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Ok, I am dying with Cas feels as per usual, but it was dean that broke my heart in this ep. Dean, whose greatest fear is telling people how much he cares and then them leaving him. Cas did what he feared most- but Dean is so sure of Cas he didn't shut him out like he did other times people do that. He just got angry and set out to find him. yes, to kick his feathery butt, but also- he actually went? He refused to let cas leave him? just??? feelings ******

GOD it’s like!!! Castiel did literally everything wrong in this episode as far as Dean goes. He acknowledged that he did receive the voicemails Dean was leaving, and he still didn’t pick up his phone. He comes back to the bunker and gains Dean’s trust back by falling into some quiet intimacy when the two of them are alone, and then he betrays that trust by stealing from him in the same moment. He, for all intents and purposes, steals the Impala. The IMPALA. After Dean handed him the keys. These are all Dean’s biggest pain points and insecurities! And Dean fixes Castiel’s stupid truck and he follows him because it’s literally the only thing to do.

But it’s not just obligation. It’s obviously not. Because when Dean thinks Castiel is about to die, he still screams. “No!!!” He’s clutching his broken arm, sprawled in the dirt, and all Dean can worry about is Castiel’s wellbeing. After Castiel pulls out a win - finally, fuck - Dean walks toward him in almost a daze. After everything, he still trusts Castiel to put his hands on him and heal him, so he lets him. This episode hurt like hELL, but mostly because Dean isn’t running away. He isn’t letting GO. This episode put at its forefront the struggle of Castiel proving his devotion to the Winchesters, but through showing and not telling it was also about the Winchesters’ (Dean’s) devotion right the fuck back at Castiel.

Like, guys. He made him a mix tape.

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hi anne, i always hear people talking about suga's signature beat but i'm not quite sure what it is. is it something that goes on throughout all his songs or is it reserved for verses he participates in or where exactly can we hear it? i've been trying to listen to all his songs but i just can't spot it :(

hello anon~ there’s this one beat that is probably a favorite of suga bcoz it’s a bit constant in the songs he produces. the sound just varies but it’s kind of this same running beat sound.. anyways to best explain I compiled four songs of his that has the beat I’m talking about. it’s tomorrow, goyup, Agustd and then Wine. CLICK HERE FOR THE SOUND CLIP

The beat is at the end of each song’s cut. I hope I’m making sense ;_; but then again I have no knowledge about music composition so maybe I’m wrong too~

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excuse me but r u the one who drew oikawa in large pants bc im here to tell u that u have made my dream come true oIKAWA AND LARGE PANTS ARE MY FAVORITE THINGS AND IM FOREVER GRATEFUL

ya that was me!!!! THANKS im glad u liked it, he got tired tho so now he just sits and judges everyone else

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When does Yuuri start calling Viktor 'Vitya' and/or 'Vitenka' and how close is Viktor to dying when he does

Yuuri starts doing it pretty soon after chapter 14 when he asks Viktor why Yakov calls him Vitya and Viktor explains about Russian pet names. Yuuri asks if he wants him to call him Vitya and Viktor blushes really hard, so Yuuri takes that as a solid yes and calls him that from that point on

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Have you ever read His Dark Materials series by Phillip Pullman? The one where everyone's sole manifests as an animal beside them and until puberty can shift between forms and then settles on a single shape at puberty? Setting aside the kind of bizarre zoo that would inevitably turn the rebellion into, what sort of animal soul things do you think DAV characters would have? I'm dead curious about your thoughts :D

I have never read His Dark Materials but I’m familiar with the concept of daemons and how they work, so, here you go.

  • Leia’s daemon, appropriately enough, settled as a dragon. Her parents were always pretty unnerved by this, and Leia herself found it odd since there are no dragon species native to Alderaan. When she first meets Luke in that Death Star cell, he’s momentarily stunned into silence because there’s the Princess sitting there calm as you please with a Krayt dragon.
  • Luke’s daemon settled as a kokaru, a cliff-dwelling bird of prey native to Tatooine and known for its steep dives and incredibly acrobatic flight patterns. He’s immensely proud of this fact after Obi-Wan told him that his father’s daemon was also a kokaru.
  • Anakin’s daemon was indeed a kokaru, and still is, but Luke could be forgiven for not recognizing Vader’s daemon. When Anakin burned so did his daemon, and now she’s scarred and wingless. It would be a mistake to think that means she’s any less ferocious, though.
  • Han’s daemon, to his everlasting embarrassment, settled as a nerf. This is only made worse by the fact that Chewie’s daemon is a varactyl.
  • Ahsoka’s daemon is a moonmoth, an insect native to Coruscant. During the day it usually remains still, sunning itself, and is active at night, when its wings glow with reflected light.
  • Kadee’s daemon popped into rather startled existence the first time she said, “I own myself,” and pretty quickly settled as an anooba, a ferociously loyal pack animal native to Tatooine. Her anooba regards Kadee, Anakin, and Anakin’s kokaru as the members of its pack.
  • Palpatine probably killed his daemon years ago because that’s the kind of person he is.

