alright don’t get me wrong, melissa killed it in the musical episode and the superfriends were really cute but also what if alex got stuck in music meister’s alternate universe instead of kara? 

  • because let’s be real, alex is probably the one who introduced the wizard of oz to kara so her knowledge of movie musicals is pretty widespread
  • anyways she gets to this universe and meets barry for the first time and is totally 100% ready to deck him in his dopey smiling face 
  • (“barry allen? as in the barry allen who brought my little sister to an alternate universe to fight deadly aliens because your little vigilante task force wasn’t strong enough?? even though her family is literally trained in fighting and taking down aliens? that barry allen?” “i now see that was a mistake.”)
  • and alex begrudgingly forgiving and agreeing to work together with barry because she has to get home to her family somehow
  • and barry understanding why kara literally talks about alex all the time, like alex hung the moon or something, because even without powers alex is probably the strongest and most driven person he’s ever met, accepting the mission and diving in headfirst, doing whatever she needs to do to get home. 
  • (alex mostly just wonders how this universe has a pretty accurate replica of kara’s dorky, loving personality in the body of the fastest man alive. she definitely doesn’t take comfort in the similarities between the two. nope, not at all)
  • ((okay, a little bit. but only because there’s something in barry’s smile that just reminds her of kara, of home))
  • also, barry and alex fighting over which movie was better, singing in the rain, or the wizard of oz. they finally come to a consensus, saying that the sound of music probably tops both. 
  • also, barry completely surprised at how pretty alex’s singing voice is, because lbr chyler’s voice could probably summon angels
  • and at the end, when both alex and barry get shot, which honestly, i don’t think would’ve happened because alex is probably has more awareness of bullets and the danger of shootouts than both barry and kara combined, let’s be real
  • and then cisco vibing iris and kara to the alternate universe 
  • kara would most definitely be there because alex, despite the healing she has gone through over the course of the show, still has a very broken, very damaged heart, what with all of that happened with her father, and she’s probably still having nightmares about the white martian mind meld and the myriad mind control, where she turned on the people she loves
  • plus all of the inner turmoil in her head with her coming out and also trying to balance work, family, and a completely new relationship
  • alex is damaged goods, but kara’s undying love for alex would definitely remedy that
  • (and let’s be real, the love goes both ways, what with kara feeling lonely and like she’s losing her sister, her anchor to reality, so alex totally could’ve saved kara in canon, showing that she’ll always be there for kara and is never letting her go.) 
  • anyways, iris and kara are vibed into the alternate universe and barry and iris have their epic true love’s kiss 
  • kara kneeling next to alex, tears streaming down her face, because alex totally couldn’t be dying, alex was the one to save the rest of the superfam. alex was, is, their rock, and alex couldn’t die on her, not like this. 
  • and alex smiling through bloody teeth and “what i wouldn’t give for one of the deo’s bulletproof dresses right about now,” and kara laughs and grips alex’s hand and presses a kiss to alex’s forehead
  • and then they’re back in star labs and alex is alive, alive, alive
  • and kara pulls alex into a rib-bruising hug and j'onn joins in and then they all go home
  • home, to their earth
  • home, to national city
  • home, to kara’s apartment, where winn and james and maggie are waiting with pizza and potstickers and cookie dough ice cream
  • and alex and kara snuggle up on the couch together, surrounded by their friends, their family, and feel so, so loved
hogwarts au

