new to fishblr

Hey ya’ll, I’m Alex, and like the title says, I’m new to fishblr/bettablr/petblr etc. Some brief info: I have 3 tanks, a 5 gal quarantine tank (currently housing 4 juvenile black kuhli loaches), 20 gal community tank (1 betta, 6 danios, 3 striped kuhli loaches, 3 amano shrimp, a lot of MTS), and a 35 gallon bow front (not currently stocked, probably gonna have loaches, and maybe a centerpiece fish)

I’ve been keeping fish since I was about 12 (although not correctly unfortunately, I made a lot of mistakes when I was younger). I had to stop for a while, but this year I’ve gotten back into it.

I’d like to follow more people in the community! 

If you post anything about: 

- Aquariums

- Planted Aquariums

- Good/proper pet husbandry 

- Anything about your pets (can be fish/reptiles/birds/cats/dogs/rodents/etc) 

- General bio/educational posts (I majored in marine bio in college before I had to drop out)

- Are not homo/transphobic, racist, antisemitic 

- Are a nice person

I’ll take a look at your blog! If I do follow, it will be from my main blog (50shadesofthanekrios) but I reblog all fishy stuff to this blog. Thank you!


**A few months later**

Grace popped over in the evening and the boys were very excited to see her, but it was their bedtime so Grace decided to chat to them whilst she put them to bed instead.

Grace: Hey guys think about it, when you’re back from camping you could have a little niece or nephew!

Alex: I’m gonna be the cool Uncle for sure!

Noah: Hmmm we’ll see about that!

anonymous asked:

Hey Alex. I'm working on a project of my own at the moment. I casted roles to people 8 days ago yet one of the voice actors has not responded to my messages. I tried to look him up on other social media besides CCC and messaged project creators that had cast him but still, not response. How long did you wait when the first voice actor for Mettaton before taking up the role? Should I hold in-cast auditions and/or do you have any advice? Thank you for your time

That is incredibly unprofessional of your actor. If you’ve tried multiple methods and got nothing than he’s probably not going to respond, I would recast.

- Alex

Alex and whistlefuck literally argue like their married
He just said “ur right Alex I’m wrong everything you do is perfect and I shouldnt talk” like dhsjalakhakl

Imagine sleepy Kara not wanting to let go of Lena in the morning And Lena can’t get up because there’s a human sized koala holding her down It’s cute but “I have got to go to work, kara!“ 

Lena: *calling alex for help.*

Lena: your sister is on top of m- 

Alex: omfg I did not need to know that! 

Lena: calm down, i meant she’s asleep on top of me, how do I get her off? 

Alex: lol, shouldn’t you know how to get her off by now?

Lena: …put Maggie on the phone, you are useless. 

Hey, I’m looking for a name change buddy.

I’m NB Alex, moving on from Amanda.

I need to find a trans or NB Amanda moving on from Alex.

I want to trade, because I think that will help me feel more settled and comfortable, ‘cause right now it still feels stiff and weird.  I think some human contact would help me feel like part of my own story again.

I’m dead serious, if you are an ex-Alex Amanda, I want to mail you my old name on a piece of paper, and have you mail me yours.

Please reblog or pass on to any folks you might know.

I will update this post if I find someone, thank you!

Keep Yeh Warm

Alex X Reader

In which Alex becomes attached to the first beautiful thing he’s seen in weeks.

(I’m putting everything else under a cut in case anyone still hasn’t seen Dunkirk!! It may contain some spoilers.)

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Lams Rebel AU

John paced around the living room/actual bedroom Alexander and him shared. John sighed and snatched his phone from the charger to see maybe, just maybe Alex had sent him a message. 

Nothing. John rolled his eyes and walked onto the cold balcony. The night sky clear with what John thought was doubt and regret. John gripped phone as the normal ping of a new text message. John looked at it and breathed back tears as Alex typed. 

John I’m at Jeff’s. 

John sighed and used the back of his hand to wipe away the tears threatening to fall. John typed back despite his hands shaking. 

Oh!Well are you coming back? 

Those two minutes were the longest in John’s life but finally Alex responded. 

Sorry John But I’ll stay at Jeff’s for tonight. 

John looked at the message and wanted to throw the phone off the balcony and cry just like he’s done before. This is normal, why couldn’t he accept it? Alex didn’t love him. 

It’s okay, I mean you have no reason to justify, we’re not a couple or anything.

John took a shaky breathe and watched the message Alexander typed. 

C’mon you sound salty. 

John tried on last time to blink back his tears before responding with the one sentence he also thought of. 

Just saying the truth.

John gave up and let the tears fall. He didn’t care anymore, he just wanted the truth to stop hurting him like it always did. Finally he mustered up the courage to type another sentence. 

Have fun you two. 

Alexander  knew that John was hurting behind the innocent words. He never wanted to hurt his best friend. 

John please, I don’t wanna hurt you.

John wanted to laugh. He wanted Alex to see how much he hurts every time. 

Pft well too bad. You know you do it all the  time.

Alexander never knew how to handle this, he loved John but never in the same way John did to him. 

I told you I’m not interested in you. 

John wanted to scream but he knew that would be hated in the morning. He typed out a message that was straight forward and he wasn’t proud of that. 

And yet you keep seducing me Alex.

No one responded and John threw his phone on the couch. Lafayette listened to the whole scene and it broke his heart. He sighed and walked in to see John crying. He walked to him and placed his head on his chest.  

John didn’t say anything, just took the comfort. Lafayette closed his eyes and let John sob, no talking was ever needed with these two. All John ever wanted was to be happy like Laf was when he and Herc started to date. That’s all he ever wanted and yet is was too much to ask for. 

                                                 THE END!!!

alex: *walks into the alien bar* hey babe! how was yo–wait, i’m sorry, is that a baby?

maggie: *casually* oh, yup

alex: on…the pool table?

maggie: yeah

alex: *blinks* mags, my love, WHY is there a baby sitting on the pool table? in a bar?? full of aliens?? at 10pm???

maggie: i’m babysitting

alex: you’re…babysitting

maggie: yup

alex: …in a bar

maggie: i literally just said yes to that


maggie: babe chill i’m playing around him. I promise I won’t hit him with any of the balls

alex: …that was my absolute last concern, but okay, sure, that’s great

maggie: *walks casually toward the bar, leaving alex to rush to make sure the baby doesn’t fall off the table* hey babe, want a beer?