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you know what pisses me the fuck off? you act like not liking a member is awful. it's really not. when theres a group of friends and you like some of them and some of them not theres not a problem either? god fucking damn it yes I'd be happy if that particular member would leave, because I (!) also think he contributes absolutely nothing to this band. why do you act like its criminal? i mean I wont say it to him or tweet it anywhere or what ever. its not that deep

lol, at least not be a coward and put a name on such strong words. yet here you are as anon. typical.

It’s not really about not “liking” a member, my point is more really on “hating” on a particular member or a ship if this is a reaction to that other post of mine. also if you have a group of friends and you don’t like some of them, then you’re not friends. lol wtf is even calling someone a friend and you don’t like them :))))) that’s dumb. I’m not saying it’s criminal, for me, it’s just dumb.

I understand preferences but what is your basis for not liking someone in bangtan? the 5 mins of bangtan bomb we get? the 4 mins performance? 3 page magazine interview? 20 mins vlive video? My thing is that there are only a few moments we have of these boys and that we don’t know who they really are as a whole because we don’t actually spend/see them all the time, all the hours of the day. So not liking them based on selective info about who they are as a person is kind of unreasonable to me. There’s only so much we know about them and what you notice is the negative?! why? 

It goes the same for ships. Shipping for me is a part of fandom culture and an extension of our affections and adoration for bangtan. It’s a step away from reality and it’s something we gush about to each other and must always be taken in that out-of-reality context. It’s not real and to specifically exclude people that likes ships you don’t like is just a waste of time to me. because it’s not real and you might be missing-out on talking to amazing people just because you have an irrational view about things that aren’t even real. 

If you specifically really don’t like someone in Bangtan then don’t call yourself a bangtan fan. You’re just a fan of the 6 members, don’t concern yourself with Bangtan as a whole then. Also who are you to think that someone in bangtan contributes absolutely nothing to the band!??! How does one even conclude that?!

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"Vandalism is not a valid form of flirting." And I am suddenly struck with the mental image of Loki eyeing the golden-shield-thatched roof of Vaholl. "...Challenge accepted."


One night Loki pops up on the roof and paints a cartoonish snow bunting on every single shield. The more ridiculously cute the better.

When people catch sight of the roof the next day, everyone instantly blames Loki, which is nothing unusual. But no one can figure out why snow buntings, of all things.

Sigyn’s awfully quiet all day, but few people notice because Sigyn is usually quiet. She’s usually happy, too, and no one but Frigg really looks close enough to see how pleased and maybe even smug her smile is that day.

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How do you feel about bisexuals who say their attracted to men and nbs or women and nbs? I've heard that its fetishizing nonbinary people but I don't get that and I'd like your opinion

yeah non, i don’t get it either like

i don’t see it as fetishizing at all if, for example, a dude IDs as bi because he’s attracted to women and some nbs and doesn’t want to misgender a nonbinary person he’s dating (or may date in the future). i wouldn’t mind dating a dude who ID’d as bi for that reason, i wouldn’t think less of a woman who ID’d as bi for being attracted to men + some nbs, and if anything i would probably feel more comfortable with them because i’d feel like they were acknowledging that i’m nb and being respectful towards it.  

what i would 100% have a problem with is if i was dating a dude who ID’d as straight, knew i was nonbinary, and maintained that he thought i was basically a woman. if he’s like “well, i only date women and am only attracted to women and the fact that you’re nonbinary doesn’t count because you’re pretty much a woman anyway so i’m still totally straight”, i wouldn’t put up with that shit. i wouldn’t date him. that’s misgendering and it’s not something i’d find acceptable in a friend, much less a romantic/sexual relationship.

like, to the point–i feel like the use of the word fetishizing in these arguments is completely out of place, i think it’s being used incorrectly as a ‘buzz word’ by people trying to push the idea that “sga and trans” is the best way to describe the lgbtq+ community. fetishizing is basically when you objectify a group of people, it’s when you stop seeing them on an individual level and think of them only as a homogeneous group of stereotypes that you’re attracted to or obsessed over.

