some of the biggest mysteries of teen wolf season 5a: 

1) where is lydia
2) where did stiles’ personality go
3) what are the dread doctors saying 
4) which white boy is this 
5) what is parrish why does parrish have so much screen time 
6) didn’t those two characters care about each other before or did i imagine it
7) what is the villain’s motive 
8) nvm none of it makes sense plz just bury me


The Chasms Between (A03) by queerlyalex :) 

Tags; Past Lives | Soul Bond | Soul mates | Temporarily Unrequited Love | Angst | Pining | Nondescript Mention of Character Death | Past Life Death | Explicit Sexual Content | Happy Ending Language: English Words: 15.125 

senseless and random things that I have to say about this fic and the process of drawing, here (x) :)

Clothes for this one! :D the t-shirt of Derek (x) in 5, the t-shirt of Stiles (x) in 6, the motorcycle jacket of Derek (x) and the t-shirt of Stiles (x) in 7; the hooded denim jacket of Derek (x) and the coat of Stiles (x) in 8. IF YOU LIKE MY ART, and would like me to draw more and more often <3 PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE check it! you just lose a few seconds to see great clothes (and maybe find something you like) and surprisingly I will be financed by my art! which is amazing! THANKS! :D love you all!