alexa and cara

WWE Merc.

Can WWE just make leggings? I really am digging Dolph Zigglers wrestling gear design, and just imagine if they made some Sami Zayn, Naomi, etc. They would be making even more bank than they already do. Anyone else agree?


10 couples with personal styles that look oh-so-good together:

1. Abel Tesfaye/The Weeknd + Bella Hadid

2. Zayn Malik + Gigi Hadid

3. Olivier Sarkozy + Mary-Kate Olsen

4. Alexander Skarsgård + Alexa Chung

5. Cara Delevingne + Annie Clark/St Vincent

6. David Beckham + Victoria Beckham

7. Johannes Huebl + Olivia Palermo

8. Daniel Craig + Rachel Weisz

9. Ryan Gosling + Eva Mendes

10. Justin Theroux + Jennifer Aniston

The ABC’s of Bangs

By Alycia Dalfonsi.

Hello friends!

Today I come to you with a potential new series called the ABC’s of Bangs. I am totally taking this title literally and creating a post where all the world’s greatest bang holders can live. A place where bang-spiration of ALL kinds can be found through this simple tag ( #ABCsofbangs ) on this site. Bangs are a lifestyle honestly, you have to care for them, brush them down straight after every shower, and make sure that hat you want to wear to complete your look will not sacrifice your bangs’ integrity. 

So for the first post I come to you with some bangin’ people with bangin’ bangs from the letters A-C! 

1. To begin the alphabet we have the letter ‘A’ which of course had to have its place taken by the amazing Alexa Chung and her signature style. Personally I think her bangs can be described as messy and in-kept in that sort of cool girl way. To achieve this look I would probably go for less of a blunt bang cut and more of a choppy one which can be created by cutting the bangs and then using your scissors to cut in an upwards motion at the ends of the bangs to thin them out. 

2. Next we have the famous DOUBLE B, Brigitte Bardot. This icon is known for having the nicest hair in all of Hollywood, EVER. Her bangs can be described as thinly cut and middle parted. To achieve this look ask for a bang cut that comes shorter in the middle and longer towards the outer ends near your ears. Try slightly parting them in the middle as they wisp away from the center of your face! Personally I think this is one of the most perfect bang cuts if you want to ease yourself into the look.

3. Finally we have the letter C, which is taken by a not usually bang wearing gal, Cara Delevingne. I found a photo of Cara from a show she walked in where her face was adorned with the most amazing semi-blunt bangs. To achieve this look I suggest asking for a more straight across bang cut, but also making sure that your stylist is not taking to much hair into your bang area so that they are not to thick and can lay flat on your forehead! 


Models representing subcultures from different decades with their personal style


#TransformationTuesday goes to iamcaradelevingne for keep her inner child with her. Can’t wait to see her in ‘the Face of an Angel’, ‘Paper Towns’ and ‘Pan’!!

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