TDC2014©