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the-achtung-babe  asked:

Has someone asked you top 5 Graham outfits/shirts??

NO OMG YES THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay, i have to do top 5 outfits and then top 5 tees, so outfits first!

1. the striped blazer/sweater vest/stripey tee combo from starshaped (bonus: BEADS!)

2. the small floral print shirt with the psychedelic lime green flower tie (from the salvation army) + blazer 

3. scarf graham with stripey st. james sailor shirt and blazer

4. casual perfectly styled sweater with collared shirt (bonus: alexa chung has *heart eyes*)

5. from starshaped, this blazer/khakis/button-down casually effortlessly perfect



okay top 5 tees:

1. graham’s oxford teeshirt is my favorite for reasons that will be explained when i answer g’lies’ ask :)

2. cheryl, obviously

3. abyss tee, since he wore it A LOT in the 90s and still does :)

4. the maroon stripey tee from early 90s is my fave of the stripey tees :)

5. the “pavement is rad” tee

THANKS SAM!!!!!!!!!! <3333