i’ve been lying awake, thinking about this

  • magnus and blitzen are hufflepuff
  • alex fierro is slytherin
  • hearth is ravenclaw
  • sam is gryffindor
  • hearth and blitz are a few years up and the teachers are just done trying to keep hearth at the ravenclaw table in the dining hall
  • magnus getting waved over to the hufflepuff table when he’s sorted and immediately getting adopted by these two
  • sam has gryffindor hijabs
  • no no hear me out she has gold and red striped ones for spirit days
  • jack is probably a talking painting that was painted for magnus’s dad but then was given away and he’s still betrayed
  • hearth can cast silent spells (duh)
  • it took him a while first year to start being able to do magic at all, but he’s super fucking powerful now
  • alex is an animagi (and a transfer student probably)
  • a snake, maybe? a cat??
  • sam is also an animagi, a lion, but she doesn’t like to change often
  • blitz is the fashion consultant™ and everybody goes to him
  • hearth and blitz probably prank a lot
  • and have spirited games of exploding snap and gobstones in the back of the classroom
  • everyone ships them but nobody knows?? if they’re actually together??
  • mangus constantly gets lost
  • “Again, Maggie? It’s been months! This is the first floor girls’ lavatory, Merlin’s knees!” cries an exasperated ghost as Magnus cautiously pokes his head through the door for the third time that week.
  • Halfborn, Alex’s fellow slytherin (the guy has a phd in germanic literature ok he’s probably rather ambitious) doesn’t stand for anybody forcing her/him into one dormitory
  • she has a place in the girls’ dorm when she needs
  • everybody in Gryffyindor is afraid of sam on some level
  • TJ is ravenclaw, mallory is gryffindor
  • Sam is happily engaged to muggle Amir
  • she is muggleborn herself, and hexes the shit out of anybody who calls her ‘mudblood’
  • her patronus is a lion (i’m unorigional)
  • alex’s is a snake (again, unorigional)
  • magnus has a rabbit
  • hearth has a stork
  • blitz has a puppy
  • sam, alex, and hearth are all on their respective quidditch teams
  • sam plays chaser, alex is a beater (she’s fucking scary, too), hearth is a seeker
  • Blitz occasionally does commentary
  • he’s good at it, too
  • The Yule ball
  • alex and magnus share a dance and it’s the most awkward and thrilling thing either of them have done
  • blitzstone is having a ball, though (i’m truly sorry for that)
  • they’re great dancers, despite the height difference

that’s all i have, feel free to add!

Okay so @xxtorchxx did the thing, prompted by @bridgetteirish and @reginalovesemma. I’m just finishing what they started. M’lud.

Alex knows that a cupcake isn’t enough, not for Kara’s appetite or for the level of damage to her feelings. It had been tough to choke back revulsion long enough to pretend that the alien frat boy might be a viable option, but thankfully Kara had been talked off that ‘complicated’ subject pretty quickly. She’d all but chased Alex out of the door before midnight, unheard of for their late night gossip sessions.

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Montgomery x Reader

Request- “Monty and Alex fight but the reader steps in.” (I changed up the whole car hit thing, it just made more sense to me.)

Getting to school early was a blessing for you. It gave you the opportunity to get in a hot cup of coffee, and time to collect your thoughts away from people. Usually people started to filter in at around the same time as each other, noisy and distracting, and pulling you back down to reality.

Today, someone was really bothering you. Or rather, it sounded like a group- a rather large group. Heck, maybe it was a mob?
Unable to continue on in your little bubble, you decided to go out and check what all the ruckus was about. As you started out of the large double doors, the visual was majorly blocked by crowds of people surrounding and jeering at whatever was going on. You used you elbows and the occasional sharp fingernail to push your way to the front of the crowds, earning a few “Oi!”’s from the clump. Pushing past the last people, you could make out a figure on the floor, bloodied and angry. A figure which turned out to be Alex Standall. Towering above him was Montgomery De La Cruz, barely a scratch on him except from his crimson fists.

The sight made you mad. More than mad. It made you fucking furious. Although you’d never had the displeasure of knowing either boy very well, it was obvious that Monty was far larger and far more powerful than Alex, and that this fight was just plain unfair. Monty was a jock, Alex was in band. You and Alex had Maths together, and sometimes he helped you out, so you thought he seemed a nice enough guy. Monty however, was in your Chemistry, and you’d been partners a few times. You’d always found him attractive, and if you were completely honest with yourself, had a little crush on him, but knew when it came down to it he was a lads lad. On the odd occasion, the gentle, caring Monty would show his face, but not too long before the facade was forced back up.

Before you even knew what you were doing, your feet were carrying you into the middle of the fight. You were shaking slightly from anger, you hated violence more than anything, and these boys were going to know about it.

“MONTY!” You shouted as you stepped between him and Alex. He faltered, pulling his fist back from its previous punching position.

“Y/N? What is it?” His face had softened ever so slightly. You looked pointedly at Alex, perched up on his elbows and breathing heavily, and then back to Montgomery.

“What the hell do you think?” You laughed slightly.

“He nearly ran me over!” He was angry, but there was no where near as much heat in his tone as previously. You looked back at Alex.

“It’s true.” He coughed.

“Well obviously that was dumb. Doesn’t mean you gotta beat him to a pulp.” You accused, crossing your arms. You weren’t shy, per-se, but it was uncommon that your school peers would see this side of you. You squinted your eyes- neither of you breaking eye contact from the other.

“I got angry.” He was blunt, but no longer mad. His fists had un-balled.

“You think I just punch up some guy when I get mad?” You chuckled again. “If so I’d be punching you up right now De La Cruz.”

