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Can you post something funny about Maggie and Alex? 3 hours ago there was an earthquake here in Italy. 6.5 out of 10 on the Richter's scale

Alex: Be my Halloween?

Maggie: Isn’t it Be my Valentine?

Alex: Even my own girlfriend rejected me! Why am i the loneliest person alive??

Maggie: You’re so dramatic, and I never said no, I’ll be your Halloween

Alex: No! You already rejected me! Go be someone elses!

Maggie: I’ll go as Agent Danvers

Alex: I’m already celebrating with vodka! GOODBYE

Maggie: I thought you said you don’t have vodka at home?

Alex: Who said I’m at home huh?

Maggie:  Are you in my house?? DRINKING MY ALCOHOL!?!?

Alex: I’ve taken over, you can’t come in :P

I heard!  Not a lot but I saw some headlines. Are you alright? I hope everyone turns up okay, and that it’s just infrastructure that got damage.  Please stay safe~