Supergirl colouring book - Alex

Baby gay Alex - Supergirl

I’m making another colouring book! As usual, you can download, print and colour it, you can share it, and you can also print it out if you ever meet the cast and you don’t have anything else where they can put their autograph on :)

If you colour a page, take a picture and tweet me @d_sketches or tag me here.

You can also download the Wynonna Earp colouring book here.

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1 or 19 + Sanvers?

“Hey, you okay?” Maggie asks in a low voice on the side of the crime scene, not knowing what about the scene is hitting Alex harder than usual, but knowing it is. It’s clear to read in the added tension in her shoulders, beyond the usual edge Alex has when she’s in tactical gear.

“I’m fine,” Alex shakes her off, stepping back to the knot of agents around the body on the ground. She’s not, but Maggie lets it slide for now.

The way the agent snaps at the others standing around, the way she holds herself, all of it tells Maggie that something is going on. And when Supergirl drops in, only to be rebuffed in exactly the same way Maggie had been, she knows it’s serious. Maggie trusts that her girlfriend means it when she says there’s nothing romantic between herself and the hero, but it’s clear to anyone who sees them that they’re close, closer than Maggie’s managed to come just yet. For Alex to push her away, things must be worse than she’d thought.

The rest of the case passes in about the same way, Alex insisting she’s fine even as Maggie continues to worry. Their nights out have been nonexistent over the week, and even the time Maggie spends at Alex’s apartment has dwindled. She doesn’t get the sense that Alex is pushing her away, but it still stings to be shut out of what’s obviously an important part of her girlfriend’s life.

Still, she’s determined to put what Alex wants first, so if this is how the agent wants to play it, then Maggie will go along with it. Whatever Alex needs, that’s what she’ll get.

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[sometime in the near future]

Alex: Maggie, I’m okay. Nothing about you scares me.

Maggie: Really, because everything about you scares me.


I’m Alexander, Alex for short. 16 years old, pre everything, gay trans guy from Finland. Hit me up, I’d love to talk to you guys! ( @palegaskarth or @glorify-me )

Why is culture important?
“We all have the opportunity to read an extraordinary book, or listen to a remarkable piece of music, or discover an enriching piece of poetry, or look at a painting that moves us and allows us to be inventive, creative and imaginative. All those things add to us learning about ourselves, how we treat each other, and how we negotiate life”…Kevin Spacey

The man always gives me something to think about. 

Kevin in an interview w/the Mandarin Hotel. 

Source: Alex Gortner/M. McCartney

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What would you have thought if the writers would've really made Alex and sara hook up?

honestly? i don’t know much about sara. i’ve never seen arrow or lot, all i know about her is what i’ve absorbed from my dash. and tbh… it just doesn’t seem really in character for alex, if i’m honest. even outside of experiencing compulsory heterosexuality, alex just really isn’t the type to date or hook up with people casually. i think she needs to have a special kind of connection with someone to consider dating them, she needs something to click. and unless that was the case with sara (who, as i said, i really don’t know much about) i don’t see the “hook up” being anything more than sara hitting on alex or something to that effect. alex needs to be sure of someone, like she is with maggie.


Hey, it’s Alex! I’m ftm transgender and I was wondering how well I pass and how well my name fits (I am only 13, turning 14 in 2 months). Thanks!

Hi Alex, as with many transguys you look younger than you are but you do pass very well.


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I'm not sure if I'm aroace. I had a few crushes when I was in elementary school at 10-11 years old. Most of the crushes went away after like 2-3 weeks. I'm not even sure why I liked them. I don't think it was romantic/sexual attraction. I don't even think I knew what romance/sex was at the age. Now I'm in highschool and I had a crush on a guy because I thought he was very attractive. I didn't want a romantic/sexual relationship with him and I'm 17 and still don't want any relationship wit anyone

it sounds like you could potentially be on the spectrum. you could look into some gray-a identities and see if any resonate with you, and/or different types of attraction to see if you were mistaking say aesthetic attraction (or thinking someone is good looking) or platonic attraction for romantic or sexual attraction. if you don’t think you experience romantic or sexual attraction, you could be aroace.

Alex walked aboard the Space Base Six, looking around at what would pretty much be his new home. A man came up to him and introduced himself as a superior officer, and he bit his lip. He shouldn’t be thinking that a superior officer “Hello, Sir. I’m Alex Pris. I’m… well, I guess I’m new to this base. I’ll be down in the Medical Wing. I may look young, Sir, but I am more than qualified. I am excited to have this opportunity and I look forward to serving aboard this base.”