The crowd began to dissipate, to make way for Mr Porter. Shit. This wasn’t going to be good.

“De La Cruz. Standall. What are you doing?” He boomed. “And L/N, this is very unlike you.”

“I was stopping them, sir.” You explained.

“If I recall hearing correctly, you were just threatening to hit Montgomery.” He crossed his arms. You sighed. Why did you even bother.

“No sir-”

“All of you to my office please.”

Great. This day was just getting worse.
Porter gave the three of you detention, but was sure to keep Monty and Alex separated- just in case. Alex was put by himself, while you got stuck with Monty.

“I know it’s stupid, but I feel like I should explain myself.” Monty started. You exhaled.

“Honestly, don’t worry, I’m sorry I got so pissy. I shouldn’t have got involved.” You revealed.

“I’m glad you did, Y/N. If you hadn’t been there, i don’t know how far I would’ve taken it.” He avoided eye contact, contrastingly to the previous day.

“Mr Porter still would have turned up, I didn’t do anything, really.”

“You did, Y/N. Mr Porter wouldn’t have helped me calm down. You did, for some reason.” Monty seemed smaller then, less intimidating.

“I’m glad, I guess…” you trailed off, not quite sure how to react. Monty turned his seat so that he was facing you, and his knees were nearly touching your seat. He hummed to himself quietly.

“You’re really something.” He seemed as though he was searching for something in your eyes, studying you, purveying you. You blushed, feeling as though he was undressing you. Not in a sexual way, but pulling away all the layers of your personality. You saw through him.

“Monty, I’m not just your next conquest.” You rolled your eyes, facing forward to the chalkboard. He seemed taken aback, and scooted his chair closer to yours.

“No, Y/N! I wasn’t- I mean-” something switched on him and his tone became low and angered again,
“You really think I’m that type of guy, huh?”

“I know you are! You, Justin, Bryce, Zach, your whole damn group is the same. I see you around De La Cruz, I know what you’re like.” You took a breather, but not leaving long enough for Monty to butt in. You turned toward him, your knees were touching.

“If you’re not like that then what the hell happened with Stephanie Parker? She broke her own heart?” You laughed bitterly.

“No you’re getting this all wrong. Maybe…I’m not the best guy. I’ve made a hell of a load of mistakes. But I’m genuine. I’m honest. I tell people what they’re getting into - Stephanie was fully aware of what was happening, she just didn’t realised how much it would affect her.” He was less angry, more pleading.

“I don’t know why it matters to you, anyway. What I think of you. You can get any girl to believe your sweet nothings, why are you bothering with me.” Your face was close to his. He chuckled, revealing an unfathomable smile. It was one of the most beautiful things you’d ever seen. Not to mention adorable. It could light up a whole football stadium.

“You’re really quite clueless, aren’t you L/N?” He drew a light circle on your knee.
Your eyebrows remained furrowed.
“The truth is. I’ve always thought you were very intriguing. Pretty. Smart. And you always helped me out in chemistry.” He was drawing a variety of shapes, now.

“I didn’t realise you paid that much attention.” You scoffed, but the sass from your voice had somewhat left. He bit his lip. He leaned in slowly. He smiled, before softly placing his lips on your own. You had no intention of pushing him away. You’d decided- if this be all you get of Montgomery De La Cruz, then let it be. The kiss was slow, and passionate. You tangled your fingers up into his hair and he chuckled slightly at the sensation. His hands began cupping your face, before moving to your legs and pulling your chair towards him, so that your legs were around him, and finally placing his hands on your waist. He tasted like sweet kiwi, an unexpected flavour.
After exploring each other for what felt like hours, you spilt.

“So,” Monty breathed. “Let me take you out tonight?” He grinned, his hands still around your waist. You scoffed.

“How about tomorrow? I’ve got to make you wait at least a little.” You giggled, smoothing your thumb pad over his cheek.

“I’d expect nothing less of you, Y/N L/N.”


P R O M P T   L I S T

P R O M P T S   Y O U ’ V E   R E Q U E S T E D


J U S T I N   F O L E Y

A L E X   S T A N D A L L

J E F F   A T K I N S

C L A Y   J E N S E N

M O N T G O M E R Y   D E   L A   C R U Z

anonymous asked:

Ok but what if maggie joins Alex for her knife throwing practice and that's like their idea of a date

She used to practice with J’onn.

And she still does, on Tuesday evenings, but their Thursday mornings?

