Game developer’s daughter just took him to task over his sexist comments

Alex St. John is a game developer who became infamous for his blog post on VentureBeat and his recruiting slides that featured derogatory comments about women, minorities and disabled individuals in technology. His daughter, Amilia St. John, is a 22-year-old developer and on Thursday she called out her dad’s “toxic waste trash fire” in a blog post. Here’s how she’s turning her father’s mess into the ignition a movement needs.

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Alex told Enzo Bonnie is the armory’s second priority. WHY? why do they need a Bennett witch, they already have two heretics locked away Mary Louise and Nora. What could they need Bonnie for. 

This could be why Bonnie is hiding out at the mental institute. I think the Armory is going to kidnap Bonnie, keep her there with the rest. Enzo helps her escape, turning his back on the armory. Leading the two of them on the run for a couple of years.

We  might find out in upcoming episodes if Alex wants Enzo to die or not, along side with Bonnie.