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Favourite Star Trek Episodes - Far Beyond the Stars (DS9)

Maybe we’re nothing more than figments of his imagination. For all we know, at this very moment, somewhere, far beyond all those distant stars, Benny Russell… is dreaming of us. 

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[Not really a confession, but your recent posts made me think in how much I respect and am grateful for the DS9 actors. Be it Nana Visitor refusing to do the Kira/Dukat love storyline, Avery Brooks refusing to do Sisko abandoning forever his wife and unborn child or Alexander Siddig doing awful impressions of his lines until they stopped trying to change Julian’s personality, they seemed to be the ones to care the most about the characters and the fans, the ones wanting to do a good job in a way that most of the people in charge really didn’t care about doing.]

I like to save the feature bits (usually all the derpy player survey stuff) from Breakaway, the monthly game playbook the Caps give out at Verizon. Here’s December 2016, and January/February/March 2017 (I uh sorta forgot I was doing these). Click to embiggen. Notable:

  • Ovi and Nicky both list Gladiator as their favorite movie. They are clearly soulmates.
  • Everyone except Holtby said their role model growing up was their mom, their dad, or both. Not Holtby. Holtby picked… Patrick Roy. This explains so much.
  • Karl Alzner’s favorite sports team is the Washington Nationals because he has excellent taste and is an excellent person all around.
  • Not gonna lie, as much as I’ve gotten fond of him, it still gives me a pang to see Brooks Orpik take sole possession of the Brooksie nickname.
  • Still not over Tom and Andre’s favorite television shows being “One Tree Hill” and “The O.C.” respectively.
  • Lastly, it took them three months to correct but Taylor “Chroney” Chorney finally got his name spelled correctly. Drinks all around!

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I have a favor to ask yall

Can y'all please stop calling black players your “exotic prince” or “chocolate prince”? Im getting really sick of seeing y'all fetishize them

There is so much going on here. Ovi drowning in a sea of happy teammates. Oshie dancing. Nicky dancing. Brooks… sorta dancing. Latta bouncing on Ovi’s shoulder like he’s Tigger. Ovi’s Russian babies circling and desperately trying to force their way into the hug.  Chimmer too cool for it all.

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Einsturzende Neubauten “Feurio!” (1990)

The first Einsturzende Neubauten song I discovered. Not through the single itself, but through Cleopatra’s Industrial Revolution; Second Edition (1994). A very smooth transverse of synthesizers, drums, and their trademark industrial clacking of metals, springs, and cast-iron dissonance. A far travel away from more of their more chaotic, erratic days of Kollaps (1981) and Zeichnungen Des Patienten O.T. (1983), but one which starts a great relationship between Bargeld and company’s irons and I.


So, Ovi and Mike Richards are immediately gonna recreate this commercial with weird eyefucking in an airport, right

(The Behind the Scenes video is actually much better than the commercial itself because Ovi is fucking hilarious as an interviewer, and he spends the whole time hanging over and/or fucking with Nicky and Mike Green, and then Brooks Laich. But the best part is when he’s interviewing the kid playing him, and dives right into the criticism for his suspension and goal celebrations. Ovi’s actually kind of ridiculously clever, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.)