fetishizing nonbinary people would be like someone thinking all nbs look the same, act the same, feel the same and not giving a damn about our individuality. someone being attracted to nonbinary people is not inherently fetishizing and would not be imo unless they thought, for example, we’re all thin / white / AFAB / androgynous and they keep talking about how attractive they find those individual features while totally ignoring that a) other kinds of nonbinary people exist and b) the kind of nonbinary people they’re attracted to are actual people with actual feelings and actual personalities.

i’ve seen the argument a few times that it’s inherently fetishizing to say you’re attracted to nbs because not all nbs look the same + the very statement of attraction is fetishization but the same argument can be made for attraction to binary genders, too. if i say i’m attracted to women or men (which i am, to both), would the argument be made that i’m fetishizing them because not all women and not all men are the same? doubtful, because there’s also an element here that’s completely glossed over by people who argue that attraction to nbs is fetishizing and that’s the fact that people who say they’re attracted to nbs are probably not attracted to ALL nbs in the first place. the same way when someone says “i’m attracted to women” they likely don’t mean “i’m attracted to all women, every single woman, there is not a single woman on this planet i would not be attracted to” but “the people i’m attracted to are specifically women as a group but within that group i still have a type that i like - whether physically or in terms of personality”.

people who say “i am attracted to men and nonbinary people” or “i am attracted to women and nonbinary people” are not inherently fetishizing nonbinary people anymore than they’re inherently fetishizing men or women because pretty much no one who says they’re attracted to people of X gender identity means that they’re attracted to EVERYONE of that gender identity because they view all people of that gender identity as being exactly the same. they’re saying they’re capable of being attracted to people within the group of men, women, or nonbinary people but that they still have a type like everyone who experiences any kind of attraction has a type–it’s just that it’s easier to say “i’m attracted to men” or whatever than to get into the exact nitty gritty details of the kind of people you’re into. there’s as much variance between nonbinary people as a group (physically and mentally) as there is between women as a group or men as a group and if you wouldn’t consider it fetishizing for someone to say they’re only attracted to men or only attracted to women (if you wouldn’t take someone saying that to mean tht they believe that all men are the same and all women are the same) then you should not consider it fetishizing for someone to say the same about nonbinary people.

a l s o, to make this long post even longer, bisexual still means the attraction to 2 or more genders–there is absolutely nothing in that definition to suggest that one of those genders MUST be your same binary gender. the idea that bisexuality must include 'sga’ (same gender attraction) is not only nbphobic (because, as i said in a previous post, bisexual nbs 100% exist and not all of us have a same gender to be attracted to and if you try to “fix” that issue by forcing nbs to ID as either male-aligned or female-aligned that shit isn’t okay) but it’s also biphobic because you’re essentially trying to gatekeep who can/cannot be bisexual + police the very definition of bisexuality itself in order to fit some bullshit agenda (much of the time–from what i’ve seen–speaking over bisexuals, nonbinary people, and nonbinary bisexuals in order to do so).

the entire idea that men + women are fetishizing nonbinary people by acknowledging that we are, in fact, nonbinary and by not wanting the label they use for their sexuality to misgender us when they date or are attracted to us is completely ludicrous to me and the idea that it’s better for, say, a man to ID as straight even when he’s dating a nonbinary person–thereby essentially misgendering that nonbianry person by thinking of them as “basically a woman”–than for him to ID as bi because he doesn’t want his nonbinary partner or the nonbinary people he may be attracted to be misgendered by saying he’s only attracted to women vs. women and nonbinary people is not only ludicrous to me but also nbphobic and biphobic. i’m tired of this discourse and i wish it was done.

(also want to note that i say all of this as someone who is both nonbinary and bisexual so no one who reads this thinks i’m swerving out of my lane in this discussion)

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ok but.... why 13 songs? do you think there's meta behind it?

Most mix tapes are around that length anyway. Mix tapes were usually like 10 - 15 songs, that’s just the style of them.

But as for choosing 13 specifically, hm. We all know that 13 is an unlucky number, from Norse mythology to Christian symbolism. Castiel did say once that he’s “not good luck, Dean,” to which Dean responded, “I seem like good luck to you?” (7.23). It’s kind of their thing, right, that they keep hurting each other. The unlucky 13 number at the beginning of the episode when it seems like Castiel and Dean have reconciled might serve as a textual warning: watch out, I know things look cute, but bad things are ahead. Seems innocuous at first until you see what Castiel does later in the episode, making the 13 more important than it was when you first saw it.

