McDanno in a different way - While Steve is on leave being treated for his radiation poisoning, Danny comes across a guy that seems to hide something. It’s not just the striking resemblance with Steve that confuses Danny.  His strange behavior makes Mick St. John no. 1 suspect in a ritual killing that happened on the island, recently … Who’s in for a H50/Moonlight x-over?

That was such a fun show, but Alex [O’Loughlin] is busy riding a surfboard in Hawaii, so he’s got his own thing right now. But I’d like to think I’ll get the chance to work with those people again. It was just a great time…but how can it not be when you get to wear a Prada suit and drive a Ferrari with naked women in the front seat? [laughs] It’s pretty cool. And it was really different than “Veronica,” which made it even more terrific.
—  Jason Dohring (When asked if he wanted to do a Moonlight Movie Kickstarter) x