i can’t believe space dad j'onn j'onzz has known this entire time that alex danvers is a huge lesbian since he can read minds and it makes me wonder did he ever read her mind when she was trying to figure out if she’s gay?? like throughout the day she would subconsciously just think about how amazing girls are and j'onn is just like “alex are you kidding me there is no way you are straight” but being the respectful, supportive father he is he just let her figure it out and then wait for her to tell him on her own terms


a faint clap of thunder,
clouded skies
perhaps rain comes
if so, will you stay here with me? 

— the garden of words, (½).

part two | sanvers fic on ao3

hello. i haven’t posted anything in a while, my blog has been on queue for an entire week. so i feel kinda bad. but here’s a thing. if you’re interested, you should give the ost a listen, it’s amazing and i love it.

a sciency Kara

I think sometimes people forget that Kara was literally a genius on Krypton. like, even by Kryptonian standards. She was a huge fucking nerd, guys. So what about this?

What if Krypton exploded when Kara was 15?  What if she landed when she was the same age as Alex? When you’re a kid, three years can make a lifetime’s difference. In this life, Alex and Kara bond as equals. In this life, Alex isn’t Kara’s older sister. She’s just her sister, someone who sits next to Kara in class and holds her hand when the noise overwhelms her, someone who stands up for Kara and someone Kara stands up for in return, when she can.

What if this Kara had the beacon Astra had given her? What if she’d had it when she’d landed on Earth, clutched in her hands like a lifeline? It takes Kal-El - no, not Kal-El, Clark, he was never Kal-El - hours to pry it from her hands. It’s a wonder she doesn’t crush it to dust, but Kryptonian steel was always so much stronger than anything on Earth.

Kara never activates it. She knows no one would respond, and it would only prove that she was the last Kryptonian. The last to remember her planet, her culture, her language. Clark learns what he can from the Codex, but his mouth can’t form the right shapes. In this, as in so many other ways, he is painfully human.

But what if Alex helped Kara remember Krypton, instead of letting it fade away? What if Alex, always curious, always a scientist, asked questions? What if she caught Kara whispering her planet’s funeral rites on the roof one night, beacon in hand, when the wind was cold enough to paint even Kara’s cheeks red? What if Alex had asked her, gently, what else she remembered? What if she had helped Kara write down her alphabet, her language, what pieces of culture she knew?

They bind all the loose pages of Kara’s memories into a journal. Kara needs something to do with her hands, needs to create instead of destroy. Alex uses her allowance to buy the supplies, the paper, the bookboard, the bone folder and the thread. The binding is clumsy, full of knots and lost places and tears in the pages where Kara pulls too hard. The pages are different sizes, different textures, covered in clumsy English and elegant Kryptonian.

When Kara starts college, she tucks the beacon and the journal into a box, and stores it under her bed. She has to be human, even in this world, has to fit in. This is not how she will be extraordinary.

But what if, now, she still whispered Rao’s prayers to herself in the morning, still sang herself to sleep at night? What if she figured out which Earth day is the anniversary of Krypton’s death and always spent that day by herself, staring up at the stars, imagining her planet as she knew it?

This Kara doesn’t let go of her heritage, even as she hides in plain sight. It is not to say that she can’t move on, but she finds ways to merge it with her life on Earth. She teaches Alex ‘I love you’ in Kryptonian. They whisper the words back and forth in the night, curled up in Alex’s bed, Kara correcting Alex until she gets as close as she can with human lungs. It’s less painful than teaching Clark, because Alex tries so hard, doesn’t give up until she’s sure she’s saying it right, listens so carefully for the differences in tone.

In return, Alex corrects her English, gently, carefully, explaining the odd things people said, like 'when pigs fly’ or 'that’s what she said’. This Alex sits on the beach and stares at the birds with Kara, wondering at the hope she can see in the eyes of someone who had lost their whole world. Kara stands up to Eliza when she puts more on Alex’s shoulders than anyone should ever have to hold. They are the same age, this Kara and this Alex, and Kara knows more than anyone what it is like to carry too much. Even before she’d left Krypton, Kara had held the hope of an entire house in her two small hands.

These two sisters share one another’s burdens.

What if, before she left, Kara had been the youngest member of the Science Council on Krypton? Her mind works in such a different way, comprehends physics and chemistry and the very fabric of the universe beyond anything Earth knows. She has visited other planets, knows that not all life needed water to live, has witnessed a supernova as it occurred.

