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Her Heros

Warnings: none

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary/Request: Can you write a Bucky x reader? During his morning jog he finds a little preschool age girl wandering around alone and she tells him her baby sitter was being mean and left her there? He brings her to the tower for something to eat and to track down the mom. When mom shows up worried sick she’s surprised to see her tiny daughter with some of the team, cartoons and the winter soldier himself giving her a piggy back ride all over the room.

A/N: This is beautiful thank you for your request! I hope you like it! - marvel-avengers-world

Every morning Sam, Steve, and Bucky wake up early to jog outside together.

But today, Bucky wanted to run alone. After waking up from a nightmare he just needed some space and time to clear his head.

He was so caught up in his thoughts, that he didn’t notice how far and fast he ran.

Finally coming to a stop, he looked around and noticed that he could no longer see Steve or Sam anywhere.

He also noticed that he unconsciously ran to his favorite park. He sighed, already hearing Steve’s lecture that was sure to come.

“Well..I guess I should get back…” He thought out loud. He heard quiet footsteps before something tugged on his workout shirt, making him tense.

He whirled around expecting some guy with a gun, but instead there was a little girl, smiling softly at him.

“Hi…” She waved shyly.

He lowered his hands and looked at her in confusion. Why was she talking to him?

He turned his head, there was no sign of her parents. “Um, hi?” She giggled at his response and touched his metal arm, which he instinctively jerked back.

Normally people stare at his arm with wide frightened eyes. But she was looking at it like it was a toy. Like she admired it.

He really thought this had to be a trick.

He thought maybe Hydra was using a little girl to lure him back to them. She could be a spy. Or have superpowers, he thought .

“What are you doing out here alone?” He asked suspiciously. She giggled again and gave him a heartwarming smile. “I ran away from my babysitter.”

He was even more confused now. “Why did you run away?” She sighed and her smile slipped, “Alexa was being mean.”

Bucky felt his heart tug at her cuteness.

But the suspicion of her working for Hydra was still in the back of his head. So he kept his guard up.

“Who’s Alexa?”

The little girl, who Bucky guessed could be no older than 6, scowled. “Alexa’s my babysitter. But she’s a meanie! She left me alone at the playground, she was talking to a boy.” Bucky squated down next to the girl. He could tell she wasn’t lying, years of training taught him to know when anyone was lying.

“Whats your name?” He was gradually warming up to her now that he didn’t think she worked for Hydra.


Bucky smiled at her, he looked around again for her parents. But no one seemed to notice the two.

“Have your parents ever told you about talking to strangers?” Sophie nodded enthusiastically, a smile still on her face.

“Yeah, momma told me never talk to strangers.”

Bucky shook his head and laughed. “Then why are you talking to me?”

Sophie looked up at him with a wide smile.

“Because,” She took two steps towards him and hugged him. “You’re not a stranger.” Her little arms didn’t go all the way around his torso, letting Bucky escape her grip easily.

He was completely shocked at what Sophie said. He wasn’t a stranger to her? He began to think maybe she knew him from his time as the Winter soldier. But then again, why wasn’t she scared of him if she did?

“You know, you’re my favorite avenger!” She laughed again and went to pick up a flower that was growing nearby. Not seeming phased that he didn’t hug her back.

Bucky was over the moon, an innocent child saw him as her hero. Him.

He continued to talk with Sophie. They talked about many things, and Sophie told him all about her lousy babysitter. She was explaining all about how she loved the Avengers, and how her mom loved the Avengers too, when Bucky remembered that Sophie was currently missing.

Only he knew where she was.

“Hey, Sophie, why don’t we go to the Avengers Tower so I can try to find your mom. She’s probably worried.”

Her eyes went wide, “I can meet the Avengers?” She asked in disbelief.

“Sure kiddo.”


*•*•*• •*•*•*

There was a loud rattle, causing Tony to look up from his new project. “Kid, put that down.” He said sternly.

Sophie stepped away sheepishly from one of the many Iron-man suits Tony designed. “Sorry, its just really cool!”

Tony smirk and smugly said “I know.” He looked back down at his new suit, fiddling with some of the wires before there was a loud crash that caused him to jump up.

“Sorry! Sorry, I’m so sorry!” On the floor was a dismantled suit, and a scared looking Sophie.

He shook his head and sighed, “F.R.I.D.A.Y. Tell Bucky to get his stray out of my lab would you?”

“Yes, Mr. Stark.” The woman’s monotone voice answered.

Sophie ducked underneath a lab table to hide. “Bucky won’t find me here!” She giggled causing Tony to smile.

“Nope. Barnes isn’t smart enough to find you there kid.”

Her giggle was cut short as the labs doors were opened.

“Alright Stark, where is she?”

Tony gave him a wicked grin, “Now that would ruin the game wouldn’t it Barnes?” With a wink he turned his attention back to his work.

“Fine.” Bucky huffed. He stilled his movements, using his advanced hearing to try and hear any noise. With a smug grin, he followed the sounds of Sophie’s breathing to her hiding place.

“Found you, sweetheart!” She squealed as Buck carried her out of the lab.

“Bye Iron man!”

She caught a glimpse of Tony giving her a two finger salute and a wink, before the doors slid shut. Bucky carried her all the way to the main kitchen, where Cap sat reading a book.

At the sight of the Captain, Sophie let out a huge squeal.

“Oh my gosh, its Steve!”

Steve calmly looked up with a grin, “Is this the Miss Sophie I’ve been hearing about?”

The girl scrambled out of Buckys arms and into Cap’s awaiting ones. “Woah! I feel so small!… So this I’d what happens when you eat your veggies…”

Steve chuckled at Sophies unfiltered mouth.

“You’re my third favorite superhero!”

Bucky beamed at Sophie and Steve teasingly asked her who her favorite is. Before she could answer, Buck cut in and smugly announced that it was him.

“So…who’s your second favorite if Buck is your first and I’m your third ?”

“Well…” She shyly stepped out of Steves embrace.

“Who is it sweetheart?” Bucky asked out of curiosity.

Just then Natasha entered the kitchen in her Black Widow suit.

“Hey James. Steve.”

“Hey Nat.” The boys nodded at her as she brushed past them to one of the cabinets.

Sophie squealed loudly causing all three adults to turn to her startled. “No way! Its Black Widow!!” Sophies eyes were as big as saucers, “All of my favorite heros are here!! Oh my gosh mommy is going to be so jealous!” Sophie bounced up and down looking between all of her heros.

Nat gave the boys a suspicious look.

“Did…Did Stark finally find his long lost kid?” Steve doubled over in laughter and Bucky clutched his stomach.

“No! Oh god, no!” Cap wiped tears of laughter from his eyes.

The boys filled in Natasha on who Sophie was, all the while the kid played with Bucky’s hair.

And Nat tried not to show it, but she was deeply touched that she was one of Sophies heros.


After barley three minutes, Natasha had all the information she could find on Sophie’s mom, Y/n.

Single mom of one child, steady job as an assistant for a famous actor, hired a babysitter for Sophie because Y/n would be at work during the day- Those were just a few things Natasha now knew.

“Okay Barnes, I’ve already contacted Sophie’s mom, Y/n, she should be here in 20 minutes or so.”