Those have recently been taken over by either Cadmus attacks or Pam from HR making sure J’onn is actually keeping on top of the budgetary requirements, because Jim from accounting ironically isn’t getting his checks on time and he’s got those three pitbulls to feed at home.

J’onn shrugs and he sighs and he tries to pass the paperwork off to Vasquez, but Vasquez is in charge of managing his weekly calls to M’gann, and he’d rather not put those in jeopardy.

“Why don’t you practice with Detective Sawyer, Agent Danvers? You two seem to enjoy… getting physical.”

It’s the closest he’s come to a sexual joke, and she doesn’t know if it makes her feel giddy because she’s still so thrilled with how supportive he is, or odd because he’s her father, for crying out loud. But he’s grinning and he loves her, god, he loves her, and he’s filed all the proper paperwork for Maggie to be admitted into the DEO whenever she pleases, so Alex?

Alex starts bringing her in for Thursday morning knife training.

“Not your basic NCPD tactics,” she says, and Maggie rolls her eyes, flips the blunted sparring knife around in her hand, shifts her feet with bent knees, and grins.

“Bring it, Danvers.”

Alex grins, and it’s almost carnal, and Alex knows exactly what that does to Maggie (in bed, anyway), and she takes full advantage, lunging and going for the left side that Maggie tends to leave vulnerable, until she’s got her arm twisted behind her back and her blunted practice knife gently at her throat.

“Distracted by something, Sawyer?”

Maggie grins and shoves away from Alex, grabbing the arm that was wrapped around her and forcing it up, up, so that Alex’s knife clatters to the ground.

“Surprised, Danvers?”

“Not at all, Sawyer,” Alex retorts, but there’s a husk in her voice as she picks up her knife, as she and Maggie round each other, glaring slightly, grinning slightly.

They’re so focused on each other that they don’t notice the small crowd of agents peering through the training room’s doorway, nudging each other, whispering to each other, placing bets, trading cash around.

“Keep your ribs protected, Mags,” Alex instructs as she lunges, and Maggie deflects her blow with her forearm.

“Good. Now what do you do if I do this?”

Alex switches the knife, lightening fast, to her left hand, holding Maggie from behind again, and Maggie tenses, freezes.

“What’s wrong? I’m sorry, I thought you wanted to – ”

“No, I do, Danvers, I’m sorry, I just… can we switch places?”

Alex furrows her brow, but she nods and does as Maggie asks, stepping in front of her so Maggie’s holding her from behind, holding her practice knife at her throat.

“Can you get out of this, Alex?”

Alex feints an elbow into Maggie’s face while she slams down with her heel, just shy of actually slamming onto Maggie’s foot, and Maggie releases her accordingly, nodding to herself, over and over and over again.

“What is it, Maggie?” Alex asked, knife limp at her side.

“Just… outside the bar, that night. The night they took all the refugees… When he had that gun to you… you would have been okay, right? Even if James hadn’t come by?”

“Yes,” Alex nods, dropping her knife and taking Maggie by the shoulders, her eyes burning from her devotion and her forehead sweating from their sparring. “I’m not going anywhere, Sawyer. I promise.”

Maggie gulps and Maggie nods, and then she tilts her head toward the door.

“Looks like we have an audience.”

Alex glances over and her nearly feral grin is back.

“Should we give them a show?”

“I’m sure they’d love to see their commanding officer get whomped by a lowly local cop,” Maggie grins, and Alex pffts.

“Who’s lowly? My girlfriend’s all powerful,” Alex brags.


“A nerd who’s about to bring DEO training to an NCPD knife fight.”

“I love it when you talk dirty.”

“Come at me, Sawyer, you’ll see how dirty I can talk.”

Maggie grins and Alex mirrors the expression, and by the time the rookies need the room for training, Alex has nicked Maggie with the training knife just as many times as Maggie has nicked Alex with hers.

“Draw for now, Danvers?”

“We’ll see who draws tonight, Sawyer.”


J'onn’s passing by as they toss towels at each other to dry off, as they think their thoughts about later tonight loudly, loudly, loudly.

Too loudly.

“Good god, we need crime to increase in this city, stat.”


Karamel Appreciation Week: Day 7 - Free Choice 

Red Kryptonite AU: Kara and Mon-El are both exposed to Red Kryptonite on a joint mission, removing their inhibitions and making them aggressive, ravenous, selfish and malicious. What starts out with vicious arguments leads to them ignoring the city’s cries for help in favour of physical pleasure and eventually turning on National City in a reckless quest for power. Once Alex and the team realise what has happened to them and zap them both with an antidote, they are left to confront their wrongs and pick up the pieces.