Some thoughts on the whole Alex Holzbach thing

So I’ve told you before that I work in software, I’m in a high enough position that I frequently interview applicants. I’ll read the resume and the cover letter, we’ve got some questionnaires I’ll read over, then I google them. It’s one of the easiest ways to find out if they’re lying about anything on their resume but it’s also great to gauge the character of a person before you even meet them.

If you’ve got an open facebook and are looking for a job I recommend you close it immediately, drunken pictures, racist statuses, and pretty much anything unflattering will hurt you. 

While we on STFU do occasionally post some pretty incendiary stuff we take great care as to keep it separate from our real lives. If you googled mine or Jess’ full names you wouldn’t find anything relating to STFU, which is by choice.

If Alex Holzbach’s resume showed up on my desk I would very quickly find his blog and it is unlikely that I would even conduct a phone interview. And it’s not even because he’s a conservative, I’ve hired dozens of conservatives, I can respect an opinion that differs from mine at the professional level (obviously STFU is a different ball game). But just the fact that he is so combative, so racist, so petty, so caustic, and so fucking smug I wouldn’t give him the time of day (the wording I would use on his rejection would be “not a team player”). You can easily argue that we can be just as bad on STFU, but our website isn’t our our full

I can’t even begin to describe the shortsightedness of how he has conducted himself online. He removed his bake sale post however it’s archived on STFU, as we’ve mentioned before the internet is forever. In an interesting turn of events our commentary of his misadventures actually outranks his blog in google searchs.

And really the saddest part of all of this, is that when he doesn’t get a job because the person who got his application isn’t as much of a wingnut as he, he’ll still blame minorities.

[Picture: Background: 8 piece pie style color split with red and teal alternating. Foreground: White guy with glasses and light shadow wearing a sweat shirt over a button down and short black hair. Has a smug, arrogant facial expression and crossed arms. 

I wish I was kidding. This is from the real Alex Holzbach.
If any Redditors following us could help me get this to the front page, that'd rock.

I really hate to blogspam on Reddit, but seriously, if Holzbach made this comment on any other forum, the world would want to know.

Edit: In case any of you missed it, Alex Holzbach, the anti-choice activist, went out of his way to deny his privilege in PFL’s ask box. Apparently including the visually impaired and those who trigger in the conversation violates Tumblr’s rules (which it definitely does not).