Bucky thanked the spy, and turned back to Sophie. “Hey, Sweetheart, your momma is gonna be here soon.” Sophie let out a little yay, before running over to Steve. “That means you’ll get to meet my mommy Stevie!!”

“I can’t wait!” Cap grinned enthusiastically.

Your daughter giggled, and climbed onto Bucky’s lap, continuing to braid his hair.

Natasha snickered quietly when she saw Bucky’s “new hairstyle”.

*•*•*• •*•*•*

As soon as Y/n got out of her car, she practically ran towards the doors of the Avengers tower.

Angrily muttering to herself all the way.

I knew something was wrong with Alexa. Glad I fired her, leaving my daughter by herself! All for a guy.”

Y/n brushed past secruity guards, who all looked at her questioningly. She ignore all stares sent her way, she was on a mission.

Getting her daughter back

There was a receptionist desk infront of two doors that looked heavily locked.

Y/n went up to the woman behind the counter, skipping past the whole line that was waiting. “Excuse me ma'am, but I’m here to find my daughter. She-”

With a glare the receptionist shook her head “Miss, you must wait in line like everyone else.”

I’m here to find my missing daughter! There is nothing more important!”

“Miss, if you don’t leave I’ll have to call secruity.”

Y/n was beyond angry. Her daughter was with people she didn’t know, and all that was standing in her way was a stubborn receptionist.

“Listen here lady,” Y/n leaned in close, her eyes in a deadly glare. “I was contacted by Natasha Romanoff, to pick up my daughter.” The receptionist looked at you in disbelief.

“Don’t believe me?” Y/n chuckled darkly, “Call Black widow, or Tony Stark. Any of the Avengers for all I care. But I want my daughter now.”

There was small murmurs thought the line, but Y/n’s eyes didn’t leave the lady behind the desk. Only when someone tapped on her shoulder did she turn.

“Hello Y/n, I’m Natahsa Romanoff. The one who contacted you on behalf of you’re daughter.” Nat looked at you with a blank stare. “If you would follow me, I can take you to Sophie.”

Y/n let her shoulders relax slightly, and nodded. Quickly following the famous Black Widow.

The two walked onto an elevator that automatically opened once Natasha said something about Friday opening the doors? Y/n couldn’t be too sure, she was to busy looking back at the receptionist with a smug smirk.

Once both of the ladies made it on the elevator, and the doors closed, Natasha dropped her hostile expression. “That was interesting to watch Y/n.”

“What was?”

Nat looked at you in amusement. “You staring down poor Claire. I thought she was going to have a heart attack.

Your mind was still set on finding your only child, so you didn’t feel any embarrassment at all. “Yeah well, no one’s going to keep my daughter from me.”

Nat nodded, a look of, sadness maybe? Crossed over her face.

Just then the doors opened, revealing a shocking sight.

There stood a smiling Steve Rogers, and a laughing Bucky Barnes. And on Bucky’s shoulders was your little girl, laughing.


The child looked up with a smile. “Mommy!” Bucky put down Sophie, and the two of you raced to one another. You engulfed her in a bonecrushing hug while the others smiled at the reunion.

“Oh sweetie I missed you. I was so worried.” You kissed the top of her head, and smiled widely when she giggled.

“You didn’t have to worry mommy! I was with Bucky, Nat, and Stevie! Even Tony!” Sophie was radiating joy, and you finally relaxed, your daughter was safely back in your arms.

“I didn’t know Alexa was so mean to you I’m sorry honey. I told her she can’t be your babysitter any more.” Sophie still smiled, “It’s okay mommy.”

Y/n picked up Sophie and held her on her hip. Steve held out a hand, giving her a blindingly white smile. “Hello Ma'am. I’m Steve Rogers, pleasure to meet the mom of Sophie.” Y/n sheepishly shook his hand.

She finally realized how she acted when she was looking for Sophie and who she was in the same room with.

“Hi, you can call me Y/n. And thank you for helping watch over her.” Steve nodded and stepped back while Bucky stepped forward.

“Glad to meet you doll. I’m James Barnes, but you can call me Bucky.” A blush dusted Y/n’s cheeks. Bucky was in front of her. And he knew her name.

“Um, hi. Thank you. For uh, thank you for keeping Sophie safe. Natasha told me everything and I really appreciate it.”

Bucky grinned “It was no problem at all. Sophie was an angel. I’m happy to have meet such a wonderful little girl.”

Sophie laughed and wiggle doubt of your arms. She went over to Nat and started braiding the spy’s hair. Nat at first seemed startled but she quickly relaxed into the kids touch.

You watched as Sophie talked with Steve and Nat, and you smiled widely. Of course you know how happy she must be to meet her heros.

You were the one to talk so highly about all of the Avengers. Especially about Bucky, Nat, and Steve.

Telling her how much of a good person Natasha is, and ignoring all of the negative comments from others about the ex-red room assassin.

You were also the one to tell her all about Steve’s accomplishments. Making sure she looked up to Steve Rogers and not just Captain America. You told her about James Buchanan Barnes, a brave young soldier who went through a lot. How he was controlled by Hydra to do things he didn’t want to do. And how is actually a good person.

“You did well with her.” Buckys deep low voice drew you’re attention from the cute scene in front of you, to him.

He was standing beside you, looking at you with a look you couldn’t quite place.

“I did?” Bucky smiled and nodded. “She’s an amazing little girl.”

Y/n laughed. “Yes she is.” Bucky then looked down scratching the back of his head.

“Uh, she told me about how much her mom loves the Avengers.” Your cheeks burned red, hoping Sophie didn’t reveal to much.


“Yeah, and I must say, I was surprised she wasn’t scared of me when she first meet me. But then, she told me all about how you taught her that I was a good person. That she shouldn’t listen to the news or gossip. And…its refreshing to know not everyone thinks I’m a monster.”

Your head quickly snapped towards Bucky, caught in the moment you lightly grabbed his hands.

“You are not a monster. People spread rumors all the time. And people are Adrian of what they cant control. But Bucky, never have you been a monster, you have always been a good person. And yeah, I made sure to let Sophie know the truth about all of the Avengers. I didn’t want my child to listen to lies the media drilled into peoples heads.” Bucky looked at you in awe.

He couldn’t understand how such a beautiful person inside and out could exist. He was speechless for a few seconds. Making you think maybe you stepped over a line.

You quickly released his hands and shifted from foot to foot. “Uh sorry, got a little carried away there.” You kept your gaze on Steve tickling Sophie while Nat checked her hair in a mirror.

You were about to get Sophie to leave and go home, but once you took one step Bucky stopped you.

“Theres nothing to be sorry about.” He held you in a hug, and looked down at you shyly.

“Would you? I mean, would you like to go on a date with me? Sometime? You don’t have to say yes if you don’t want to…” He looked like a schoolboy asking out his crush.

You were giddy, a wide smile swept over your face. “You know, I would love that.”

He grinned widely and held you tightly again. You both stood side by side, watching Sophie play tag with Steve, Buckys arm around your waist.

“How about tomorrow at 6? I think Steve will gladly watch over Sophie.” Bucky suggested, and you couldn’t stop smiling.