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Lili and Cole are such amazing actors I died so many times because of Bughead during the last episode. Also, is it me or does it look like we've been seeing more of Betty than any other character in season 1? Like, she definitely has more emotional and intriguing scenes than Archie

This is literally the Betty show with a nice helping of Jughead and I’m living for it, they are so great of course the show would revolve around them and their incredible skills and chemistry <3

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I want to become an animator so I decided to try and make my own Korean version of Dora the Explorer where she teaches you Korean rather than Spanish. Helps me learn how to animate better and helps me learn Korean better since I learn easier by teaching rather than listening. Two birds with one stone. 👌

That’s cool though!

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I absolutely love the way you color!! Both choice and the way you use them!! I was wondering how you decide on what colors to use, and where to use them in a drawing? (Also have you ever done a coloring tutorial or speed paint?? Would love to see one!)

Thank you so much anon! I’ll try and explain how I like to use other artist’s work as inspiration of my choice of colors if that’ll help ?? That’s really the only way I can explain how I can decide what and how to use colors ><;;;;

Ok so when I first draw something, I actually have no idea how to go about it - so it’s a good idea to gather insp/artists you like as a starting point just to try and get and wheel moving along

For the rei//gen one I used mainly this artist’s work to help me because I liked

  • their thick lineart
  • the way they used warm colours which in turn helped white stick out as a contrast if they use it to outline their characters
  • the way they highlighted hair with (almost) white 

For the teru//mob one I used a all these artists because I mainly liked

I basically do whatever I can and then incorporate what I specifically liked about their style with mine to try and get the results I want - it didn’t really work for both submissions BUT IT’S OK SINCE YOU ALWAYS LEARN SOMETHING NEW!

(I’ll also admit that I did use my old art to help too..coloring hair is hard _(:’’3)

I often end up getting carried away with doing my own thing in the end lol but it’s okay because I generally use insp to try and get me thinking !

I have a tutorial and step-by-step tag (here are progress gifs too) you can look through! Here’s my YouTube channel although they’re all p cringey and have the ugliest music 

Hope that helped T_T

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I think I've watched Buffy so much it's internalized...I'm in a vet tech program and we were working with rabbits (which several years ago I had as pets) and I just couldn't put my finger on it...but they seemed suspicious

I totally get you. 

Listen. I’ve always loved bunnies. I had pet bunnies when I was a kid. And yet… I can’t help but feel they’re a bunch of shady little fuckers. I mean…

…this is all suspicious as fuck, if you ask me. 

You’d like that wouldn’t you...


If Ocean is such a pain in the ass, maybe he just should take the redhead, huh? 😂

That’s actually a great idea - then Luke and Aileen can fall in love and all the little Argyle babies will have red hair!  Thank you for the dynamite suggestion!!

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Hello! First of all I'd like to thank you sooooo much for running this blog. I just got into Figure Skating and didn't know where to look for resources so I'm forever grateful that your blog exists. You don't know how happy and relieved I was when I found your site <3 Bless your soul. Secondly, do you know whether elite skaters receive government funding or sponsors to help with their training fees? I read a couple of articles previously on how FS don't earn a lot and (1/2)

- have to take 2nd jobs to support their training fees (like Ashley Wagner working at a denim store). I read that when Javier first started training with Brian, he was on gov funding but got cut off later on. So yeah, do elite skaters get help for their training fees or what kind of arrangement usually exists? Thank you so much!

Thank you, glad you find our blog helpful! Federation/government funding varies by country. In some countries, sports organizations operate under/with the government, in others, they’re unrelated. For example, the Chinese government funds the skaters on the Chinese national team, but the government does not directly fund athletes in North America; skating federations there operate as separate entities. USFSA and Skate Canada offer their athletes a certain amount of funding based on their performances, and there are also scholarships that skaters can apply for. JSF operates similarly. I don’t know the exact details of how each federation/government supports their skaters as they all have their own policies.

Most skaters have to rely on family support or secondary jobs to cover their training costs. Some also raise money through crowdfunding sites. If the skater is popular/successful enough, they might attract sponsors as another source of income. The wealthiest skaters earn most of their income from sponsorships. Popular/successful skaters might also be invited to ice shows, which is another important source of income. Prize money is given at ISU competitions, but it’s a very small amount compared to skaters’ average training fees, and most skaters don’t place high enough at competitions to earn prize money anyway.