Some thoughts on the whole Alex Holzbach thing

So I’ve told you before that I work in software, I’m in a high enough position that I frequently interview applicants. I’ll read the resume and the cover letter, we’ve got some questionnaires I’ll read over, then I google them. It’s one of the easiest ways to find out if they’re lying about anything on their resume but it’s also great to gauge the character of a person before you even meet them.

If you’ve got an open facebook and are looking for a job I recommend you close it immediately, drunken pictures, racist statuses, and pretty much anything unflattering will hurt you. 

While we on STFU do occasionally post some pretty incendiary stuff we take great care as to keep it separate from our real lives. If you googled mine or Jess’ full names you wouldn’t find anything relating to STFU, which is by choice.

If Alex Holzbach’s resume showed up on my desk I would very quickly find his blog and it is unlikely that I would even conduct a phone interview. And it’s not even because he’s a conservative, I’ve hired dozens of conservatives, I can respect an opinion that differs from mine at the professional level (obviously STFU is a different ball game). But just the fact that he is so combative, so racist, so petty, so caustic, and so fucking smug I wouldn’t give him the time of day (the wording I would use on his rejection would be “not a team player”). You can easily argue that we can be just as bad on STFU, but our website isn’t our our full

I can’t even begin to describe the shortsightedness of how he has conducted himself online. He removed his bake sale post however it’s archived on STFU, as we’ve mentioned before the internet is forever. In an interesting turn of events our commentary of his misadventures actually outranks his blog in google searchs.

And really the saddest part of all of this, is that when he doesn’t get a job because the person who got his application isn’t as much of a wingnut as he, he’ll still blame minorities.

[Picture: Background: 8 piece pie style color split with red and teal alternating. Foreground: White guy with glasses and light shadow wearing a sweat shirt over a button down and short black hair. Has a smug, arrogant facial expression and crossed arms. 

I wish I was kidding. This is from the real Alex Holzbach.
If any Redditors following us could help me get this to the front page, that'd rock.

I really hate to blogspam on Reddit, but seriously, if Holzbach made this comment on any other forum, the world would want to know.

Edit: In case any of you missed it, Alex Holzbach, the anti-choice activist, went out of his way to deny his privilege in PFL’s ask box. Apparently including the visually impaired and those who trigger in the conversation violates Tumblr’s rules (which it definitely does not).

"On this contraceptive thing, my gosh, it’s so inexpensive. You know, back in my day they used Bayer Aspirin for contraceptives. The gals put it between their knees and it wasn’t that costly."

Foster Friess, also known as “Rick Santorum’s one and only billionaire corporate donor.”


So basically, vote for Rick Santorum if you think “women ought to keep their legs closed.”

"In the way you’re using the word, yes, I’m marginalized. When I applied to the University of Florida, I was rejected on the basis of 'racial quotas.' Although my credentials were more than enough to get in, I didn’t because I was white and the law required more minority applicants."

Alex Holzbach, who claims he is a 19 year-old “communications director” for a group known as the “Florida State College Republicans."  By "communications director” I think he means “racist and liar.”


Alex states on the record that he was refused entry to the University of Florida because he is white and the University employs “reverse racism” as an admissions guideline.  He has repeated that assertion several times while aggressively attempting to shame non-white students who were admitted to the University.

Unfortunately for Alex, the state of Florida made affirmative action illegal in 2007 under then-Governor Jeb Bush.  There is no affirmative action in Florida. 

Alex didn’t get into the the University of Florida (if he even applied…who knows) simply because there are non-white students who are academically better than him.

And that must really hurt.

Next please.


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ghost-of-algren  asked:

You're more than welcome. Abortion 'activists' piss me the fuck off. They should be targeted by antifascist action groups the same as boneheads and other such fucks. They should need a phalanx of police to even show their faces near a clinic. It's fucked that neonazis and the klan basically can't be out in the open anywhere in this country, but those forced birth fuckers get a pass. Thanks for giving that little shit in Florida the what for. Made my night.

I wish that more progressive activists would employ the same tactics that are used on them by the right-wing fringe.  These people are bullies who invariably exist to only oppress and demean others based upon their twisted interpretation of an Anglicized, white-washed bible.

In my younger days, when boneheads showed up at Gilman Street we stopped talking and started throwing elbows.  The only thing a racist understands is having his ass kicked.  The only thing a an anti-choice terrorist understands is “Get the fuck out of my face.”

Alex Holzbach is a perfect example - - the minute he was caught lying and exposed as the racist creep that he is (like when he lied about the University of Florida having racial quotas and started his shame campaign at FSU) he turned into an irrational crybaby, tried to delete the evidence and ran away.  It is okay for him to insult millions of women and minorities, but if you tell the truth about him personally? 

Holy shit…he acts like a little bitch.

I’m through playing nice.  If some douche in a dorm room wants to deny my girlfriend the ability to receive necessary medical services, motherfuckers are going to get their Jesus displays stomped on in front of Planned Parenthood.

Because honestly…fuck you.  You don’t fucking know me, and I don’t care about your bullshit Christian beliefs.  Planned Parenthood is always there to help my family, and you people need to step the fuck off.

The next person to mutter “slut” when we are there for a pap smear will be sorry they ever met me.

Almost nothing sold at Nordstrom’s is made in America. 

Their store employees are not paid a livable wage, and they do not receive health benefits. The people who clean the store are non-union, as are their warehouse employees. It caters to a niche market of Haves, and it employees an even smaller number of Have-nots.

The tiny number of products still made in America are manufactured by small (less than 100 employee) businesses, which are evaporating.  Multi-national corporations (like automakers) do employ token Americans, but only for publicity.