Nat then “accidentally” tripped Steve so Sophie could catch him. Their laughter ringing thought the living room.

“You got yourself a deal Mr. Barnes. I can’t wait.”

Dean Ambrose - “I won’t say I told you so”

Prompt: a thing i saw on tumblr but i can’t find it to tag
Requested: lol no because my brain doesn’t want to come up with ideas for stories you guys have requested and i’m sorry
Warnings: None
Words: 1300+

“y/n!” You heard Dean’s growl yell down the hall. You had tried to get past him and back to the women’s locker room without him seeing him. You knew he wasn’t going to be happy and you could tell by his voice that he had found out about the match. 

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Finn Balor and his gray tights.

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“Hey love, does my new attire look okay?” Finn asks setting some stuff on the coffee table. You look away from your phone and glance over at the stuff. “You changed the color?” You ask a little bit shocked. “Yeah, I was getting tired of wearing black all the time so I asked WWE if I could changed my attire up a bit and they agreed.” He tells you while picking up the attire.

“Well if you want me to answer if they look okay, how about you try them on for me?” You ask biting your lip. “Sorry love, I’m waiting until we get to the arena to put them on.” He says smirking. “Please daddy? Just a sneak peak?” You say grabbing him by his pants. “I said no princess, now go and get your stuff so we can head to the arena.” He says taking your hands off his waistband and grabbing his attire.

You roll your eyes but head to get your suitcase. “Ready babe?” Finn asks when you walk back out. You nod and he opens the door for you.


“I’m going to go get ready, but I’ll see you before I go out.” Finn says kissing you before walking towards the locker room. You start walking towards catering and see Alexa and Nia sitting together. “Mind if I sit here?” You ask them. “Not at all girl!” Nia says smiling. “So, how has your day been?” You ask them. “Really hectic.” Alexa says sighing. “I’m with her on that one. WWE has literally kept us all busy today so now we’re just wanting to rest.” Nia says.

“At least you two had something to do, I had to sit in the hotel all day and as much as y'all may enjoy that, I don’t.” You tell them. “That’s understandable, how’s you and Finn doing? When you both walked in it was like there was some tension between the two of you.” Alexa explains. “We’re fine, great actually. We just had a little disagreement is all.” You say looking down.

“Disagreement about what?” She asks. You open your mouth to answer, but someone walks up behind you saying, “Hello ladies, mind if I steal Y/N for a little bit?” “Not at all Finn, she’s all yours. Oh, nice attire by the way.” Alexa and Nia say. “Thanks girls, now if you don’t mind I have to talk to my wife about something important.” He says grabbing your hand and pulling you away.

“So what were you and the girls talking about?” He asks picking you up and setting you on top of one of the crates. “They were asking about you.” You tell him. “Sounded to me like you was about to tell them about earlier.” He says. “No, I was going to make up a lie.” You say grabbing him by his jacket and pulling him close.

“I’m surprised you haven’t commented on my outfit love.” Finn says smiling. You look down and bite your lip saying, “It looks fucking hot babe and as much and I love it, I can’t wait for tonight.” “Just wait princess, I’m going to make sure you scream my name so that the whole arena can hear you.” He whispers in your ear.

You feel his lips on your neck and you say, “Is that a promise daddy?” His breath hitches on your neck and he says, “I guess you’ll find out.” “Hey Finn, it’s time for your match!” One of the production guys say running by. “I want you to do me a favor princess, go to my locker room and stay there until I finish my match. You better be there when I walk backstage because if you’re not, then you will receive a punishment.” He says kissing you.

You nod and say, “Even though you tell me Irish people don’t need luck, I’m going to tell you good luck anyways and don’t hurt yourself too bad out there.” “I won’t princess, love you.” He says. “Love you, now go before you get in trouble.” You say giving him one last kiss before he goes running off. You hop off the crate and head towards Finn’s locker room to watch the match and wait for him.



His music plays and he starts heading towards the back. You stand up and wait for him to enter the locker room and when you hear the door open, your breath hitches. The door locks and foot steps make their way over to you. “I see you paid attention to me princess, guess I won’t have to punish you after all. Now, strip for me princess.” He says sitting on the couch taking his boots and knee pads off.

You slowly start removing your clothes and Finn doesn’t take his eyes off of you. Once you’re fully naked, Finn lays back on the couch and motions for you to come over to him. “Sit on my face princess.” He says when you stare at him confused. “Yes daddy.” You quickly say before walking over to him.

His arms wrap around you to hold you down and Finn’s tongue slides up your slit. “Who made you this wet princess?” He asks. “You did daddy.” You say running your hands through his hair. He smirks and pulls you fully down on top of his face and latches his mouth on you. “Oh-fuck d-daddy.” You moan out.

Finn’s tongue darts in and out of you, making you let out a stream of curse words. “D-Daddy, I want to suck you off b-before I c-cum.” You tell him. He unlatches his mouth and turns you so you’re in the 69 position before going back to eating you out. With shaky hands, you manage to pull his briefs down low enough to let his dick spring free.

You run your mouth up his shaft before lowering your mouth on it. His dick twitches and you start bobbing your head up and down. You wrap your hand around him and start moving it along with your mouth, before you feel the tingly sensation forming in your stomach. Since Finn likes when you moan around him when he’s in your mouth, you continue sucking him until you feel your release hit.

“Damn princess, you soaked my beard. Now I want you to stop pleasuring me and sit up on your knees and turn towards the back of the couch.” He says moving you and standing up. You do what he says and he comes behind up behind you. His hand pushes you down and you look for something to grab so you grab the back of the couch.

He slides into you easily and smacks your ass a couple of times. “Fucking hell, you’re so tight princess. Tell me, is this tight little cunt for daddy?” He asks grabbing your hair and pulling you back. “Yes daddy, it’s all for you.” You moan. He picks his speed up and pulls you closer to him and he says, “You better scream when you cum princess.”

His hand slides down your front and he starts rubbing your clit at a fast pace. The feeling starts coming back to you and Finn starts nibbling on your soft spot on your neck. “F-fuck daddy. F-Feels so-o good.” You moan. Your legs start shaking and you let out another moan saying, “F-FUCK D-DADDY, YOU F-FEEL SO GOOD INSIDE ME. I-I’M GOING TO C-CUM A-AGAIN DADDY.”

You release all over his dick and while on your high, you don’t realize Finn biting down onto your shoulder and releasing inside you. You two just stay in the same spot, trying to catch your breaths and Finn says, “I’m the most lucky man on the planet. I love you princess.” “I love you babe.” You tell him while moving off of the couch. “Round 2 in the shower?” He asks laughing. You wink at him and head towards the showers.

All That Remains of Lance McClain [Part 4]

yo, sorry that everything is taking a bit longer to update and post! I’m currently looking for a job that I can handle along with my schooling!

I also know I promised this update a long time ago, but when I originally wrote it, I wasn’t happy with how it turned out, so I decided to completely re-write it, which then took ages to edit until I was 100% satisfied with it.


The others nodded and made themselves more comfortable as Shiro leaned back over, pressing the play button on the cassette player. Alexa’s voice flowed through the room again, dragging team Voltron into the story easily.

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Back in the day part 1: And so they meet again.

