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Hey I’m alex im 16 and I’m from England :^)

Reasons why I’m no fun:
☆I live in england.. ie there’s nothing to do so I never leave my house
☆I’ve been off school for like two months and I can count the times I’ve left my house on two hands yikes
☆my stomach hurts literally all the time but do I stop eating? No
☆I put off making this because I’m lazy and wanted to sleep
☆I haven’t seen stranger things …
☆I sleep all day and I’m awake all night because I have no self control
☆I can’t live without coffee but it also hurts my stomach
☆I’m lactose intolerant yet I still drink milk bc I h8 myself
☆I’m also no fun because I can’t think of any more but I know there’s like 50 million other reasons

I think that’s all I need to say other than I don’t have any triggers that need to be tagged :^) have a gr8 day pals

People have occasionally asked me why I wear pigtails.

In high school Junior year, when I was still presenting male, I had a friend.  His name was Alex (I’m not even going to try and protect his identity).  My friend Alex managed to get into a relationship with someone who definitely did not deserve the kind of vitriolic attitude he treated her with.  I’m surprised they made it past a first date.

A few weeks later, they had broken up.  Alex broke up with her (whose name I’ll keep under wraps because I respect her privacy) because she was wearing pigtails, and no other reason.

When my hair grew long enough, I thought I’d have fun with pigtails.  Not often, but the rare day.  I actually got told the same childish things that Alex had said.

Seven years later, and two months ago from this post, I met him again at a party hosted by a mutual friend.  I was having a fun day, and because it was a pool party I had decided to wear my own hair in pigtails.  Pigtails keep my hair out of my eyes better than a ponytail, and it was a fun style to wear.

He came up to me.  And he said, “Pigtails.  really?”

I didn’t take them out.  In fact, even after I took a post-pool shower I kept them in, because at this point it was a game of spite.

So that’s why I wear pigtails.

random starter for @ratherbedivisivethanindecisive.

( text to alex ✒️ 💚 ): remember how you said you’d try vegan pizza if i behaved myself about the burger last night?
( text to alex ✒️ 💚 ): well, i DID behave myself, so….
( text to alex ✒️ 💚 ): i’m gonna pick up that pizza on the way home.
( text to alex ✒️ 💚 ): should i just get pepperoni or do you want a different topping?

Starter Call!

So i’d like to use Alexander and Kazuna more. If anyone is interested in interacting with Alexander Nanashiro, an OC meant to be Mage’s brother in the DwD AU on this blog, or Kazuna Masunaga, a canon character from B-Pro, could you please like this post and specify who?

For Alex i’m open to all kinds of characters, but Kazuna I would like to stick with characters who are human. Due to the fact that one of the characters is able to see/sense ghosts in B-Pro, I don’t see a problem in them being of a supernatural alignment but they must be human!

That being said, like this if you want a starter!