So what if Kara double majored in Biochemistry and Computer Science, and had a yelling match with Eliza about it? What if this Kara remembered more about her world than she would have at 12, had helped hold her planet together as long as she could, had known in full and excruciating detail exactly how long her people had left before they were lost? What if this Kara had fought to stay even more strongly, had hugged her mother fiercely before entering her pod, had known with a deep and uncompromising certainty that this was the last time they would see one another? What if this Kara was harder than she would have been at 12, but she held no less hope?

She’s going to save Earth, one way or another, but she will not be like her cousin. She can not bear to flaunt her family crest like he does, so unaware of its history.

What if, instead, Kara got her Bachelor’s in Science in two years, double majored in Chemistry and Biology? She never uses her powers, but she doesn’t need to. Her mind is enough.

This Kara establishes herself in research journals, in laboratories, in the academic circles that close themselves so readily to the outside world. Humans can forget the names of those who save their lives even as they memorize the name of the drug that keeps them alive.

What if this Kara made a name for herself, slowly, surely? She is careful to hide behind the names of others more prominent than her, is happy to hand credit away like candy after Halloween, as long as she can continue to research, continue to discover. Humans are so different from Kryptonians in all the ways that aren’t obvious. Their cell structure, their very DNA. Kara looks like them, but they are an entirely different species, a whole new mystery to unravel.

Earth, too, is so unlike the planet Kara lost. This is why she is able to love it so freely. The gasses in the atmosphere, the plant life. The birds. Kara loves the birds, and so dearly wishes to fly with them.

What if this Kara cured cancer? She refuses to give it to the lab she works for, refuses to let them patent away someone’s life. She releases all of her research online, anonymously. She worms her way through the security systems of every major scientific organization in the world and makes them see what she’s done. It’s easy; this Kara hacked into the Pentagon when she was 17 just because Alex dared her to.

Only a few people notice, at first. But those who bother to read her research realize she’s right. They perform their own experiments. They are slow ro release their own results, but others realize what they have been handed. It will take decades, but cancer will fade from human life.

Then Kara releases the blueprints for solar cells more efficient than any ever created. She is like a giant solar cell herself, understands the way the sun works on a level no one else ever will. People pay even more attention this time. It is naive to hope that cheaper solar power will suddenly move the human race away from their gas, from their coal and their oil - not when so many rich men and women make their living off of the destruction of the planet - but it is a start.

Kara continues to release her research anonymously. None of it is stolen - Kara does not believe in taking what others have made. Kara only wants others to have access to what she has discovered. Krypton died because there were too many secrets, too much information withheld from the public. Kara has learned from the mistakes of her people.

Kara saves the world in every universe. But what if she did it with her mind, not her might?

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So we already established that Alex tries to eat really healthy to impress Lexa right? So image Clarke giving Alex a cookie while Lexa is in another room but Alex hears her coming and shoves the whole thing in her mouth. Lexa walks in and Alex has the huge chipmunk cheeks trying to act cool

Lexa would go to kiss her chipmunk cheeks and Alex would probably start crying lbr

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17. muse 1 tucks muse 2 into bed

Four in the morning, his internal clock told him. Four AM as the humans put it. He was never sure what AM/PM actually meant, but he knew it was far too late to be still up.

Pushing the door to Alexander’s room open slightly, he was greeted with the familiar sight of books and clothes scattered across the floor, next to one or two of Jon’s discarded shirt and a few empty bottles of soda pop.

And right in the middle of it, curled up next to his phone and a journal full of messy scribbles and absentminded doodles, was Alex.

He was twitching slightly in his sleep, mumbling underneath his breath, too quiet for Jon to make it out, but as he stepped closer, he could’ve sworn he heard some faint lyrics to one of the songs the Narrator Decimators perform. 

Jonathan slipped his arms underneath the smaller Narrator and picked him up with ease. Almost immediately, Alex curled into his chest and a moment afterwards, soft purring followed. 

‘Oh, he’s too precious,’ Jonathan couldnt help but think as a fond smile spread across his face. He leaned down and gave Alex a gentle kiss on the forehead, before he carried him back into his own bedroom. 

There was no way he was going to let him go even for one moment, not when he’s this fatally cute. 

The Narrator made sure to lay him down gently on the double bed Jon slept in (he liked more space to cuddle and other stuff, while Alex told him he prefers a bed not as wide, it made him feel lonely at night otherwise) 

Climbing in after him, Jon pulled the covers up over them and curled around Alex protectively, stroking his hair until he too fell into a peaceful sleep. 

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What would be your reactions, to Alex making this huge apology video admitting everything he's ever done, and saying sorry for every single thing, and like asking what he should do to be a better person? IM ASKIN THIS TO ALL THE MODS(yes I know it's extremely unlikely).

i wouldnt give a shit because a nearly 30 year old man asking how to be a better person? bye