So I started a new series (insert giant smile but also a whole lot of nerves…) I’m not to pleased about the first part so please give it a change and read till the end :) (sits down on knees praying). I hope you all enjoy and let me know what you guys think!! Ane request about this series or something else let me know here.

Other writings can be found here.


Summary: Alexa and Harry have known each other since they were little. They were kind of a thing before he got famous. A thing that was never meant to be. Or was it? A lot has happened and a lot will happen. Will it bring them back together or will it split them up for good?


Alexa used a towel to wipe the sweat from her face as she sat in a corner. The audition was over. Now all she, and all the other dancers, had to do was wait. Although she had auditioned more then once she never lost her nerves. Which probably was a got thing as it kept her grounded and at the top of her game.

“Got a good feeling?” Noelle, a blond haired happy go lucky girl, asked as she sat next to her, stretching her right leg. Noelle was one of Alexa’s friends. One of the prettiest girls she had ever met but also one of the smartest. Noelle loved dancing but wanted more so she studied to be a doctor while dancing to pay the tuition bills. This wasn’t the first audition they had done together.

Alexa shrug. She thought she had done a good job. But that didn’t really mean anything.

Noelle gave Alexa’s hand a little squeeze “You probably got in” before returning to stretching her other leg “Hope I did to.”

“I don’t know Noelle.” Alexa sighed, hearing the call was all she wanted right now.

“Well weather we get it or not, we are still on for tonight though?” Alexa nodded.

“Yeah of course, gonna get cleaned up first though.” Alexa could feel the sweat dripping down her back.

Noelle smiled. “Yeah me too.”

They waited around for another 20 minutes before the first names that made it to the next round were announced. Alexa as well as Noelle made the cut which they were happy about.

Alexa gathered her stuff before saying goodbye to the others.

Alexa Said goodbye to the other dancers before leaving. She took a breath of fresh air as she walked out of the building, and put her hair in a messy bun. She had a good feeling about the call back. There were about 35 other dancers and they would select only 16 to dance in the music video. As she jumped the last two steps her phone rang. It was Jessy.

“Jessy” Most of the time Jessy’s mid day calls were about him asking Alexa to do something for him. Jessy was a photographer who had made quit the name for himself the past couple of years and as he didn’t really have a PA Alexa was the next best thing.

“How did your audition go?” One of the things Alexa loved about Jessy he would ask her for numerous chores but he would never forget to ask her how her day was going, how her mom was doing or how her latest audition went.

“I think it went ok, I have a call back and Monday I will have to dance my ass off to proof I got it. But.” Alexa paused as she played with a strand of hair that had escaped her bun “I got a good feeling about it. A sigh escaped her mouth as she leaned against the wall, letting her back rest on the sidewalk.

"You will love, you will.”

“Thanks J. But… what is that I can do for you?”

“So sweet of you to ask.” Alexa could almost see him bet his eyes. “I’m at the studio and run out of memory could you..” Alexa could hear him say something to a male, Alexa assumed it was his client. “Could you please grab me another… You know where they are.”

Alexa rolled her eyes, no mater how much memory cards she got him he would some how make them disappear. She grunted at him.

“Jessy some people have a life.”  

“I know love. But you are not some people.” His sassy comment made Alexa roll her eyes.

“Ok. Be there in a bit. Alexia put her phone away and with a sigh she throw her bag on her back. Of to Jessy’s it was.

Jessy’s apartment was a cross the hall from hers. He had given her the key the first week she moved in as they had decided then and there they would be friends. She had used it more then she ever thought she would. And the place felt like her own. Though she would never ever put a bright purple sofa in the middle of the room or have a chair that looked like a giant carrot. Even though it was not decorated like she had hers decorated it suites Jessy’s extravagant personage. It was the perfect hangout spot for ordering pizza after clubbing or binge watching Netflix. As Alexa walked in she knew where to find what she needed. But Alexa dropped her bag by the door to go trough his refrigerator first as she was starving. He always kept healthy stuff in there and today was nog exception. Alexa grabbed a fork from one of his kitchen cabinets and leaned against the marble counter top as she started eating away at his home made potato salad.

After finishing the salad and some cuddles with Mr. Jones, Jessy’s feline companion, Alexa dropped of her bag at her own house. Getting in for a quick shower and change of clothes she ran out the door towards Jessy’s studio.


Harry awoke after a little snooze. His neck felt a bit stiff as he had been sitting in the same position for quit some time. The flight attended announced that they were arriving in LA in a little over 20 minutes. Harry stretched in his chair, reaching his arms up as he looked out the window.  He could almost feel the sun on his skin.

Harry walked towards customs as he was scrolling trough his messages. One of them came from Liam. He was in LA for a couple of days and asked Harry if they could meet up, have lunch or do something else. Harry’s lip curled up as he read the message. After a bit of texting back and forth Harry found out that Liam was doing a photo shoot for one of his solo projects. Harry decided to join him and they would grab dinner after that. Harry traveled light, with only a carry on, as everything he needed was in house. So once there was a stamp in his passport he walked towards his driver telling him the address Liam had given him.


“Jessy.” Alexa called his name as she walked in to his studio.

“Over here.” His voice came from the back.

Jessy’s studio was only a couple of blocks from the apartment building. It was an old warehouse that he turned into a studio. It was as unique as his apartment though much less colorful. Alexa came here often. She loved to watch Jessy work but she also loved the fact that he had a lot of room. She would often stay till the break of dawn rehearsing her dance moves. He even installed a huge mirror and a small barre for her to practice her ballet moves. As Alexa felt confident in her moves ballet was always something she wanted to learn so she started classes a year and a half ago and he supported her all the way.

As Alexa walked towards the back she felt a knot growing in her stomach. She knew Jessy’s voice but the other voice made her uncomfortable. She had heard that voice before. And as Alexa saw Jessy working on his equipment she also saw the men he was talking to. She hold on to her breath just a little longer before  she approached them.

“That took you long enough. How was my food?” Jessy asked without looking up. He knew that she raided his fridge more then once a week.

“Loved it” Alexa waved two memory cards in front of his face “needed some sort of payment for getting you these.”

Jessy pulled her into a hug placing a kiss on her temple “Your an angel.”

“Jessy has told me all about you” Liam started as he turned towards Alexa. Their eyes meeting for the first time “So you are a dancer?” 

“No she is not she, like I said"  Jessy made a dramatic move with his left arm before finishing his sentence "is a diva extraordinaire.”

Alexa uses one of her elbows to poke him in his ribs “ I believe that is your title Mister"  before turning towards Liam, reaching out her hand.

” I’m just Lex. And sometimes “ emphasizing the last word” I dance.“ A loud laughter escaped Jessy’s mouth.

"Believe u me, she was born dancing.” Alexa sits herself opposite of Liam on top of one of the couches he had bought a couple of weeks ago, as she rolls her eyes, watching Jessy switching his cards.

“He is overreaction, as usual.” Alexa knew how Jessy felt about her dance moves. He thought she was the next best thing. Alexa however saw a lot of room for improvement. Alexa wondered if Liam remembered her. It didn’t look that way. “Ready when you are.” Jessy told Liam. Alexa decided to hang around for a bit and watch Jessy work his magic.

