Moonlight meets H50 - Danny’s undercover on a cruise while Steve’s in treatment because of his radiation poisoning. Danno’s puzzled when he meets a guy that looks like Steve’s twin.


Mesmerised Danny watched the stranger who strolled along the deck with panther-like grace. The wind was playing with the guy’s hair and tugged at his coat. 

“You see anything interesting?” The man’s voice snapped Danny out of his lethargy. Only now he realized that he was bluntly staring at the stranger who had stopped and leaned casually against the rail of the ship. An amused smile curled his lips while he eyed up Danny who suddenly felt like prey.

“My name is Mick,” the stranger kept on talking and added a big fat grin. 

Danny shook his head to get rid of the cobwebs that had caused a short circuit in his brain. Mick bore an uncanny resemblance to Steve. 

Danny’s ears got red when he rose to speak, “Sorry. It is just, you look exactly like someone … I know.” He cleared his throat feeling a bit unease while Mick was still scrutinizing him. 

“My name is Danny,” he replied and forced a smile on his lips.

Mick noticed the little glitch in Danny’s voice, the accelerating heartbeat that went along with the throbbing vein on his counterpart’s neck. Mick felt the sharp tips of his fangs elongating as desire swept through him like a wildfire. He wondered how it would feel to nick this guy’s delicate skin.

“Is there a reason you look at me like dinner served on a silver platter?” Danny blurted out.

“Excuse me, what did you just say?” Mick was about starting singing, “ Honey came in, and he caught me red-handed,” but he regained his composure right away. 

McDanno in a different way - While Steve is on leave being treated for his radiation poisoning, Danny comes across a guy that seems to hide something. It’s not just the striking resemblance with Steve that confuses Danny.  His strange behavior makes Mick St. John no. 1 suspect in a ritual killing that happened on the island, recently … Who’s in for a H50/Moonlight x-over?