The stock market plunged 500 points today - - because even Wall Street knows that unemployed workers do not buy goods and services.  Luxury goods cannot support this sinking ship for long.  When rats are running for their lives, pay attention.

The worst day of trading since 2008.  Go Tea Party Terrorists!   How’d that fake debt-ceiling crisis work out for you?



The United States has the 52nd lowest income tax rate in the world.

When income tax (both corporate and personal) is measured as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the United States pays the 52nd lowest tax rate in the entire world.

Lower than Switzerland.  Lower than Namibia.

In other words: we’re already a bunch of deadbeats.  But hey, lets be really greedy.  Lets pay even less of our income, let’s let the infrastructure fall apart and let’s cancel our grandparents’ Medicare to pay for some rich guy’s summer house in the Hamptons.


SOURCES:  Conservative policy think tank The Heritage Foundation


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Omg Alex Holzbach...please like Anglophonic on Facebook.

External image


850,633 page views + 3,537 subscribers + enough retail ad revenue to pay my bills is more than enough validation for me. 

I administer several sites on and off Tumblr.  I have too many social media accounts to keep track of, and at some point I have to turn my computer off.

So…thanks again, Alex Holzbach (and your incredibly dumb friend who clearly did not read any of my previous posts about the music business).

You keep grasping at straws and I’ll keep laughing.

Have a nice night.

alexholzbach said:

The most concerning thing seems to be the fact that such a “professional” is spending his free time “speaking with” authorities over a teenager who reblogged a post. Considering I’ve done you no harm, that’s not normal for a man of your age.

God be with you.

It actually isn’t normal for a man of my age to be giving more than 0.000001 fucks about a 19 year-old Florida bigot or what he says and does.  I had an extremely long, physically exhausting work schedule this weekend, and I’d really like to be in bed catching up on my recorded TV shows.

Sadly I am now involved in a dialogue with Tumblr staff.  I have not had breakfast or my morning coffee, nor have I had a cigarette.


“God be with me.”

Go fuck yourself.

Kick Alex Holzbach's ass, win a free pizza.

alexholzbach said: 

I did not change any material in your post, I simply chose not to talk about the part that was written about each individual candidate. In fact, out of respect, I even mentioned that in the beginning of my post.

Of course, your disrespect just goes to show how the left typically argues. When you realize that you’ve been slaughtered in factual debate, you resort to name-calling.  My apologies for not stooping with you to these elementary tactics.

First of all - - YOU ARE NOT MY FUCKING EDITOR.  Do you know what “all rights reserved” means? 

No one sent my article to you.  No one gave you permission to use it.  It was not your property to alter in any way.  You are a whiny little dick and a piece of shit.  Take it down now or I will lodge a detailed complaint.


If anyone at Florida State is reading this and wants to earn a free extra-large pizza, all you need to do is send me photographic evidence of yourself beating the fuck out of Alex Holzbach, along with information about where to get the pizza and where you want it delivered.  No permanent injuries please…I don’t want to get sued or get anyone in legal trouble.  Just shove his face in the mud (or a toilet, or something equally humiliating) and then snap a picture.



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Orange County GOP Official Sends Racist Mass Email.

With attached message stating “Now you know why no birth certificate.”

Gee whiz, Alex Holzbach.  I thought Republicans weren’t racist.

This is your political party.  These are your people sending these emails.   Care to comment?   Please defend yourself.


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alexholzbach said:  I love your liberal tolerance.

The fact that your family is from certain states or that you voted for Reagan doesn’t mean anything. So what, because you have family in typically conservative states and voted for a conservative, you’re magically more qualified and “know more” about the political process? That’s illogical.

All of your attacks are ad hominem. You say I don’t know anything about “real-life conservativism and progressivism” but don’t provide evidence. You call over 55 million Americans racists, but don’t provide evidence. If you’re going to make such outrageous and clearly false claims, you better be able to back them up; and you can’t.

If you’d like to debate a topic or issue, I’m more than open to it. But if you’re going to resort to fourth-grade-level attacks on my character and prefer shouting obscenities over providing facts and evidence, I’m not sure you’re fit to debate.


I never said I was tolerant, you dick.  Don’t misquote me.

I am not now, nor have I ever been tolerant of Republicans, racists, homophobes, misogynists or so-called “Christian” anti-choice activists.  It wasn’t that long ago that I was hitting skinheads over the head with bottles and chairs.  And to be perfectly honest, I’d kind of like to hit you with a bottle. 

I do love your adorable efforts at using big words to end embarrassing situations.

Ad hominem!

External image

It’s like teasing a 5 year-old.  Mad photoshop skills!

Am I supposed to feel a burning sensation somewhere?  Ad hominem is a weak-ass, catch-all excuse used by dumb little white boys who talk shit to grown up men, get kicked in their tiny balls and realize they have made a grave error.  You embarrass yourself.

But hey, while we’re on the subject…let’s go ahead and look at your record of using ad hominem attacks:

It took me two clicks to find out that you BLATANTLY fucking lied about FSU having affirmative action enrollment quotas and then falsely claimed to have been victimized by minority enrollment.  The truth is that FSU had its Affirmative Action program abolished under Governor Jeb Bush in 2007. 

You then used those lies, coupled with textbook white racism, to shame FSU’s African-American student body with a good old-fashioned Tallahasse cross-burning…excuse me, “affirmative action bake sale” (wink!) so you could demonstrate just how oppressed and victimized white men really are. 

Those material facts make you a liar, a racist, a manipulator and a crybaby.

How’d that work out for you?

Thanks for playing, junior.  Now put your toys away and go to bed.


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