Alexa felt the knot that had formed in her abdomen untie as she found out, during a little break, that Liam was a nice guy and he was the only one Jessy was shooting for and not the whole band. This moment of feeling at ease was abruptly disturbed by the sound of boots walking over towards them and an all to familiar voice.

“Paynoooo.” Liam turned around towards the voice.

“Hazza!” He said as they hugged. Alexa observed the hugging and conversation happening in front of her.  She had the right spot observing him. He had gotten bigger. The muscles on his biceps looked huge. He had gotten more tattoo’s, she knew that though she hadn’t seem them live in ages. She didn’t really know how to react. Should she say something or just sneak away?

“Lex, is Noelle going tonight?” Jessy’s voice brought Alexa back to the present and she silently tanked Jessy for the interruption, as she stood up and walked towards were Jessy was standing.

“Lex?” Alexa tried to ignore his voice as Jessy gave her a questioning look.

“Alexa?” There was no denying or ignoring she had to face him. So stopped mid track and turned  on her heels, her gaze at the ground for just a second longer before looking up.

Harry knew it was her before she looked up at him. It had been so long but he remembered as if it was yesterday. She had grown into a women, that was for sure. It was almost 5 years since he last saw her. But he remembered as if it was yesterday her caramel skin, her dark hair, raven black in some light though in others it would look more like mahogany, and her lips… O those lips. It made him bite his own before shouting her name.

“Lex!” He almost screamed “It is you!” It took him three big steps, more like two and a half, to be right in front of her. And although Alexa new that there was a change they would meet again someday she never expected it to be like this. So when Harry pulled her into a hug she stiffened. She was not prepared for what she felt. Sadness. Anger. Shock. And a knot as big as a basketball. She couldn’t find the strength to hug him back.

“You good?” Harry placed his hands on her shoulders as he searched Alexa’s face. Alexa nodded as she took a step back, tucking a piece of hair back “Yeah… Yeah… I’m fine, just not expecting you here… Was just uh … leaving.” Jessy observed Alexa from were he was standing as she took another step back. He had never seen her behave like this before. He scrapped his troat before asking her again.

“Is Noelle coming?” Alexa looked over at him, ignoring Harry’s piercing eyes.

“I don’t know… probably… but I’ll see her in a bit. I’ll let you know ok?” Jessy nodded as Alexa grabbed her bag. Harry stopped her.

“Why… Why are you leaving I-I just got here. We could catch up and-” Harry got interrupted by the icy tone in Alexa’s voice.

“I believe you came for Mr. Payne.” Alexa looked between Liam and Harry before she saw the shocked look on Jessy’s face. She would explain it to him some other time she thought before she pulled her focus back towards Harry

“Some people got jobs to attend to.” And with that Alexa turns on her heels and walks away. Hearing Jessy scream “see you tonight bitches” was the last thing she heard.

Part 2

Baby Time - Roman Reigns

Originally posted by leakees

summary: Roman Reigns- in the middle of a match when he finds out you’re going into labor

“You are due any day. You should be at home resting.” Roman protested. Roman and I were expecting our first child together- a baby girl. 
“First time moms usually go over their due date. My due date isn’t until Thursday. I will be okay.” I told him. Roman just nodded, rubbing my baby bump.  “Well, I’m going to get ready.” Roman said before kissing me. I smiled and nodded. I then told him I would be in catering.
Then we went different ways. I walked into catering and saw Renee, Alexa and Nia and walked over to them. “Girl, you are glowing!” Renee complemented. I laughed and shook my head. 
“I don’t feel like I’m glowing. I just want to meet her.” I said as I sat down. “Shouldn’t you be at home resting since you are literally due any day?” Alexa asked. I sighed and rolled my eyes.
“Yeah but I’m fine. Roman said the same thing.” 

That night, I was sitting with the girls while watching Roman fight Braun yet again. As Braun was about to throw the steel steps at Roman, I felt a light pop and warm liquid slid down my legs. My eyes widen as I realized my water broke…
“Um, Y|N. Your water broke.” Nia was shocked just like I was.
“I need to get to the hospital.”

Third point of view
Just as Roman finished his match against Braun, he headed backstage. He went to find Y|N in catering where she was before Roman left for his match. He couldn’t spot Y|N. His heart started racing as Seth ran over to him.
“Y|N went into labor. Nia and Renee took her to the hospital.” As soon as the words escaped Seth’s lips, Roman took off. He couldn’t miss the birth of his baby girl. 

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howl; continued

[ tag angels ] My babes, my buddies, my friends. The ones who let my dorky ass be their friend and don’t get annoyed when I fangirl over a million different fucking things at once. Every single one of you babes makes me smile when I see you on the dash and I am honored to call you friends. And honored that you read my writing. Because all of you, every single one of you, inspire me in some way.

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Violet just wants to get the hell away from the arena and from her wanna be Alpha as well as her true Alpha. But that comedic mastermind known as Fate seems to have other plans… With a little help from Alexa and Nia, of course. With a four hour drive to the next town, and cameras rolling the whole time because, oh yeah, an episode of Ride Along is involved, just how will things go?

And what will happen when they’re finally alone?

[ fanfictions] [part one]

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LOT/CC fic: The Badge

Sara Lance “lifted” a badge off a nameless Time Agent. But…what if it was more than that? Pure CaptainCanary wish fulfillment; you have been warned. Spoilers for the third-season premiere.

Dedicated to the CC fandom; you’re awesome, and I love you guys.

Many thanks to @larielromeniel for the beta. Can also be read here at AO3 and here at

“He may have left his badge at my place. … All right. Maybe I lifted it off him in the morning.”

The closing shift sucks.

And retail sucks, Sara Lance thinks wearily as she walks up the steps to her apartment at 10:19 on a Friday night after a long, long shift of housewares no one needs, annoying customers and clueless coworkers. And this night sucks, and life sucks, and…

And someone’s in her apartment.

Sara frowns at the door, where the thread she’d left draped this morning is now missing, trying not to think too much about the rush of pleasure she gets at the notion of a little action of any sort, even if it’s just kicking the crap out of an intruder

“OK, asshole,” she mutters under her breath, easing open the door and moving warily inside. “You’re now a stress-relief toy. You picked the wrong former assassin to mess with today.”

She quietly lowers her bag to the floor, then moves across the tiny kitchen, pausing just outside the living room, listening.

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five / watermelon granita

uni AU co-written with @ineffably-styles

a story of late nights, unorthodox household plants, and a trip to Vegas that changes everything

“How’s it going, guys?” a new voice sounded, Zayn appearing a few seconds later and taking a seat beside Alexa. “Has anyone tripped yet?”

“Niall landed on his bum about fifteen minutes ago. Kept whining about how he’s probably bruised his tailbone. Personally, I don’t think he’s really cut out to play this game,” Savannah commented, waving a hello at Zayn.

chapter four / story page

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Better[Alexa Bliss]

A/N: 2 Fics and a drabble in one week, it’s a damn record! I think I misunderstood the request, but I hope it’s still good? Also, I can never remember my damn tag list. So I’m sorry if I tagged you by mistake! 
Request: Imagine where Alexa and the reader get into their first argument because Alexa got jealous and they start saying hurtful things to each other and one thing Alexa says really hurts the reader so Alexa regrets everything so she tries to win her over by smut? Can it be really fluffy smut?
Pairing: Alexa Bliss/Female Reader
Words: 1400+ 
Warnings: My writing, Female/Female Smut 
Tag List: @hardcorewwetrash @wwetrashqueen @wwedivasmut @thebutterflygirl16 @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues @the-geekgoddes @tvrnbvckle @bombomiver

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“You remember those two guys that brought us drinks and we snuck out the back of the club before they could get our numbers?”

