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Okay, my mind went wild and now you get what came out: Do you know those soulmate AUs? There is one about the last words your soulmate ever says to you: now imagine hamliza with it, Eliza has "Best of wives and best of women" and everyone is super happy about it and Alex has "Well I'm going back to sleep" and hes totally used to hearing it, now skip to before the duel, Alex doesn't know Elizas soulmark, but because he wants her to have a nice one and he thinks he could die, he says those words


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dang Alex I'm reading the burrjeff sex work story at midnight and grinning into my mattress. You're a great prose handler and I hope you do something fun soon like discover a cool new song or eat a long and enjoyable meal

thank you!!! i hope you find $20 on the ground and high five your fave celebrity

Headcanon that this is Alex and Maggie’s shared bonsai tree and they named it and water it every day and reference it in conversation as their child and everyone is confused until they find out its a plant in their kitchen