alexa and cara

the signs as celebrity street style

aries: kylie jenner

taurus: hailey baldwin

gemini: zendaya

cancer: cara delevingne

leo: gigi hadid

virgo: rihanna

libra: selena gomez

scorpio: vanessa hudgens

sagittarius: alexa chung

capricorn: kendall jenner

aquarius: taylor swift

pisces: lady gaga


Women in suits


10 couples with personal styles that look oh-so-good together:

1. Abel Tesfaye/The Weeknd + Bella Hadid

2. Zayn Malik + Gigi Hadid

3. Olivier Sarkozy + Mary-Kate Olsen

4. Alexander Skarsgård + Alexa Chung

5. Cara Delevingne + Annie Clark/St Vincent

6. David Beckham + Victoria Beckham

7. Johannes Huebl + Olivia Palermo

8. Daniel Craig + Rachel Weisz

9. Ryan Gosling + Eva Mendes

10. Justin Theroux + Jennifer Aniston


#TransformationTuesday goes to iamcaradelevingne for keep her inner child with her. Can’t wait to see her in ‘the Face of an Angel’, ‘Paper Towns’ and ‘Pan’!!