I had been sitting in my living room surrounded by my closest friends as we sat around in our pajamas reminiscing on our most memorable moments together and sharing laughs. Every month we made the time to get together for a sleepover and tonight was my turn to host.

I had made sure the stock of snacks and drinks were plentiful and it seemed I did well as an array of chips and sodas all sat around us.

“Ugh, memories,” Alexa sighed as she threw her head back, her mouth half full with a partially dissolved large marshmallow. “Ever since this one over here got in a relationship, we’ve had to stop our little weekend rendezvous,” she stated as she pointed over to me.

Every weekend it seemed we all found our way to the liveliest crowd for a night out. It was always madness as we got to the tops of bars and managed to squeeze every free drink out of the men surrounding us. That changed though once I became serious with Leon. Now, the most I did with my friends was go out to calmer venues like dinners and shopping. Sometimes we’d go out to a party but for the most part, it was nothing like the old days.

“I can’t help it!” I exclaimed, grabbing for my soda beside me. “That’s not my scene anymore.” And it wasn’t. If I was given the choice, I would have easily chosen to spend the night in with my boyfriend rather than going out to some crowded bar.

With the sound of the door being opened, I looked over my shoulder to see Leon walking into the room, a confused look on his face as he dropped his training bag down by his side where he stood. “Uh…hey babe?” His tone resembled more of a questioning than a statement.

“Speaking of the devil…” Alexa jeered as she looked over at him. “Hi to you too, Alexa,” he purposely grinned. He walked over closer to me and bent down to kiss my lips, causing a groan to erupt in the room amongst all of my friends, turning their heads in disgust which only made Leo laugh.

“Your friends are always so jealous,” he joked. “What is this anyway? I thought I was coming home to peace and quiet.”

I lightly slapped my forehead, realizing I had forgotten to warn him of this. “I’m sorry. It’s ladies night at our place tonight. It’s our monthly sleepover and I’m the host. Oh, and I left your dinner out for you.”

His eyebrow raised. “So you’re going to make me eat dinner alone?” It was unusual for us to not eat dinner together. There were even nights I ignored the rumbles of my upset stomach craving satisfaction when Leon was late coming home for dinner.

“You can eat out here with us,” I volunteered but he immediately shook his head. “No thanks. I’d rather not hear about Joy’s issues with that on and off situation she calls a relationship and Alexa’s one night stands that won’t call her back.”

Alexa’s eyes immediately narrowed as the rest of us laughed. I was used to the two of them teasing each other. They were best friends, best friends who often embarrassed each other to no end. Alexa was the reason I was even introduced to Leon. As the two of us grew close, she decided to play matchmaker and “accidentally” leave us in her car while she ran into a store for 30 minutes.

It worked out the way she wanted as we spent that entire time laughing over our love of old cartoon shows. We had been inseparable since.

“You are a sick individual, Goretzka,” Alexa commented to which he simply took a dramatic bow and mouthed a ‘thank you’ before he turned his focus back to me.

“So where are you sleeping?”

“Out here. We bought an air mattress.”

“And it’s huuuuge,” my other friend Athena chimed in. “It’s going to take up this whole floor space.”

“You’re not sleeping with me?” A look of disappointment was apparent as I looked up at him which only made me frown back in response. “No. I’m the host. I can’t leave them down here.”

“See, this is why we should have just put it back at my place. Men. Always ruining ladies night,” Alexa scoffed. He immediately had a sharp response. “The only reason there’s no men at your place to interrupt is because they all leave before the morning.” And to that comment, Alexa sent a pillow sharply at his head.

He luckily ducked in time to avoid its impact but that didn’t stop everyone else from laughing.

“But really? I don’t get you for dinner or for sleep?”

I shook my head no as a smirk broke my face. I thought it was cute he was adamant about me being present but just for tonight, he’d have to do without me.

“Fine. Enjoy your stupid party,” he joked, putting on a dramatic pout as he began to walk away, leaving us to the rest of our girl talk.

I lay entangled in the blankets peacefully until I felt an arm nudging me in my side. At first, I figured it to be one of the girls sleeping wildly next to me but when the touching continued and I opened my eyes, I saw Le leaning over me.

“Get up,” he whispered.

“For what?” I questioned back, my tone groggy as I tried to wake myself up enough to not fall right back to my pillow.

“I need you in bed.”

My face immediately screwed in confusion, wondering what exactly he needed me for. “Why?”

“I can’t sleep without you.” A sincerely pitiful look plumped his lips and I looked to the other girls sleeping around me on the air mattress, still knocked out. If I planned on making an escape, it had to be now.

“Fine,” I whispered. I crawled off of the bed without making much noise or movement, at least as much as I could avoid. Once off, he took my hand and guided me back towards our bedroom. He took no time once we were in the room to pull me onto the mattress, his arms wrapped tightly around my waist as he snuggled me against him.

“I can’t believe you woke me up for this,” I giggled.

“I need you by my side at all times.” He lowered his lips to my neck and placed a kiss there before pulling the blanket over us. “Goodnight.”


Back in the day part 5: Mile high

So here it is, part 5! Hope you guys like it :). Please let me know what you guys think. Thank you for reading!

Other writings can be found here.

Other parts can be found here;
Part 1 - Part 2 -  Part 3Part 4


Alexa looked out the window as there was not a whole lot to see. She rested her head against the window nonetheless. She heard the door and Harry’s footsteps coming from the bathroom. She waited for his sentence, the one he had asked about a dozen times.

“You good?” His tall figure towered above her. She looked over at him and nodded before returning her gaze at the window. Harry took this as his cue to sit back in his seat.

After the phone call everything happened so fast. Harry took Alexa and Jessy, who by that point stood next to her, in his car to her place. And as Jessy helped Alexa get her things, she vaguely remembered pointing things out to Jessy as she herself was to shocked to have much of a contribution. And Harry? Well Harry arranged a plane. Of course he did, Alexa rolled her eyes at the thought. She looked around the ridiculous size of the  luxurious private plane, it was the only one he could get his hands on, or so he explained. Well it could fit a whole army as far as Alexa was concerned.  Her mind drifted back and forth between their argument, the call and the present. A soft sigh escaped her lips. They were in the middle of an argument… they never finished. Alexa new that they had to but now was not the right time so she gave Harry the silent treatment. Which so far wasn’t really working for her, she was worried about her mother, she wasn’t really keen on flying and so far they had another 8 hours to go before she would set foot on land again. Harry had been nothing but helpful and nice. He’d catch her when she tripped, he carried her luggage up the stairs of the plane and made sure she had everything she needed but Alexa was afraid she would either yell or cry as words wouldn’t form in her head.

