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What was each of the girl's relationships with their mother like?

They were all very very close to their mother.

Angelica would always rant to her, and no matter how petty the thing was, Catherine was attentive and didn’t try to invalidate her feelings just because the subject was something simple. The one time Angelica got in a fight during high school (when boys were being stupid and making fun of her and her sisters for being adopted), Catherine was proud of her for standing up for herself and her sisters, but still scolded her for using her fists rather than words (but only a little)

Eliza was diagnosed with mild anxiety when she was fourteen, and that was a huge thing for her and left her feeling like a freak, and Catherine always made sure that she was there for her when she needed to talk, or during an anxiety attack. They became very very close during this, and during bad days she was always there to snuggle with Eliza (she let her have a lot of mental health days). Catherine was also the first one she turned to when she and Alexander had a pregnancy scare their first year of college.

Peggy was always the mischievous one. She snuck out a lot during high school, and that made things a little rough between her and her mother. She never did anything bad necessarily, most of the times she just went to the park to stargaze or use the swings or get Taco Bell, but when Catherine found out they had a huge fight. That was when Peggy revealed how tough things were. She wasn’t a genius like Angie or super popular like Eliza, and felt like she was always just kind of there. She felt like a disappointment to her family, and thought that nobody would care if she disappeared. Naturally, this broke Catherine’s heart and from then on out she really really tried to make sure Peggy knew she was loved and appreciated and she never doubted her family’s love again.


“Perhaps, perhaps not,” Angelo purred softly, facing him fully. “This…denial of yours, it is tiring. We both know what you want, but you are afraid to give it.” He clicked his tongue dismissively. “How sad.”

  Alex sighed. “Don’t try to make me feel bad, because we both know it’s not going to work.”

  He gripped the front of Angelo’s shirt, frustration getting the better of him. “Then take this as me telling you, so it sinks in to that tiny brain of yours: do it before I change my mind.”

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I assumed Alex did her hair, cuz like she learned from Arod who braids her hair 🙈

Yeah Alex could’ve done it too. Press doesn’t braid her own hair. So I don’t think she really knows how. Lmao Alex and Kelley know how that’s for sure.

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@MUN i missed you! i literally been looking at this blog since yesterday and waiting for the babies to come back usually this blog makes my day and i was like checking other blogs n this one n i felt so empty cuz i didnt have the guys to talk to ;A; @alex Hi alex how r chu doing :3 -smiles and kisses ur cheek- @Daemon how was the club last night no trouble? @Nyle are they giving you trouble nyle and i was wondering if you have apples?

Mun: AHHHH I’m sorry TTATT I’m HERE *pats* shhhhhhhhhhhh

Alex: Huh? Ahh… I’ve been a little busy with work lately… haven’t gotten too much rest. How about you, sweetheart?

Daemon: Profits were the highest they have been in a while, actually. I run a smooth ship, my dear, everything is always in order.

Nyle: No more trouble than they’ve usually caused. I always have apples~ 

Nyle leaves to get you an apple, returning with a large red apple. He hands it to you and gives you a smile.



  • Alex Hirsch:How did the Between the Pines go?
  • Gravity Falls PR Guy:It went great, sir, but the fans are raving.
  • Alex:They always are. What is it today? Demanding to know Dipper's name, wondering why I didn't mention Ford?
  • PR Guy:Not really, sir, they're just demanding you let McGucket sing.
  • Alex:...
  • Alex:I swear to Moses they do these things just to spite me