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Alexa saw Ash regaining his confidence after Serena reminded him that he’s always had this strong will to never give up. The next day, shortly before the match began, Alexa told Serena something along the lines of:

“I knew Ash needed a trigger (i.e. something to cheer him up and motivate him), but I didn’t expect it to be you.”

Gah, go away tingly shippy feels.

I just realized something important. (for me at least)

So I just found out the designs for each of the team leaders in Pokemon GO came out. I’m on team Mystic, so I decided to take a look at Blanche and realize something right away.

“Those colors…”

I squint

“This looks familiar.”

That’s when I realized that:

Specialized High Schools in the Pokemon World

When I was creating my Gymshipping fankid, Alexa, I decided I wanted her to be a human doctor. We haven’t seen a lot of doctors in the anime, so we don’t know how their education system works. In fact, we don’t know most education works in the Pokemon world.

I really like @pkmncoordinators‘s idea that travelling trainers complete online classes. However, there are surely a lot of kids who don’t go on journeys. What about them?

I headcanon that all children in the Pokemon world attend Primary School from age 5 to 10 (5 years). After that, many kids go on journeys and switch to online classes. Those who decide to stay home attend Secondary School from age 11 to 15 (4 years).

This is the end of compulsory education. High school is technically optional, but nearly everyone completes it in some way. There are 3 methods of doing so: 

  1. For travelling trainers, complete 2 more years of general education online.
  2. For those at home, complete 2 more years of general education at a Standard High School. 
  3. For those who know what field they want to work in, enroll in a Specialized High School. 

Given how independent and mature kids in the Pokemon world are, Specialized High Schools exist for those who have already decided on a career path. For example, kids who want to be doctors enroll in a Pre-Medical, Dental, and Pharmaceutical (PMDP) Specialized High School. There, they complete 2 years of general education, but the curriculum is targeted toward their desired field. And instead of graduating after those 2 years like at a Standard High School, they will continue on for an additional 2-4 years, learning their trade and holding part-time internships. Upon graduation, they can become full-time professionals.

Specialized High Schools exist for all sorts of careers, from computer science to engineering to law. Because of their fast-tracked curriculum, Specialized High Schools are very popular. Recent statistics show there are more students enrolled in Specialized High Schools than in Standard High Schools. 

There is no limit on who can attend a Specialized High School. There’s a good mix of kids who went on journeys and took online classes between ages 11 to 15, and kids who stayed home and went to Secondary School.
However, some Specialized High Schools are competitive, like the PMDP School in Celadon City. Celadon is a major city that has attracted a lot of esteemed professors and doctors, so getting into the Celadon PMDP School requires an application. Typically, only kids who went to a “real” Secondary School can make it in.