Harry observed Alexa from his seat. After the shock in her eyes, the crying in the car, and the words in between sniffles trying to help Jessy pack her suitcase, they now had entered the silent phase. He had no idea how long this would last so he just counted the minutes that past since the last time he asked how she was doing. He didn’t want to bother her but he also wanted to desperately hold her and tell her everything would be ok. Even though he had no idea if that could be true. The only thing he got from Alexa was that her mum was in an accident and was now in surgery. Harry had contacted his mum, she kept in touch with Liz, Alexa’s mum, and he hopped that she would be able to provide him with more information. Anne had no idea that Liz had been in an accident but rushed to the hospital. So far she hadn’t contacted Harry, which made him nervous.  He looked at his phone again, no message from his mum and just one minute had passed. He sighed as he ran a hand trough his hair. This would be long flight. He let his head rest against the window, stuffing his sweater between his head and the cold metal, looking over at Alexa before he closed his eyes. He might as well sleep a bit.  His mind drifted of to Alexa. Her sniffles were soft but he could hear every single one of them. Alexa had had a difficult relationship with her mum Harry remembered. But after the accident it only got worse and it must have been why Alexa hadn’t been back to the UK for over two years. He tried, he really tried but after 15 minutes he gave up. All he really wanted to do was pull Alexa in a hug and not let go for a while, carrying the load with her.

“You want something to eat?” She didn’t respond, of course she didn’t so Harry got up and took the seat in front of her and asked again. It wasn’t after the third time he’d asked and placed his hand on her knee. She looked at him, her eyes puffy and red with a dull expression.
“You asked something?” Harry nodded as he asked the question yet again, she shook her head. Harry nodded as he got up and walked towards the back, grabbing something to eat for himself.

Alexa stared at  her knee, the place where Harry’s hand was only moments ago. It tingled as she shook her leg to get rid of the feeling. She shivered as she noticed the goosebumps on her arm. O yeah of course she thought. They were in such a rush she had forgot to bring a hoody or a scarf or anything to keep her warm. So she just started rubbing her hands against her thighs, something she had always done when she got cold. Harry noticed, it brought back memory’s for him. Memory’s of a past life, a life filled with Alexa. He missed her, he missed her more then he ever would allow himself to feel. His career had always been crazy and something’s would have gone differently if he had a say. For one his relationship with Alexa. No such thing as staying in the past Styles, live in the now, a voice in the back of is head said. And with that he walked over towards his chair grabbing the sweater he had lend his head on.

“Here.” he held the sweater out to Alexa as he took the seat opposite of her. She looked at him, not sure what to do.

“Your cold” Harry said. A softer  "take  it.“ followed with a small nod.

Alexa thought about not excepting the sweater but she knew she would regret that decision and it was nice that he remembers her mannerisms, so she excepted. The side of her lip curled up a but as she put the sweater on. It smelled like him, she closed her eyes, catching a wif of it before her head popped out. Harry looked at her, as Alexa put her hair in a messy bun, adjusting his sweater and pulling up her legs, tucking them under her bum. It brought him back to those chilly summer evenings. They would spend days hanging around in his or her backyard and he would lend her his sweater, more then once you could say. He had always loved how his clothes looked on her. He let go of the breath he didn’t know he was holding and started chewing on a handful of nuts

Alexa looked at Harry, eating the nuts he got from the back.

"Thank you.” Her voice was soft, barley above a whisper but he heard it nonetheless.

“ ’s okay” Chewing away on a handful of peanuts before meeting her eyes “aint cold anyway” His eyes lingered on his sweater, now on Alexa’s body, before returning his eyes to the bag of peanuts in his hands.

Originally posted by babustyles

“Not just the sweater H, for…” Alexa sighed as her voice trembling making Harry look up again.
“ for you know..” a tear rolled over her cheek as she sniffled. Her thumb wiping the tear away but it was of no use as another one formed. Harry looked at her, her fragile state, the pain she was in. He hesitated for a moment. He didn’t want to invade her private space, he didn’t want to get rejected. He hadn’t seen her in ages but the past couple of days, when he did see her and she was so cold and harsh to him weren’t his fondest memories. So he overthought what he would do. But as her sobs got louder and the tears started to stream faster he knew what to do. He dropped the bag he was still holding and took the seat next to Alexa. Hesitating for a minute, before she leaned over towards him. Allowing him to hold her in his arms.

Alexa felt a warm feeling coming over her as she felt Harry’s arms around her. She would never admit it but she liked it. She liked the familiar feeling. Sure he got a bit bigger, not only in height but in muscles as well. But it felt familiar, like they had picked up were they left. The way she fitted into his embrace was as if it was meant for her. It gave her the courage she needed to let her feelings run free. She cried, staining his t-shirt, creating puffier eyes. But it felt good. Letting go of all the emotions she had felt that day. Not only about her mum, but also about Harry, the words of Jessy still echoing in her head, was she really turning in to a cold person? Shutting everyone out? She didn’t know.

If anything his hug comforted her and gave her the courage she needed, she would talk to him. Jessy was right she deserved closure, not now, but after everything was done  When her mum would get home and be herself again. Because she would right? She would get home?

“What’s that?”

She hadn’t noticed she said the last part out loud. “She’ll be ok right?” She said, louder this time.

Harry didn’t know what to say, he hoped with her. He hoped for the best but he didn’t know so he just shrug, not wanting to say the wrong thing. Alexa loosened his grip on her a bit so she could look him in the eyes, pleading. “Lie to me.”
Harry remembered that phrase, Alexa would always ask him to lie to her when she thought to much about her dad. She had never met him, she only had a name and her mum refusing to tell her anything else. She would ask him to tell her that some day she would meet him, that he would walk her down the isle.  it was an inside joke because both Harry and Alexa knew that that would never be the case, but it made her feel better and so he did.

“She’ll be ok.” Harry’s voice was soft as he tucked a piece of hair behind Alexa’s ear. Weird how you can be so distant and all of a sudden so close within 12 hours. “When we get to the hospital” he continued “she will already be up and about. And… And she’ll be there, she will see you walk down the isle.” Her lip curled up a bit as she noticed Harry’s reference towards the dreams she had, or actually still has, about her dad. She hugged him, a soft thank you escaping her lips.

The softness of her voice, the fragile state she was in, the fact that he could take care of her. She let him in, or so it felt for him. Nowhere all the way in, but the door was open. Whatever it was that she was mad at him for could be worked out. Or so he hoped.

She stayed there for a couple of minutes. Inhaling his scent, letting her muscles relax. Feeling his muscles flex as he moved a bit. When she spoke again her voice was fragile.

“I’m scared H. I haven’t seen her in so long, we haven’t…” Alexa swallowed a lump that formed in her throat before nuzzling into Harry a bit more. “We haven’t spoken in ages and I..- "She knows you love her Lex, and she loves you too.” Harry assured her.
He could feel Alexa’s pain. He knew it was difficult, not that it had been this bad. Alexa’s mum was different then his. Anne was a warm person, born to be a mother. Liz on the other hand, well let’s just say she and Alexa were opposites. The only thing they had in common was the need to always express themself. For Alexa this was trough music for Liz that was trough painting. Alexa often wondered if her dad was into music as much as she was as she couldn’t find anything in herself that reminded her of her mum. Alexa wondered if she should have made more of an effort to get closer to her. Come to think about it, she had shut a lot of people from the past out. Including the one that was holding her right now, his breath tickling her hair. And although she was still mad at him, she also felt relieved that she was here, in his arms. She could feel the possibility, somewhere in the future, to talk about it all. Her grudge was crumbling away and trough the cracks hope was shining.  Hope of maybe finding peace.

