The Modern Office Adventures of Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, & Everyone That Knows They Are Pining After One Another. Part 2: What's The WiFi Password
  • Everyone: *In the break room just hanging out and relaxing.*
  • Alex: *Sitting next to Thomas on the break room love seat his legs underneath him.* Shit.
  • Thomas: *Sitting next to Alex his legs are crossed reading a newspaper and sipping on coffee.* What's wrong?
  • Alex: My phone just logged out of the internet connection.
  • Thomas: Then just hook back up instead of whining.
  • Alex: I can't.
  • Thomas: Why not?
  • Alex: I forgot the wifi password.
  • Thomas: Is that all?
  • Alex: Unless you know the wifi password you can't complain to me.
  • Thomas: *Freezes for a second before a smirk finds its way to his lips.* Actually, I do know the wifi password.
  • Everyone: *They all look at one another with an "Oh, Shit he can't be that stupid to do this again" look on all of their faces.*
  • Alex: Really?
  • Thomas: Really.
  • Alex: Then what's the wifi password?
  • Thomas: *Smiles and looks around.*
  • George: *Looks at Thomas as if saying "Don't do it."*
  • James: *Giving him the same look.*
  • Thomas: Are you sure you want the wifi password?
  • Alex: Yes.
  • Thomas: Are you sure?
  • Alex: Yes!
  • Thomas: Are you...
  • Alex: I am sure that if you don't tell me I am going to show you where my shoe fits.
  • Thomas: *Holds up his hands in defense.* Alright if you're sure.
  • Alex: Jefferson!
  • Thomas: The wifi password is my dick.
  • Everyone: *Looking at them waiting for something to happen.*
  • Alex: *Says nothing as he types on his phone getting more and more frustrated by the second.*
  • Everyone: *Waiting for Alex to say something.*
  • Thomas: What's wrong Hamilton have nothing to say for the first time ever? *He asks as he sips his coffee.*
  • Alex: No, it's just... it's just...
  • Thomas: Just what? ^Takes another sip of coffee.*
  • Alex: It's just it says this passwords to short.
  • Thomas: *Chokes on his coffee once again and starts to cough.*
  • Everyone: *Staring in absolute shock.*
  • Alex: *Stands up* I'm just gonna go look at the sticky note on my computer. Thanks anyway Thomas. *Walks out of the break room.*
  • Everyone: *Just silent.*
  • Thomas: *Still coughing and trying to calm down as he stares at the door with wide eyes.*
  • George: *Walks over to Thomas and pats his back trying to help.* We told you not to do it.

Jamilton Week day 5 ~ fave kink


!!smut warning!!

Hamilton was working late as per usual, but Jefferson was growing impatient. He’d kissed Alexander up against a wall earlier in the week but nothing seemed to get the shorter man’s attention.
So he was gonna try one last time.

Confidently, Thomas strolled into Alex’s office, “Hey baby girl,” he smirked at Hamilton’s disgusted expression, “daddy’s got tonight planned.”
And with that Thomas closed Alex’s laptop and pushed him back in his chair. Straddling Alex’s hips, he began to unbutton the magenta shirt and throw it aside. Next, he slowly undid each button on Alex’s shirt, kissing the bare skin he revealed.

“T-Thomas…” Alex stammered helplessly.
“Don’t pretend you don’t like it. And didn’t I tell you to call me daddy?” Thomas’s lips curled up at the sight Hamilton’s burning cheeks.

He proceeded to unbuckle his belt - very slowly - and drop that to the floor. Alex bit his lip. The bulge in his pants grew, causing Thomas to smirk again. “So you do like it,”
Thomas stroked the bulge and Alex moaned, “please daddy, don’t tease…”
He laughed and stood up. “Get up then.”
Hamilton did as he was told. Thomas tugged the shorter mans pants down and knelt before him. Let’s just say Alex’s dick had never had such a thorough blow job. Before he came, Thomas stopped and pushed Hamilton onto the desk.

Alex wailed as Thomas smashed himself in and out. “Daddy…faster..” And many similar phrases escaped his lips uncontrollably. Thomas had never felt so good. He pulled out and released all over Hamilton’s abdomen while Hamilton moaned at him.
Thomas finished Hamilton off so there was double the amount of fluid on his toned stomach.
The short man lay on his desk moaning for a good 5 minutes after Jefferson had dressed himself. Eventually he sat up and sighed, “round 2 at my place?”
Now we’re getting somewhere, Thomas thought.

Peggy Confides in Me

Hey everyone! Here is another lyric fic, since I haven’t posted one in a while. Send me a lyric from Hamilton if you think it’ll make a good fic and I’ll write it!!

Word Count: 1250

Warnings: Just cursing I believe

“I told you I was baking scones. Why would you go out and buy some?” Peggy complained as she walked into Alex’s apartment (which he shared with his other three friends Hercules, Lafayette and Laurens), carrying a pan of freshly baked scones.

“Because the last time you made scones, they tasted horrible.” Alex answered.

Peggy gasped. “I told you I was trying a new recipe!”

“For the past few months?”

Peggy stuck her tongue out at him and sat on the couch, putting the pan of scones on her lap.

Alex walked into the kitchen to grab the tea he made, and brought it out. He put the tea and the cups on the coffee table before sitting next to Peggy.

“Oh we’re having tea this week?” Peggy said.

“Yeah, I wasn’t feeling like alcohol this morning.”

“Aw but I was. I had to deal with Jefferson’s shit all week.” Peggy whined. Alex sighed before he stood up to grab the bottle of Fireball on his kitchen counter.

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infinity8769  asked:

AU where Alex doesn't know Thomas is rich until they spend vacation in Virginia and he sees that Thomas's family actually owns a manor, their own private lake, etc.

Worse, Thomas takes Alex to his family manor, which is basically a fucking farm and a ritzy ranch home. Alex spending a summer with the Jeffersons ( I’m pretty sure @exadorlion drew all of the Jeffersons siblings too)