Harry’s phone buzzed in the seat on the other side of the isle. Harry didn’t get up.

“Your phone.” Alexa said as it buzzed for the second time.

“Not important.” Harry said as he talked into her hair.

“Might be.” Her words shocked Harry, of course it could be his mum! He gruntes as he got up, he didn’t want to leave this moment. Being so close to her had brought back so many memorys and he was afraid that it would slip away but he picked up his phone and indeed it was his mum.

Alexa looked at him as he talked to his mum. She couldn’t make much sense of the conversation as Harry just hummed a couple of times before hanging up.

When Harry looked at Alexa, sitting there in his sweater, legs still tucked under her but, a shimmer of hope in her eyes. A small smile appeared onhis face.

“She just got out of surgery.” Alexa’s brows furrowed. “ She is stable for now, my mum is with her, she’ll stay there till we get there.” Alexa’s muscle’s relaxed and a sigh of relieve waved over her. She would be ok, her mum would be ok.


“Do you wanna come in?” She had turned on her heels, looking down before looking up at him. Hopeful? Or maybe she felt obligated? Or maybe she was just as tired as he was and she couldn’t think straight? He couldn’t tell. So he thought about the options as they stood on her doorstep.

Harry had been right, after he had picked up the phone the atmosphere had changed. He didn’t feel comfortable hugging her again so he took the seat opposite of her. They made some small talk. Alexa asked about his mum and Gemma and after that she dozed of for a bit. Harry tried to do the same but his mind went in 1001 directions as being so close to Alexa had brought back memory’s and feelings he had almost forgotten. His mum called again, telling him that the hospital staff had send her away as she wasn’t family. Liz was stable and there wasn’t much Anne could do.

When the plane arrived the first thing Alexa wanted to do was go to the hospital and although Harry tried to reason with her, telling her they could go first thing in the morning, Alexa was having none of that.  So they went to the hospital in the pitch black night. Alexa threw a fit with the staff, which amused Harry, as it worked and they granted her access to her mum. Harry was shocked when they saw Liz, the white sheets, the beeping machines and all sorts of fluids that were somehow making their way into her body. Harry watched as Alexa took a chair, without hesitation and sat next to her mum, hold her hand and sang soft songs to her. Harry’s hart warmed to the tone of her voices and it didn’t take long for him to be fast a sleep. When he woke up the next morning Alexa was still sitting in the chair holding her mothers hand. Her head rested on the bed as she had fallen asleep.

The doctors came in somewhere around 10am. Alexa had woken up 10 minutes before that and they explained what had happened. Her mum was hit by a truck, they had found an unusual high percentage of alcohol in her blood. And she had probably been so intoxicated that she couldn’t walk straight and she landed on the road. The truck tried to stop but was to late and hit her. Her mum had some internal bleeding, surgery had been necessary but that went splendid, or so the doctor told her and she was stable and would probably wake up today. And Liz did, twice actually. She smiled when she saw Alexa. She was tired, Alexa could tell, a few soft word escaping her mouth before falling back asleep. The second time her mum told her to go home and sleep in a bed, instead of on one of those awful chairs. Alexa argued once before nodding. A bed would be nice, they had been sitting on those chairs for quit some time now. Besides her mum seemed to be doing better.

Alexa had to process today she had to talk to someone after that hospital. She acted brave, she needed to be brave. Strong. For her mum but she felt so small and all she wanted to do was cry, and let her fears take over. Her mum was such a powerful woman and though they hadn’t been on the best terms, seeing her so fragile made Alexa feel vulnerable. Besides that, she was afraid of what she would find inside. Why was her mum drunk? She would never drink more then one or maybe two glasses of wine. Would she find empty bottle’s al over the place? Would it be a mess? Alexa sighed as she was debating on weather or not she would ask him in. She was feeling all this emotions but the hug on the plane had made her feel more like herself then she had felt in a long time,  she craved that feeling again.

And so here they were, on the doorstep of her mum’s house, she asked him again and he nodded before she turned the key and let him in.

six / spice night

uni AU co-written with @ineffably-styles

a story of late nights, unorthodox household plants, and a trip to Vegas that changes everything

“All right then!” Niall clapped his hands, a dangerous spark in his eyes. “Hope you’re ready,“ he grinned and Savannah thought he looked almost sadistic. "Never have I ever…” he trailed off glancing carefully at everyone in the room. His eyes lingered slightly longer on Savannah and Harry before his lips quirked up into a semi-smirk. “Let’s start off with an easy one. Never have I ever slept with anyone in this room.”

chapter five / story page

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Jack Maynard // Lipstick Stains

Prompt 6; Is that lipstick on your collar?”

               “Is that lipstick on your collar?” you asked him quietly as you sat at the edge of your bed, looking directly at him as he came back out of the closet with some sweatpants and pulling his jacket off his shoulders.

               “Sorry?” Jack asked confused as he stood moving, concerned on what you’d just said.

               “There’s lipstick on your collar,” you whispered and he pulled his collar down and glanced at his shirt as he bit his lip.

               “Oh Alexa was there at the bar visiting with Caspar and she must’ve gotten some of her lipstick on my collar,” Jack tried to explain and you sighed and shook your head, standing up as you walked over to the closet and grabbed a blanket and a pillow. You turned and tossed it to Jack who dropped his sweats to grab it. “What’s this for?” he asked.

               “For you to sleep on the couch,” you told him as you turned off the nightstand and frowned in the dark. “Alexa came here, she’d been here until about 10 minutes ago when she went home,” you told Jack and pulled the covers off the bed and laid down, leaving empty space in the air. The silence was awkward and uncomfortable as Jack had nothing to say.

               The next morning, Josh and Conor found Jack on the couch, eyes puffy and red as he shifted uncomfortably on the couch in the living room. “Jack, wake up,” Josh mumbled, shaking him gently and frowning as he groaned and rolled over. “Why are you out here?”

               “I did something stupid,” Jack mumbled with a sniffle as he sat up. “I lied to Y/N about what happened last night,” he stated and frowned. “Remember how that girl came up to me and kissed me on the neck while she tried to hit on me?” Jack asked the boys who nodded.

               “I told her that it was Alexa because I didn’t want her to freak out that some girl came up to me at the club but then it backfired because Alexa was here,” Jack said as he sighed.

               “Why didn’t you just tell me the truth?” he heard from around the corner, looking up to see you tired with messy hair. He stood up immediately and moved toward you.

               “I didn’t want you to think that when you weren’t with me at the club, all these girls are all over me,” Jack told you as his arms slid around your waist and he pressed his forehead against yours. “I’m sorry I’m an idiot sometimes,” he whispered and you nodded and pecked his lips.

               “Let’s just go back to bed,” you told him as your hands intertwined and you pulled him back to bed with you.